IRS Scammer THREATENS to Seize my Accounts and ARREST Me (animated)

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[Music] in this video I call RS gamers it was a long phone call so I'm picking it up after the car ride he sent me to Target store any weather through my 10 minute ride and then 2 minute right back home I simulated the car ride simulated buying to Google Play cards and now he wants to coach to redeem them let's have some fun okay so you see the barcode as credible silver panel I do so you need to scratch that silver panel gently and when you scratched it current you will see a combination of later and number Oh give me a second okay okay I see it yes also or have you a deterrent okay so you have you already scratch the card I did I use the quarter came right off okay so uh okay I wanted to read out the later in a phonetic way like definitely like whiskey acts like x-ray something lighted not to make any mistake oh I thought you said I wouldn't be paying until the officer comes to my house tomorrow you need to give the card seven secure with you and you need to submit that card but right now I need to update this information showing the positive intention to cancel the warrant you said I want to be doing that till tomorrow you said I wouldn't have to pay til tomorrow after one officer comes yes where the officer camera at your home you need to submit that card but right now you need to give that information so that I can update the information to the courthouse and get a cancellation number the cards will be no good if I give you that number that number is what keeps them good I don't understand why you want that number that's that's just like giving you the money right now no you're not going you're not sending the money to anyone okay yes it is that's what that number does that number gives you the money how can I get the money by getting that number because a number does that's what that number does it gives you the money okay but how can I get that how can I get a money by getting that information can you tell me yes because that's what that number does you you use that number and Google place to get that money out that's what that number is where I can get the money from Google Play just like how would you normally get the money that's what that number does it gives you the money you're not giving the money to anyone you're asking for right now that's what outcome number does people are you are just trying to vary we are just trying to verify that card information to update the information that why will I tell you to go to the store keep on connecting with me well I don't know and I don't care about I can't give you that number here told me it's further sheriff's and now you're saying to give it to your who the number if I give you the number what is a sheriff even gonna consider you know there is a registration payment both regard so I need to raise it through your name with that curve no that's not what that right that's not what that number is that number makes it so you can remove the funds from that card that's what that number is now now it's not like that it's most your hanley is that's how all cards work you're trying to con me then when the sheriff comes tomorrow that card will be no good then why will I tell you that to stay connected with me and go to the store to make sure I get the card I would assume like it I I can tell you that you can go ahead you can go and get the card you can disconnect the line and I will send the officer for you I can simply tell you that but why am I telling you to stay connected with me and you get the card because I need to raise it through your name to get the cancellation number and I told you that you will get that cancellation number it won't take much time it will hardly take two minutes see what you're saying to me doesn't even make sense because that number will give you the money having we have incoming these four and while you're out you're not providing me that information obviously if you put that money into you go to Google it says it right here go to play slash slash redeem scratch label off card and enter code that's exactly what you're trying to do get the code so that you can I get my number so you can get to Manik finds out it not light at mister Hamming you need to understand unless I so as a totally from the very very beginning I'm not here to first you'll not here to convince you what number do you need you don't need to number that I scratch often right I need those number to update that information I'll give you any other number on my card except for the one I scratched off I'll give you some of it so that way you can know but I won't give it to you all all right hold on for a moment in that case I let me see what I can do it without registration I don't want me to provide that info okay all right oh thanks for being on all re there yep okay I have a ward with my higher authorities and I got a notification here that one of my special agent want to talk to you regarding about his situation so I'm gonna directly transfer your call to him hallo okay hi take for a little on every good often until on has been transfer this is Brandon Addison Brandon Anderson I hey mister hi sir how are you doing today good all right that's great okay I was just in a conference with you guys well sir what exactly is the problem that you're facing right now again write down my name my name is Brandon Addison I'm the special agent in charge with the CI I'm the acting acting special agent in charge I think Marshall Blackman he wanted me to get this card and he said I'm gonna be giving it to the sheriff tomorrow when they come to my house or somebody it's not a shirt it's not a shirt it's gonna be a postmaster from