Stupid Seven Steps of the Social Security Scam

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[Music] sometimes i call the dumbest scammers and that's what happened here let's have some fun [Music] food security administration this is raymond how are you doing today good good um you guys left a message on my answer machine and i'm was told to i have to call you back did you receive a call on your cell phone or on your landline it was on my on my cell phone answer machine i didn't pick up files what is that number what is that number it's the number i just dialed with no on which number did you receive a call can you give me a number on which you receive a call oh oh it's on my cell phone i'm not sure what my cell phone number is because i never dial myself you want me to run out to the car and get my cell phone maybe i can see what it is yeah okay i'm gonna put the phone down okay brian you got my phone phone you got it it ain't in the car i think my wife took my car my phone i don't know i'm not sure what to do no problem uh can you hear me yeah i can hear you okay now the information which i am going to provide you right now it's very confidential so make sure that you do not discuss this information with any third person this is for your safe insecurity okay okay all right so all right so let me check what is your first name danny chasko how do you spell your first name danny daniel d d-a-n-i-e-l last name chasco c-h-a-s-k-o okay what's your mating address it's 37 high gander smog and hill road andrew can you spell it please 37 high gander high is high gander is g-a-n-d-e-r smargan is s m a u g i n hill h i l l road and that's fourth level lake placid new york one two nine four six one two nine four six right yes can you hold the line for a moment so that i can pull up your information till that time sure thank you all right thank you for holding the line no problem okay now the reason today we are connected was to inform you regarding some legal enforcement action filed on your social security we have got an order to suspend your social right away because we have found many suspicious activities done on your social so did you receive any call from the local police department no dude i have no idea what you're talking about anything about this no problem sir i will give you each and every information by step by step then only you will come to understand what i'm talking about you will not be confused okay okay good i don't like being confused like this yeah so can you like do you have a pen and a paper with you i do i grabbed one while you were talking okay are you ready for what now you need to make a note offered charlie am i ready to write down yeah okay yeah cfn charlie do i write this down yeah okay see amazon mary m number four one nine four one nine zero zero one four six zero zero one four six yeah did you get the numbers yes that's c m four one nine zero zero one four six now what do i do with this number what is it okay but i will tell you now i am just going to go ahead and read out the legal charges against your name so while i'm speaking do not interrupt me i am going to give you a fair enough chance to raise your question okay okay that's what the number is for gotcha yeah so your social has been found suspicious for criminal activity in the state of texas actually no i'm wrong i'm sorry i'm sorry i didn't mean to interrupt you that's not what the number is i meant to say that's not what the number is what is the number you just gave me a number i just want to know what the number is the case id number oh i gave you the case yeah okay so now i'll go here okay number right i'm writing down case id number and u m b e r case id number okay that's cm4190146 all right so shall i proceed further please all right so please do not interrupt me okay okay i didn't yeah so we are taking this issue to the fbi headquarter have we are having strong evidence that are enough to prove you guilty inside the hotel the investigation started when we found an abandoned car on the south border valley of texas and the car contained some blood and drug inside in it and after the investigation yeah we found that the car was rented under your name and some of your personal social information so have you ever rented a car under your name yeah i rented a car what kind of jobs were they were they illegal jugs yeah i will let you know okay i was hoping you would all right all right now have you ever been to the south water valley of texas or mexico oh that cleared that up so that's what kind of drugs it was mexico yeah oh yes i've been to mexico okay because this entire paperwork has your name on it and thousands of dollars have been wired by using your name from one bank to another that is a reason we have in social security administration have filed a case against you for drug trafficking and money laundering so what do you want to say about this case i don't know anything about drug trafficking i i don't do that yeah i may have some drugs but they're legal drugs because not all drugs are illegal and and you didn't tell me that they're illegal drugs so i don't see really that much of a problem okay now the best thing is that like we have already check your past requests we found that you are not the person behind this criminal activity someone else is doing behalf of you that is the reason the federal government has given you this courtesy call so that you can prove yourself and we can put you on a safer side okay sounds like you already know i didn't do it but i get to prove myself yeah yeah because the federal government does not know who's the real culprit and who is the real victim so you need to prove yourself all right so you know that it's not me and i have to prove myself even though you already know what you said listen to me the federal government does not have any information about this only the social security know about this that is the reason we are trying to help you out okay okay um i don't know just hold one second i did not write down your name and i think i should have wrote down your name you didn't tell me your name you must have my name is raymond raymond raymond raymond raymond raymond raymond what raymond tyler tyler okay raymond tyler pleased to meet you raymond okay now i'm going to ask you a few questions you need to answer my question about this case okay you got questions i got answers no have you ever lost your wallet before i don't recall losing my wallet okay now how many bank account you have under your name which are currently active just the one citibank and you have a checking account or you have a saving account yes i do you have both yes okay now what is the real value in your checking account how much does you have in your checking account oh it's not very much it's it's like ten thousand something like that and what about the savings i don't know forty fifty thousand i'm not sure the exact amount it's somewheres in there okay now do you have a debit card for citibank no i don't use a debit card i have credit cards okay how many credit cards are registered under your name in total just the one just one credit card right yeah do you have a driving license yeah of course okay how many cars are registered under your name in total just the one just one car right okay now can you hold the line for a moment so that i can just uh transfer this line and transfer your information to the quartile oh you're going to transfer me to the co house no your information will be transferred to the courthouse and your line will be connected to my chief officer who is from dea who's