Why Presidential Debates Can't Be Honest

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welcome to the first too far too many debates literally more than a year before you'll actually have the chance to vote for anyone joining us is the current frontrunner who we've positioned in the center even though they don't need any extra attention thank you and thank America next someone you've never heard of who will make no lasting impression on anybody and will be forgotten soon after the debate I'm just happy to have been invited next up a woman actually I'd appreciate it if we didn't focus on the fact that I was a woman unless of course it's beneficial to me at the time a complete whack job who's having an unsettling amount of success pandering to other total whack jobs we have to kill the fish we also have a political outsider who's absolutely not qualified to run a country as someone who has done no political or government work I feel like I can not only relate to you but also be able to fake my way through the next three to five years Oh ever allowing a person as president I'd like to point out that I'm also on the outside an outsider I'm not like these congressmen these senators I'm a governor I'm sure that's not the only time any of you will disrespect me or the rules of this debate but thanks for introducing yourself and finally this one I would like you to please make me president because you recognize my name from other earlier presidents now the first question goes to the person we're all here to see this wall not over here now you've said some seemingly unreasonable and borderline Hitlerian things over the years would you like to explain those things ignore me entirely or double down on those things well I think I've been pretty clear our in terms of how unclear I wanted to be on that now I said some things which I did say but you may think I didn't say them I said them and I want you to be sure to know that whatever it was I agree with it whatever it is and remember a vote from me is a vote for whatever it is I said when I was recently saying it but I wasn't sure of what it was but you get me if you vote for that frontrunner what do you like to even bother sure I might as well it's only a matter of time before he's irrelevant and I'm president of the United States lame-duck our response a forgettable beige candidate I'm talking to you yeah response actually I'd like to avoid answering the question so America is good but it still needs some work forward is it that's what and gun to my head here's an unrelated statistic that probably isn't even accurate but furthermore yes thank you and you as a woman do you think it's relevant that I brought up your gender just now actually I think it's completely irrelevant and insulting my record speaks for itself that being said I do think it would be nice to have the first woman president so anyone else um well I'm not here because I think I'll be president I don't at all but if I can keep myself near the spotlight I can possibly get a pretty sweet and steady gig as a political pundit for the rest of my life so remember me slightly pleased but not enough to make me president the thought absolutely terrifies me you know remember me a little and now we're going to go to a social networking site to see what some random person wants to know what do you think it is it so here's the name of something that I did and I didn't do it well but I'm saying it with confidence so you won't bother looking it up you've certainly never even heard of it perfect now I'd like to ask you what is your plan to get this country out of debt can I answer your direct question with a series of unrelated platitudes I cannot stop you excuse me but I've gotten basically the same amount of time as everyone here but I didn't use it to say anything of notes so I'm going to complain for a moment now everyone look at me okay thanks real quick I would just like to show some kindness to my opponents even though for some reason it will be perceived as weak a wet noodle of a statement from some guy up there now I'd like to give everyone some time for closing statements well I'd like to sorry the company that owns our news outlet has given large sums of money to your campaign so I'd prefer if you went last anyone else I'd like to give a watered-down summary of what I said allow me to actually shame one last time I would like to blatantly panda - everyone's jingoistic instincts and their unfounded fear of foreigners and our predetermined winner my fellow Americans vote for me in more than a year you're basically going to have to couldn't agree more wait I don't have to do this for a whole year right yeah you're done you're good you can moderate the next one if you want thanks for watching part one of 27 of tonight's presidential debate we'll be back in a moment a half-hearted thank you for watching at least 15 seconds of this video a further demand that you like subscribe and share to boost our revenue and lastly a joke we threw together just now
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Published: Wed Dec 16 2015
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