If Student Loans Were Honest - Honest Ads (College Debt)

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ah College you've been told your whole life that it's the next logical and natural step after high school and you've also been told that it is prohibitively expensive College is one of the biggest investments of your lifetime so it deserves your careful consideration and strategy what you decide now will have a tremendous impact on your future so think about it or you can just trust it I have your best interests in mind hi I'm some guy [Music] here at Hortons student loans we'll help you with the funding you need for your college is largely arbitrary price tag without worrying you with interest or credit ratings so you can focus on the important things like making sure you don't have any classes before 11:00 a.m. and that your dorm room is decorated in a way that will impress your high school self and embarrass your future real self he'll hate them in five years it's tasteful you don't know anything about anything fair one of the classes you could and should take will be economics which will surely teach you an intricate detail about how you've been screwed here lots of stuff about inflation-adjusted pay increases but it'll only make sense in the abstract sense because we've carefully designed that modern college experience to insulate you from real financial responsibility as much as possible everything about college is designed to trick you into thinking you're an adult one really it's closer to adult training wheels or to put it more bluntly both to keep children safe your one student loan which you won't have to start paying or even look at until you graduate covers your housing and most of your groceries so you won't need to learn how to budget for these fundamental human necessities until you graduate can't get a job and your parents start charging you for both no when I leave college I'll have a high paying job I mean that's what you're paying for when you go to school you're buying a degree that makes you qualified for a good job that's what I've certainly convinced you is true in reality the national student loan debt is at 1.2 trillion dollars which translates to a whole lot of fancy graduates who don't have jobs that can actually pay back the loans we forced them to take out but it's possible I mean both of my parents went to college and they're not in debt anymore don't bother asking them for advice when they were in college they could pay for it with a summer job that'd only be possible today if your summer job was being Elon Musk the new reality is that it's almost impossible to make student debt disappear even if you go bankrupt I still don't know I managed to pull that one off can I are there loan companies that are better that I can choose from mmm no the government decides what companies you borrow from and then your debt can actually be sold multiple times to different organizations beyond your control and they can do whatever they want with you're dead right I just bought your debt and I'm gifting you the opportunity to put off paying for six whole months as a side effect will be paying for literally 50 years but hey time is money right I wouldn't know I didn't go to college seemed expensive my dad gave me this job buy of course it's not like this money's wasted it goes right into the school's endowment which is used to pay for things like tuition assistance and fellowships but mostly to play the stock market in 2014 Yale's twenty six billion dollar endowment made almost 500 million in hedge funds and put just under two hundred million of that towards its actual students so your tuition dollars are making America's 1 percent rich even before you graduate hey you're not so unprepared for the real world after all hey thanks for watching if you'd like to subscribe to our Channel hit the Big C in the middle feel free to click the links to the right if you want to watch another cracked video and don't forget to hit that notification bell at the bottom to be notified when we put out another great video
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Published: Mon Aug 21 2017
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