IRS Scammer gets so Angry over Electronic Transfer (animated)

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[Music] Internal Revenue Service I can help you you guys left a message on my answering machine and I'm returning the phone call all right sir can you tell me that by what time do you receive the call or a voicemail I think it was earlier today but I can't be sure all right sir in that case can you verify me with your full name please yes it's Danny Jasco Daniel to lastname Jasco CH a sko okay mr. jasker can you tell me that when did you file jollof successor last month okay who plough the taxes as it is done by you or it is then by your CPA or H&R Block sir I use TurboTax I do it myself with TurboTax it's an online program where where you can do it right over your computer okay mr. Danny now can you verify of me what did the last information sir that is the residential address please um yeah is 39:31 Rose Street Oakland California yeah yeah add your city zip code please um 94612 okay mr. jasker now just wait for a moment let me have a check okay why the reason IRS is contacting you all right okay oh wait you thanks for havin patience all right there mr. Danny yes I am all right mr. Danny now recently had this call is to make you aware that there is a warrant has been issued under your name for the tax evasion matter are you aware about the situation sir no all right so do you want me to go ahead and give you some details about the situation yes please okay so now before I do that I want to let you know that this line is being recorded and monitored by the IRS officers attorney journal officers and the jury members of the court house so sir please be honnest on this line okay I will I will be honest all right mr. Danny now every five years there is a random audit of the IRS so now do you have any question mr. chasse go to speak in your favor before I go ahead and issue a warrant from my side um how much oil okay mr. Trask adeimantus pending under your name is four thousand and nine hundred and fifty six dollars sir that repeat four years four thousand nine hundred and fifty six dollars which including a pending taxes your late fees and all of your legal charges for the year of 2008 to 2013 oh my haha thing is that mr. chesco as is a recorded line can you tell me that this kind of miscalculation was done intentionally or it was a human mistake by a side I'm sure I didn't know anything about it you said this amount how much was it without legal fees and late fees I want to know how much I was actually doing quite on okay the total amounts come off at four thousand and nine hundred and fifty six dollars sir it's including a painting taxes your late fees and all of your legal charges how much was it before the legal charges and late fees I just want to know how much I was like on how much did I not pay okay just wait for a moment okay okay okay she'd be mad that you haven't paid by a slide when they're mad which is miscalculated by your side is 3 mm and $700 sir is the amount which has we miscalculated by a side um Iowa's delinquent 2700 and so late fee late fees and legal charges your opping it up two thousand two hundred fifty-six dollars you're almost doubling it that's unfair yes sir it's including your late sister it's including a warrant cancellation fee I just told you there is a warrant out issued under unique dads reason you coulda told only so your warrant cancellation fees is only $1,100 so you can just do it what's the amount you can always come up with it this is the first time I'm hearing about it I am NOT going to pay you four thousand nine hundred fifty six dollars when all I all is 2700 sir it's silly your charges if you're warned cancellation fees that the reason via the amount which come up with four thousand and nine hundred fifty six dollars nothing is that sir foresee as you are a criminal of a tax evasion matter and it is for the year of 2008 to 2013 as the reason the amount is four thousand and nine hundred and fifty six dollars now so I'll position to pay that two thousand seven hundred dollars I'll pay that but I'm not paying four thousand nine hundred fifty six dollars you can discuss this thing with my see the supervisor I will just get you connected to my senior supervisor he you can discuss this thing with them but thing is that sir do you have this amount with you right now to resolve this case with us see how this anot is in cash with you are some your debit card a great cat sir watch your mouth $2,700 sir I don't okay just wait for a moment let me transfer ultimately the supervisor okay can I get your name first sure sir my name is flora its FL o ra flora Ruth B are you see flora Bruce uh-huh okay my name's Cara yes sir my name is Carol Carol what Carol's but yeah I'm such a I just get lost okay okay all right so sir in that case can you verify me with your full name please so at least I can verify that why the religion IRS is contacting you yes Danny task oh okay all right so sir in that case can you really find me with your first name and your last name please yes dad Johnny misprint let me try to be a call to the account about math on handily sorry okay yeah so just stay on this line and let me get you connected all right thank you thank you Tom officer does that program with a crime investigation department whether your Politan transferred to my department other bases that you wish to miss all the tissue yes oh okay all right so I believe you're qualified fun for me on the basis that he restoreth all of Keith with the Internal Revenue Service very qon amount of $2,700 it'll be on legal charges he'll late fees and he Warren cancellation fees well that's where we were disputing a little bit she said that I owed four thousand nine hundred fifty six dollars with late fees without the late fees it was 27 tiered which was the job that's arisen yes the Amano's four thousand and forty six dollars what you told us that you can only fit one in seven hundred dollars without the legal charges that's the reason we try to do a while and get the skills our fee for $2,700 and that'll be the end of it yeah good okay yeah good thank you so much so technically I really wonder with uh Leticia not with the IRS yes I want to pay you twenty seven hundred dollars and get this resolved I'm not going to pay four thousand nine hundred fifty six dollars I'll pay a 20-story - sure No baldie had someone on $2,200 is it in cash with you yes it against against a car no really mess them if account already of its amount it's so much I can account okay so you have a debit card for the counter thinking of red cut for that account I have a check in account and I'm right now a check to the IRS right now we're talking okay so first of all the thing is the way we would be asking for your debit card numbers credit card numbers running a bank information about a phone call since we have to go to a federal location to mattify twhirl vouchers federal taxing houses from a better location so where are you right now let's go out at home all Red Rock place where are you I won't have to leave I I can write checks and mail it out right now or if you want to do like July that way we can actually get checks we can accept it transfers you can except a debit card numbers credit cards over the phone call we have to go with the electronical federal tax well system which is the EFTPS more a firmer system here but I have to watch the federal store nearby you have to leave your work place and get this mouches from the store that's it that's how we have to do that would be great we'll do this electronically I can do this right through TurboTax I'll just digitally the epical yeah you have to go with the second one optimal system which is also electronical if we go to a vital store to buy the federal Bowser we have to made a voucher CalPERS for the residual send codes and then I'm wearing an IRS after three of these really liked running machine you cannot scan those cards with the electronic machine in this case reverse off so this is not we cannot break today if you want to go with this whatever system we can do that otherwise you can hang up a call no it is that to get here worse than that we're not gonna get me arrested I'm gonna take care of this hang on one second give me one second okay okay all right I just logged into a TurboTax and I just sent the payment you guys are now paid now back to you nothing will make ripping the payment we will design a payment let me once have you back okay have a good day goodbye I just sent you the payment I just what I just said about that I don't care just login you'll see I sent you the payment I just said Ramona women I don't want a payment I don't want a payment we won't make the PA get up in with some terrible taxes she's gonna deny that I'm gonna get here rested right now better luck for your election I hate you see I began to me you fulfil him to me now just keep here be a criminal I would do it I'm gonna do that I'm gonna get he arrested mr. Tasco whatever you are of me you fool please please just log in to me what I kill and you'll see that I sent the payment gone can't you see I sent you the page please don't please just write the whole life you're gonna cry your whole life okay I'll be doing this all day by the way oh this one hit like and subscribe I'll see you soon [Music] and leave a comment you [Music]
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