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merry christmas all i hope you'll all enjoy this christmas special pop monkeys dark christmas special as social security scammers are still at it but they can't get their way let's have some fun social security administration officer james center how can i help you today now could you verify me the number on which you received the call what was your number on which you received the call oh it was on my i live with my husband it was on his phone on his home phone on the same phone the number from which you are calling me right now no i'm on my cell phone right now so could you just verify me the number on which you receive the call your number uh i can give you his cell phone number but his home phone number i don't know what it is you don't know your cell phone number no worries could you just help me out i know my cell phone number okay on this cell phone number you have you received the call no it came on my husband's whole phone okay your husband's own phone could you just verify me your husband's own phone his cell phone number no no the husband's home phone number i don't know that i never dial his number okay no worries could you just verify me your full name and your current zip code so that i can check into my server if this call was meant for you or not yes this is krampusina just tell me your name yes it's k-r-a-m-p-u-s-e-e-n-a casco's last name c h a s k o let me repeat the name for you k r a m p u that's correct and the last name is jasco c-h-a-s-k-o perfect and any middle initials which you use in your documents or your any other no i don't have a metal initially you don't have any middle initials and you're going to zip code ma'am can you tell me what this is about first definitely definitely but first of all i need to find out the details under your name if there are any okay yeah 12946 is my zip code okay it's all done okay now miss chasko i need you to grab pen and a piece of paper handy so that you can note down some information okay i got one right my hand i picked one up before i even got the phone because i knew that i'm probably gonna have to write stuff down definitely now first of all you can note down my name this is senior investigating officer senior option in investigating our how do you investigation investigation i think it's you just need you just need to note down my name james senior investigation james what officer oh officer senior officer investigation yeah correct officer that's what two f's right officer yeah okay officer investigation i uh i got investigation down i think it's right is that i n v e s t i g a t i o n i correct no john my name it's james santner j as james that's very complicated but i got that one down what's the next word trentner it's s and sam okay as an alpha a and as a nancy c as in tom chase and tom very good name and again as a nancy nancy e as in eric he is in eric r evan romeo r is in romeo definitely james note down my badge id number okay will i need that yeah definitely okay as in sam okay yeah will that mean letters and numbers no no x and alpha numeric set of digits you just note them okay 2f like ffa ssa as an associate security administration number nine two say that again eight six nine two ssa eight six nine two eight six nine two okay okay note down your case id number case is okay what is is he it charlie c isn't charlie why is it another letter another letter my case id letters and numbers number four six eight five four six eight five six three one six three one so there are numbers in it it's not just letters my case id letters and numbers definitely now listen to me very carefully mr scott the line on which we both are talking right now is a federally recorded line monitored by the ftc federal trade commission so make sure the line does not get disconnected as i need to submit this recording into the courthouse of washington dc in favor of you now let me tell you the reason of this call yeah the reason of this call is to notify you that your name and your social security number has been found for some criminal and fraudulent activities in washington dc however we believe that you are not the culprit we are looking for but someone else out there is trying to misuse your social security number under your name to do this heinous crimes and make you the prime suspect into the eyes of the government now mrsco i have been appointed as your case simpson officer so that i can help you to take your name out of this case i appreciate that thank you i'm glad that you know it wasn't me right off the start you admit it wasn't me and i appreciate that yes mrs because we have already checked your past records we have already run a recent background check under your name and we found out that you have been quite a genuine quite a law-abiding citizen of our united states and you have never been indulged in any serious criminal allegations or offenses in your past that's the reason we are giving you a call now the government also doesn't want to its innocent citizens to face any legal con legal consequences for the crimes they haven't done okay now therefore i have been appointed your case concerned officer now mr could you just verify me that if you have got calls any calls from your local police department in lake placid new york okay definitely now i'm going to read out the documents for you so that you can understand each and everything that how it all happened under your social security number and how your name was pointed out in this very matter so that you could get a clear picture now before reading down those sensitive documents could you just verify me your social security number sure the whole thing or do you want just uh that no the whole thing ma'am after that i can validate it yeah five five three nine five three nine six oh one two eight oh one now that's not a complete social security ma'am but you please check it yeah yeah it is it's the whole thing just put a one at the end that'll make