the USPS plus an officer we are going to book an appointment from your state authorities once the headquarters releases your documentation it's going to take two or 14 hours to reach the documentation says at your state headquarters a visual for working hours it's gotta be needed for the verification process about your financial status whatever it is and the rest we are gonna make you understand we're gonna put an appointment for you and a counseling session it's gonna be taken place so that you don't make the same mistake a future okay but she told me that I'm gonna be given the card he told me I'm gonna be given the card to whoever it is you're setting but he wanted me to give him the card numbers already and that would mean that he could take the money out it's like he want to go home with my thousand dollars if I give him if I give him that number he'll built it no work if you feel something like that one you can file a complaint against us it's just like this you don't lose the card because we are gonna register that number on your name so that you can get the damn veget confirmation code from the courthouse which can be used for your future reference as Ana sort of an evidence we're gonna verify this card after registering it and when the officer comes down tomorrow to collect it they're gonna verify we are going to verify it on a recording station tomorrow as well in the first hour that's not today we are just kind of go ahead and register so that's the only confusion you are having right now the the coal exactly or the registration code on a card which you are having some confusions to pull that money out that we can pull out the money yes we can do that but without your authorizations we can't do that but what a registration under your name for your safety and your security we are going to register it up via name to get the confirmation code know where I stood that we for the cross protocol sir yes sir no where's what if any this you can let me know you can feel free to let me know I can make you understand in a better way whatever doubts and confusions just please feel free to let me know or ask any questions I'm trying to all be very obvious okay okay nowhere on this card does it say that once I give you the number you can't pull out the funds without my authorization it does not say that on the card what it says on the card is go to it's a website plate slash redeem scratch label off and I'm sorry scratch label off of card and enter code three gift card value will be added to you Google Play bounced that's all it says it does not say for authorization is needed you are able to take the money out right then and there without my authorization what you're saying is not even true once I give her to give you that money you can pull the money out and then when the people come tomorrow that card could very well be no good because you think I'm so stupid to give you that money now that's not later don't be always you're smart I know that we can we can we can also tag that right away or that's gotta be the same even if we take today or tomorrow it's gonna be the same when two people come here would make people come here and show me their ID then I'll give the card we'll have a contract in paper that my taxes have been paid will turn now right now at this very point of time we have a contract of an auto I see you know that you are going through a lot of circumstances I really appreciate that you have this such a coal great if since the past hour or 1 or 2 but that's being a special agent in charge with this you have my assurance you have my full support don't you worry about this I'm gonna have a award with the courthouse as well as plus the Treasury Inspector General I don't know why you're saying that all right domine it has not been an hour it's only been like yes I'm watching sir yeah yeah something like it like an hour or it have an hour yeah they might have you might have gone through a lot of circumstances that they're resolved in this case but sir yeah I want you to write down my name with my first name and last name first of all if you are having it sort of like a mystical least like yeah that's correct and I'm the CI facial acting agent in charge with a CI you can file a complaint against me of anything goes wrong what's understand that but what is the CI stand for see I stand for the Criminal Investigation I must facial agent in charge with the CI you're a special agent for CI yeah I'm the one who has been monitoring your line and I'm the one who's gonna go ahead and for your documentation about the confirmation okay it's called the confidential confirmation code that once you receive it you verify yourself through the confirmation code did the officer is gonna come down to Marge's and make sure they are giving away the documentation to the right person right do you receive or verify yourself through the confirmation code from the widget is gonna be forwarded from the courthouse in the next 45 to 30 minute 30 to 45 minutes Temari are gonna give that verify yourself through the confirmation code it's a confidential code which you don't need to disclose it's a part of like your personal identity it's gonna be your new tax ID and we're going to provide you with a new tax ID called the electronic federal tax payment system you don't need to go through an accountant TurboTax H&R Block you can easily file your taxes by your own once we provide you with the health and the password of the federal tax payment system you can easily sit down for pay the bills through your phone your mobile phone the officers is gonna make you understand each and everything in black and white so here the thing is for your security deposit and about the charges whatever has been made just to