When Mobile Providers Are Actually Honest - Honest Ads (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile parody) att

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The international standards thing was a half truth there. I think the writers were referring to LTE A standard from the 3GPP. Which is funny because the long term evolution part of it talks about 1Gb speeds but yeah it hasn't been actualized for the most part in the states due to spectrum ownership. But hey it's funny right.

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hi I'm Roger and I'm here to talk to you about switching to our cellular network another mobile now you're probably content with your current network in that you don't actively think about it unless something goes wrong but I'm going to try to convince you into thinking that we're better even though we're merely comparable just like everyone else so just for my sake try to remember when you were frustrated with your current network because even though it only happened once or twice and that kind of thing happens on literally any network maybe it was inconvenient enough that your impatience has ballooned it into a real problem in your mind but if you're not convinced yet don't worry I'm pretty sure I can still trick you here are some shapes that represent the landmass on which you live we've added some colorful meaningless dots as splotches really that we're going to claim represent network coverage but there's no rule that says these maps have to be accurate so they're not there's no real way to make sure where coverage is for any given network because every Network has outages and gets crap reception in the mountains so even if we wanted to tell you the truth about your coverage we couldn't the best way to find out if your area gets good coverage is to find a neighbor who uses your network and ask them how their services but don't do that use our Maps oh look at how many dots ours has live here who you know what there you're covered not convinced by maps that's okay I'll just tell you our network has 4G speeds sure 4G is just a marketing term that we've decided refers to speeds between 10 and 40 megabits per second even though the International Telecommunication Union established that standard 4G should actually refer to speeds between a hundred and a thousand mega per second but you didn't know that so hey forget what I just told you our network has 4G speeds at another mobile we've also got plans that feature unlimited calls like everyone else unlimited texting like everyone else and a tiered system of data plans that seems arbitrary because it basically is date is a lot cheaper than we're willing to let on but we need that extra money because how else would we offer to literally pay you to switch cell network providers oh yeah that's apparently a thing now we'll just pay you to switch to us because like I said we're basically identical to everyone else thanks for watching sign up for a plan at another mobile today I'm Roger me to sign up for a data plan at additional mobile today I'm also Roger sign up for a data plan at this particular mobile today we've got 4G LTE speeds us too thanks we've been Roger [Music] thanks for watching oh and like and subscribe to this channel hey I'll bet you're watching on your phone but just tell us if your service provide just kidding that was me
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