the whole thing like fight repeat that for me ma'am repeat that for me okay five five three nine six oh one eight one nine six one eight one okay the total on the line let me check into my server and pull out the documents for you okay okay hold down the line for a second okay now mr school listen to me very carefully while reading out the documents i'll be asking you some basic questions related to the case and recording your statement so just give me an honest answer and then i will submit this document recording into the courthouse and then we are good to go okay as long as i don't have to incriminate myself that's okay definitely ma'am now this investigation was started under your name and under your social security number when we recovered an abandoned car on the streets of washington dc next the make and model yeah the make and model of the car was honda civic with the license plate number dc 2440 now this car was idle on the street when the locals reported about the car to the local service department on investigation of the car they found some blood and drugs residue inside the car which was totally enthralling excellent hence after and after further investigation they found out that the car was rented under your name using your social security number now mr could you just give me your answer over this recorded line that have you ever owned a black honda civic 2016 model no i didn't own it the person that owned it yeah i i saw somebody with it but that wasn't me it wasn't me okay i've seen that car driving around okay have you ever been to washington dc like in before a month or two months like in past two months oh no mercy no okay no right now could you just let me tell you there were two addresses linked to the title of vehicle yeah i need you to listen to i will let you tell me yeah i need you to listen to those two addresses very carefully as i need your words of this federally reported life but if you ask me a question i'm going to answer and you said you asked me if i would let you and i will i'll let you tell me yeah now you just need to let me know that if you know anything about those two addresses or not okay you just say it what addresses yeah the first address is 2-1 kimberly avenue buffalo new york 14220 i know that address i mean i know where buffalo is is that what you want to know if i know how to get there i know how to get there that particular but that particular address 21 kimberly avenue do you know about that too i know i know where buffalo is and if i have to drive there i've got gps i just i just need to let the ask you like have you ever been to that particular address before 21 kimberly avenue oh no no i haven't you didn't ask me that you asked me if i knew about it and i know okay yes that's that's what i'm about to listen like i was asking you to tell me and second address 194 watman road kenmore new york 14217 that's the zip code do you know anything about that address have you ever been there i can i can google it and find out about it and that was the first question it's not good no it's not good you said do i know about it and yeah i i can find out about it on from google maps and the second question asked me if i've been there i'm answering both your questions you asked me two questions you asked me if if i've been there and no i have not i've never been there i've recorded a statement now do you own any property do you have any properties rented under your name or under your social in washington dc no okay because we found out three properties which was rented under your name and under your social security number those properties was raided by the u.s marshals department but unfortunately there was no one inside the residence at that time oh my god i said you're gonna tell me you think you found me there no no i didn't think you saw me there i didn't know because i wasn't there yes sam i already told you that we believe you that you are not the culprit how could i say that i found you too well because it was trying to under my name i didn't know if you like the car which was rented under your social okay but we haven't told you like that you have done those bookings those rantings under your name by physically going over there okay we are not telling you that okay okay good thank you now these properties was rated by the u.s marshal's department but unfortunately there was no one inside the residence at that time however yeah they recovered a consignment of 12 pounds of cocaine which is an illegal drug as well as they found some documents which relates to financial institutions like bank of america u.s bank chase bank td bank and wells fargo now my question to you over this recorded line do you have any banking businesses with any of this financial institution yes i do and which one citibank as in tom d as in delta td bank okay do you have any banking business with teddy bank no i do not okay recorded statement now using those bank accounts more than 236 000 have been wired locally and internationally which is totally suspicious towards the chessboard because all those transactions were made to the narco trafficking and terrorist countries such as mexico colombia nigeria and pakistan all those documents were having your social overview and all those accounts more than 22 bank accounts were running under your name therefore your name is under federal investigation in washington with three criminal charges pressed against your name needed drug trafficking money laundering and supporting terrorism particularly for this reason miss chessbook two of our officers were having watch on you since last three to four days and your phone calls were also being tapped by them but they didn't found anything suspicious in your daily routine and from that investigation yeah we came to know that you might not be involved yes but we have orders for that yeah but we have orders for that man we do not worry now you win yep now from that investigation we came to know that you might not be