see that your fees are you or financial financially capable of resolving this case we can have we we need some assurance from your end that yes you are resolving this case I don't see any negative stance from your end that you don't want to resolve it but yes I am really appreciate that you are trying to cooperate but the problem which you are facing right now is with the registration card you have to receive right yes yes you if you have to receive that at all you gotta do it like if you have to receive if you are paying something if you're about to pay something you need to have an evidence which you in return you have the receipt right well target is it all right Olga is not accusing me of stealing this card so that's what the receipt does I'm asking you about the receipt there's gonna be referenda Cole if awful I sent you let me give you an example of what your ton of what you're saying if I sent you $1,000 if I took one thousand dollars in US currency and I shoved it an envelope and I mailed it to you but I kept a receipt from the bank that I had that one thousand dollars how does that get me that one thousand dollar Pat went out thousand dollars back it does not and at the same scenario is what you're saying if I give you that registration number it that receipt does no plan I'm listening okay let me tell you on until ye unless you lose the receipt you're gonna claim the money from that as well you can ask you can check it out because we know the procedures how does this work okay how can I rest there sorry it does not do that it didn't my receipt there's no zero I can use that to protect myself from you taking the money early oh I'm not saying that it's written on it I'm talking about the reference number that is written on the receipt the reference codes okay do you see the codes um no there will be a reference numbers a card a serial numbers for France codes I'm not seeing that from Target you got to receive right there yes I've got to receipt if you have if you have to receive that you have the evidence that you were about to pay or you have already make the payments right yes that's right that's what to receipt does yes what we're gonna do is the receipt is gonna be for your future reference as an evidence that's right proofs that I bought it that's what to receipt and the registration code which we are gonna register it under your name without registration sir how can we go ahead and see that we are doing something or we are working out on your documentation we are gonna go we are doing for your security for your safety without the authorization without registering and at the end name even if you pay it to me if I don't register that number on your name there that's of no use you won't get the confirmations so that's what I'm talking I'm trying to make you understand here sir I'm sorry the topic that's not of my it's totally up to you I can hell you cut out Lee your color choices your sir I didn't hear you you you had just cut out all right I'm sorry I really regret for the inconvenience it's just a part of a registration code all right even if you pay or even if you pay the amount if you don't get the registration pot done on your name there's no chance we can get you the confirmation sir even if you give me the registration do you know what do you understand what I'm saying even if you provide me the registration codes if I don't register it under your name about a thousand or two thousand whatever you are trying to verify there's no chances that you can get the confirmation if I don't register under your name I understand that without that number I can't get you don't know for sure that I even bought a card I understand that but you'll know tomorrow when you send the officers over and and they let me tell you and oh I see that is an offer in compromise yes the officers is gonna be coming now unless the courthouse releases the documentation because sir you're not delayed with your CDs County State Police or ere your city treasury or whatever you're dealing with the headquarters you're dealing with the federal courthouse headquarters Washington DC I'm not the one who's charging you for this but I'm just here to guide you for the informations that you are having some sort of confusion in this case because this is something even if you go ahead and get it for it then grants 20 clearance if we don't register it under your name that's of no use you will not get the confirmation code and one sticker with the confirm Coates gets released stating that the war has been all and the allegations have been wiped off right after that the documentation will get released in the next fourteen working hours it's gonna reach your CD I'm sorry your seed headquarters it's gonna take like four or working hours for their re verification process two additional hours to get you get into your nearest post office so that the post office along with an agent will be arriving down if you don't feel comfortable coming down at your house you can go to the post office have the appointment it's just a matter of 10 to 15 minutes that you're gonna have a word with them so that's how the procedure works sir if you don't understand you can let me know that on which part you are having confusion so that I can make it clear well I think I think we both understand each other because you understand I'm not giving you that number and I understand by them IIIi don't mind on that sir I don't mind on that but okay what I'm trying to make you understand here the longer you Buddhist involves the higher the interest gets increased well see if even if you pay me even if you pay me through a check or whatever you transact in Melanie we don't get the confirmation that's of New Year's in every baby of yes you have