going to help you out today okay your appointment this is social security yeah and your chief officer is from dea shouldn't your chief chief officer be from social security just saying i i don't know i'm not trying to tell you who your boss is because i'm sure you know who your boss is but in a way if you're if you're a government employee in a way i'm your boss but okay go ahead and transfer me okay so i'm not going to answer you i'm going to go ahead and like verify your case file okay okay all right so now at the end of this line i'm going to provide you a confirmation number which is a legal proof that your name has been cleared out from this case file okay okay so now you need to follow the protocols of the government in order to solve this case okay okay protocol all right and now first yeah now the first pro p r o t o c a l s follow protocols okay i wrote that okay yeah first of all you need to go to your bank and you need to withdraw the money and you need to keep the money with you because once we got disconnected the federal government is going to seize and freeze your bank account in that case you will be losing your money for nothing bank take l money okay is that yeah that's step two i'm writing that down that's yeah one step two take out money step two okay what i do next after i take out the money oh yeah you you just need to do that thing so uh we can just go ahead and we can see sensory is your bank account what uh you need to uh withdraw the money you need to take the money from your bank you need to keep the money with you so that we can go ahead and we can freeze your bank account okay okay well if i got the money that's fine if i take the money out first then you wouldn't matter right yeah yeah so like now you need to go to your bank you need to stay connected with me you need to go to your bank oh right now you mean yeah right now oh okay give me a second here and grab my keys you need to okay how far are you from your bank oh it's only i don't know five ten minutes something like that probably closer to five or six minutes okay now as i told you that uh you need to keep this matter very confidential you cannot disclose this matter with any third person okay no third person yeah okay i wouldn't do it okay three don't discuss this with third person okay i'm writing it down i don't want to do anything wrong so there won't be any third person involved i wrote that down yeah okay step number four go to car okay okay i got my keys i'm i'm walking out the door okay i'm in my car and you want me just drive right to the bank so are you in your car i'm in my car i didn't start it yet okay okay please blow the horn hold the horn yeah okay now you need to start driving because your phone calls are getting trapped by the government for your safe and security purpose okay no i'm on the phone yeah that's what i'm saying i'm sorry sir no it's okay this guy he told me to beat the horn yeah don't worry about it i'm just i wasn't beefing at you sir you're fine you're can you keep your dog off my lawn though thank you okay gotta get along with our neighbors you know okay yes hello yes i'm here what did you want me to do all right so now start driving your car towards your bank okay step five drive car to bank okay yes now start driving i'm going to hold the line for you okay i'm taking off yeah are you still connected yes i am how far are you from your bank how much time it will take you to reach over there i think it's probably about another i don't know five minutes something like that all right let me know once you uh pull over once you pull over to the parking lot of your bank you need to let me know okay well okay i'm in the bank parking lot okay listen to me yeah i want you to sit in your car and now i'm going to transfer this line to my chief officer who's going to help you out further okay step six sit he's in he's going to tell you how you are going to save your money okay okay all right now there is a procedure in order you are going to save the money okay step seven now stay connected procedure okay okay i want you to sit in your car okay yep step six yeah i'm waiting for the procedure which is step seven okay i'm going to answer this line to my officer okay okay thank you for holding the line you're welcome your call has been transferred to one of the senior supervisor you are talking to officer nathan benson aware with the federal bachelorette number 7340 with the employee code id 7399 how are you doing today nathan benson i believe you would be having a pen and a piece of paper handy with you right now yeah so i'm writing down nathan benson the first name is nathan n-a-t-h-a-n nathan and the last name is benson p-e-n-s okay can you say your first name again the first name is nathan n-a-t-h-a-n nathan ah so it's it doesn't it's not pronounced oh it's spelled okay nathan nathan benson not nathan it's nathan okay gotcha okay and your badge id number you said seven three four zero seven three four zero okay that's a short number okay i know where are you exactly at this point of time id number okay what was that mr nathan may i know where are you right now at this moment well um officer raymond had me drive to the bank i'm at citibank all right and i believe that officer raymond had explained you each and everything regarding the protocols that you need to follow in order for resolve in this case right yeah yeah he had me write down follow protocols or step one and i believe he had explained that you need to make sure that you do not go ahead and you do not disclose or discuss this matter with any third party right yeah yeah um was that i think that was a step three you thank you what why would you say that you what you what you why are you saying that you i don't understand you you i don't know you know why isn't what is going on why are you talking to me like that mr nate why are you laughing because you're funny you are funny no you're funny all right what do you think who is more stupid me or raymond oh definitely raymond no doubt no doubt about it raymond can hear the conversation between you and me i'm going to ask you the same question again who is more stupid me or raymond okay who is more stupid me or raymond um can you hear me yeah i can hear you properly raymond though yes sir raymond tell something say something hello okay well i'll tell you raymond seemed like he was a lot smarter than you are nathan because at least raymond knew how to pronounce his name you didn't even know how to say nathan who can't say their name nathan nathan forget about that he was talking to you from last 28 minutes right you said your name was nathan even though it spelled nathan benson and then you wanted me to say who's smarter what is why why you're changing your words you you just need to tell the truth who is most stupid me raymond i really think sir i think that you are i mean raymond just seemed like he was a smarter guy i mean he was talking to you from the last 28 minutes right because he was trying to get some money i until i talked to you i thought you i i i got you in two minutes right as soon as you talk i catch you in two minutes right i i caught you in two minutes right i caught you in two minutes right and he was talking to you from 28 minutes i don't know if you heard uh that timer go off while i was talking well today is uh well i don't want to say the day but it's four o'clock right now i'm actually a couple minutes late i gotta hit that publish button this is a tuesday and i get to hit that publish button okay bye guys you
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