involved in this case or it can also be a mere victim you can also be a mere victim of identity tap someone else trying to misuse your social security number without your concern without your knowledge to do this all times and fraudulent activities under your name so now let me ask you some quick questions so that we can get a brief picture of how could someone get a hold of your social security number so now mr have you ever lost your wallet or any personal information any sensitive documents such as your social card driver's license text papers anything like that recently when are you in my house cause i'm missing my wallet right now it disappeared from the house no no when from when are you missing your wallet a couple days ago couple of minutes ago days days couple of days ago when were you in my house no no we were not in your house ma'am the officers never physically attended your house okay you just were you tapped my phones yeah we tapped your phone but we did not come to your house or bug your phone we need not do that oh it's all blind yeah oh so you are missing your wallet from like couple of days ago not before no i don't know for sure probably three or four days ago i discovered that it was missing two days ago and what all documents you were having in your like your wallet your social card your driving license yeah my wallet was inside there my wallet and my uh okay my social security card was in there my birth certificate my lowe's card um i had a debit card i had to roll of toilet paper in there and knives and stuff too hey academics um okay a lot of things in there computer okay okay you got it now have you ever have you ever entered your personal information on any unknown websites over internet while purchasing or buying something for your doorstep delivery probably okay usually you have to do that when you buy things so i probably did for a lot of places when you buy things you get to enter that information in definitely definitely do you suspect someone who can do this kind of activities in your friends family members relatives work people neighbors any of your ex any potential threat from any person i've wronged a lot of people i've wrote a lot of people a lot of people might want to get revenge on me i've ruined a lot of christmases in the past okay any any major name which you can recall like you can give me a major i don't know their names i just okay go to their houses and do what i have to do and it's all over okay recorded all of your statement now mr with the permission from the code house of washington dc we have given the authority to suspend your social's current social security number on an immediate basis and issue you your new social security number within next 24 working out but before suspending your current social security number ma'am we need to differentiate which is your true information and which is fake means those created by the imposters and those things will be jeopardized will be seized down by the u.s treasury department so now with jessica let me just pull out an asset verification form under your name fill it on behalf of you submit it into the washington dc hotel and they will then appoint a senior restitution officer who will further guide you and help you to get the new social security number so now just hold on the line for a second okay so the imposer won't have my new social security number that's the idea no no no no no no the imposter won't have your new social security number ma'am how could they be having your new social security if you are going to keep it very safely with you yeah that's true okay yeah that's you i'm working pulse to get that yeah just hold on the line for a second okay okay okay now miss jessica i would like you to verify me on this recorded line your month and your year of birth the month and the year i'll start the date okay it's [Music] 12.79 12.79 okay now could you just verify me your current mailing address yes it's 37 hi gander smog and hill road fourth lap anger no gander could you just repeat that for me follow it out for me shy gender okay 37 hi gander gander spelled g-a-n-d-e-r-e-e-r smog smoking yeah and that's in lake placid new york new york 12946 one two nine four seven okay can you read that back to me it's three seven high gender smorgan hill road fourth level lake placid new york one two nine four six is the zip code perfect okay could you just verify me is that your own house or rented house i own it you own it okay number of family members you are living in there i am by myself you're by yourself that's the way i like it i like to keep it that way people don't catch me doing things that way very secluded could you just give me like how many cars are there registered under your name number of vehicles but just one car yes okay one great big fan like suv it's a toyota 4runner 2 000. yeah 2016 toyota forerunner okay could you just give me number of bank accounts you are banking with how many number of bank accounts are there registered under your social security number just one what citibank just one one bank city bank and how many types of accounts you're holding in city bank like checking for saving i just have a checking account just one checkings account no savings account correct well i put money in my checking account so i'm saving it like that okay no worries ma'am that's your call could you just give me a brief rough picture of the legal balance you are having in your checking account right now any rough idea i don't know it's 233 000 something like that around 20 to 23 thousand dollars correct no 233 000 around 233 000 yes then you're checking the cow yes okay any number of credit cards registered under your social security number you know i've got enough money i don't need credit cards i have a debit card okay you just have a debit card yeah and could you just verify me like um any 401k any ira any money market investments under your social security number you are having it right now yeah let's get an ira you got