purchased a card you have the receipt but if you don't register it on your name there's no there's there's no chances there's no way that you can we can claim the amount that you have both or we assert that we can deduct ahead of thousand or two thousand whatever that you have purchased you just set that again I can't believe you're repeating that again when I just read it did I read it off of you to redeem on the web go to slash redeem number to scratch label off of card in enter code three gift card value will be added to your Google Play balance can't be much clearer than that i doesn't say there's no way anybody can take money out of it without authorization there is no four so yes you can you keep repeating the same line when you are telling a lie I yes I'm telling you a lie I can told you I didn't told you I then told you that we can directly we can directly go ahead because you are not paying to me sir are you trying to accuse me of some primary case you're not paying to me if I give you that number you can take it you know you are dealing with the government I'm not the one who's gonna take the money away from you sir let's see how can you see it it is as clear as we are not doing any sort of partial activities from our end because the low is made equal for each and every citizen's understand that and me receive all right hand me receipt hand it to me right now never receive it there is Davis with you sir no no that's a receipt that I bought the card hand me receipt to show that I paid my taxes hand me a receipt right now over the phone hand it to me you haven't paid exactly but how are you going to hand me a receipt show that I paid my taxes how can we Warr you want is moving phone and I can't prove I give payment over the phone that's why I want to wait for OIC to come to my house tomorrow why can't you wait till tomorrow that's not unreasonable I'm not asking about that I'm not forcing you bothered sir but that you keep on saying that you're trying directly or indirectly you're trying excuse me I told you if any problems you can file a complaint against me sorry I cannot help you all the only thing I can do is I'm trying like you're trying to accuse a federal agent of some primary case I don't want your money my celery with the government is enough for me form fit myself and I'm I've been working in the field since the past 7 years sir I'm the chief with the CI oh I have my own fault here 20 now there you'll you haven't been working out on I'm 38 you're 38 years old yeah and and you can't grasp what I'm saying to you that that what you're doing and that this is one way transaction and I have no protection you could just take the money you're not giving me a receipt you're not even proving to me that you're the IRS do you have a fax machine sir yes I do your personal or a business it's in my house whether what it's for doesn't matter I have a fax machine not a problem or either I can also do one thing I can stand down you local authorities and you can deal with them why would you send this family okay why would you do that why would you do that when you know about it okay tomorrow when you say I always why didn't I just inform to you but since I've been making you understand annuity I've been trying to give one you keep on saying the same word that we're gonna pull up your money yes we are not you I can pull out the money right now from your accounts as well why can you all just move in handle that's what I want to know why can't you wait till tomorrow when oh I see comes to my house why can't you wait till tomorrow why would you send the authorities today when you're sending - oh I see tomorrow to get payment when I marry today I got two cards being right here in my hand I'm looking right at him why would you send your --'tis because you are directly or indirectly accusing us of something which we don't even have a knowledge about no please sir that's a registration code even if you don't give me I don't mind on that with if you want to ask you I can put enhance on your account pull out the money from your account involving the verification team without a single one increasing your account do you want me to do that sir I don't think you can do that yes I can do that he what your name is I wore you down women yeah we we you Walker while you're on fine with me I can right now hang on you give me 60 second adapter I can uh I'm looking at my chat one of my checks right here uh TIA no no it's not there Tia hemmings your name's not there just mining your name is not on my checking account you can't do it I didn't I do not remember you being there at the bank with me and us doing a joint account I don't remember that wall are you there sir when I also might account it's a transaction it's 21st century sir the government does the government is not blind as you're thinking they have the authorization the Treasury has the authorizations to go ahead and mark a federal tax clean they have the authorization to freeze your account they have a good a better options you know wanted to proceed on a legal manner not without going to court arise sound up to you to decide whether I'm innocent or guilty so far the coal house okay so here's the deal sir I'm going to I'm gonna give you a 15 minutes cold you were a banquet row the money whatever you have because your accounts are about to get freeze it you just you just challenged you just challenged the federal agent I'm gonna do that right I'm gonna go ahead and put in half okay alright challenge back pretty good oh let's see here deal with some pauses in there but that was 53 minutes if you like the conversation please like and subscribe [Music] and leave a comment you [Music] you
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