an ira and what would be the approximate evaluation of that ira on current date i don't know something like two or three million come again like two or three million yeah it's something like that okay around two or three million it's somewhere in between uh it varies because it's an ira it varies sometimes it's up sometimes it's down it hasn't been less than 2 million it hasn't been less than two million in probably four years but it was up to three million but it went down some so it's not i think that they just did bad investments you're screwing me definitely i know that's what's going on they're screwing me over i don't trust him i'll get my revenge i'll get my revenge on him don't worry okay now could you just hold on the line for a minute let me just submit this document and this forum and the recording under your name to the courthouse and they will then appoint a restitutional officer in a minute or two you just don't disconnect the line okay okay all right nice job sir it's all alone all right hello just a second ma'am okay i am going to connect your line to the senior restitution officer oh i thought you hung up you said not to hate not to disconnect i thought you disconnected because i couldn't hear anything yeah just hold on okay thank you for your patience in your this is kevin can i have your case id or the last four digits of your social place yes my case id is ci oh ci stands for case id i think ci46 all right and can i have your name please yeah it says krampusina chasko all right and uh can you repeat me the case id number please yes ci four six eight five six three one and what's that what huh all right no problem so what i'm going to do is like as i believe my junior officer has already explained you about the ongoing investigation is that correct yeah he said a lot of things okay so we have to go ahead and suspend your social on an immediate basis and we have to issue a new social security number can you write a number first of all sure it's uh two zero three two zero three five nine zero five nine zero two eight six four two eight six four what's this number four yeah can you click a picture of your driver's license and send it on this so that we can verify your id and we can start the procedure can you click a picture of your driver's license and send it as a text on this number i'm not giving you a picture of my driver's license you're not gonna do that no i picture my driver's license all right yes you have to send it you have to click a picture and send it across why if you do not do that yes how would we send you a picture of my license what would a picture of that do yes a picture is gonna make sure that we're talking to the right person and we will fixing the appointment we will be fixing the appointment see the thing is you've got so much stuff on me if i send you that then you'll know my driver's id number and you can just call a motor vehicle and suspend my driver's license and now if you think that you can simply hang up the phone call because we have other ways as well all right what other ways you can't suspend my driver's license if you do not send it across we are taking it as a refusal that you have denied to corporate do you want to send it yes or no you're making my naughty list that's not a good idea you're making my naughty list and that's not a good idea you're making what my naughty list and that's not a good idea you make me angry okay what are you gonna do about it yeah what you're gonna do about it then there's not nothing i can do because you said yes then hang up the phone call and get away from this lines okay do not waste your time i would do that but i was already instructed not to disconnect you're trying to get me to disconnect you hang up you hang up right now he left his phone you hang up this phone right now hang on i'll not do that you will hang up you hang up right now i won't i would i won't you hang up right now i don't want to talk to you anymore all right i don't want to talk to you either you have a very ugly voice you know see now you're insulting me my beautiful voice you have a pathetic voice and i know that you know it very well isn't it you hang up i don't want to talk to you anymore all right shut up okay do not do not repeat that you don't tell me to shut up now you hang up this phone right now you do that you're gonna do that you hang up right now no no i'm not you do that no i don't have the ability with this phone i don't have the ability to hang up the phone and i need you to hang up for me or else that'll tie up my phone lines all day and i'm sick of this conversation i'm sick of you you're sick your voice is sick you are sick you're useless you're pathetic oh hang up you ain't not no i'm not going out i'm sick of you you're sick your voice is sick it's ugly your name is pathetic it's useless it's ugly well you sure are saying mean things i wasn't saying anything mean to you when you're saying all these mean things to me because your name is ugly your voice is ugly your name is ugly and that's how it is i mean if you're ugly everyone is going to be mean to you right but i'm not oakley my name is a name well that's not you if you have an ugly name you cannot be beautiful right wrong i can be beautiful and have an ugly name so you know my last name all you said was what's my first name i don't know what what the hell is that okay you don't even know my name so so sh you shut up i'm not going to shut up shut up you act well but you have an ugly name and you have an ugly voice that's what i can say you're so mean to me you're trying to make me cry at least then your real voice is gonna come up not really i said you act well i act well what's that mean you you act you know you you know how to act but your voice is stupid you are stupid you're stupid stupid you're stupid you hang up right now you know this really goes to show the closers really are smarter than the openers was kind of fun you
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