Talking Ridiculous to an IRS Scammer (animated)

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[Music] calling Internal Revenue Service - officer calculate how can I choose you yes I'm returning the phone call if they're all what time's your difficult girl I don't know it was this morning or so I just got in but they're all number did Yuri hit the cooker on my cellphone yeah although can you provide me with a number it was on my cell phone I'm on my home phone right now can you please provide bfl phone number it was on my cell phone yes quit provide me with the number her um on my phone number sure oh my phone number is nine oh nine for nine eight oh nine nine nine four nine eight two zero eight ooh that's my home phone PfuI about thank you for your phone number that's my telephone number that's my home phone that's what I'm dealing with right now can you please help me with your telephone number then I've grown with you is it the culture that's right exactly I did get it on my cell phone you're right people at me with a cellphone number yep sure did but this is my home phone to help you with your helpful number yes that's what you dialed that was my cell phone this is my home phone who provide me your telephone number it's I don't know how to send it to you tell you the number it's getting nine zero nine for nine eight two zero eight two that's my home phone thank you for your help on number that's what you did dial but right now I'm on my home phone helping you with your help on numbers not your home number this is my phone number we help me upon number remember her yes nine zero nine for a Linda quarter sir yes thank you for your telephone numbers or I'm asking you for your help on number oh I thought your cell phone number is a telephone number tell me the pulpal number it's through Verizon birther Verizon your number through Verizon Brighton it's not October it's letters it ve our i zo n verizon ok they're all can you put help me with your parameter yes it's donald chesco and you pull out your CH a pass they oh okay chemical tunnel and you put help me with your mailing address sir yes it's 37 hi gates or de belem I get Colton California well I'm talking of their high get yes after I get that it's Colton California can you please well CEO el tío California yes um help me with your decoder 9 2 3 1 3 I want you please hold on for a second while I pull out you get sir ok so can you please help me verify your paneling it again sir yes as 37 high gates Colton - 21 World War I get hidden deep in world or our one word it's two words high gates Anthony try da Gama correct hig hd8 80s Oakland California yes the web called you that certain debts honest information that there is an allegation against your net so are you reported situation sir um no [Music] better yes wow so can you please grab a pen out of the litter sure I've got one here ready are you sure about that sir am I sure that I get a pen and paper yes okay first of all right tell my name my name is officer George valanor George Boleyn boy I ll why George Bailey okay sir I'm afraid I did not really she is nine seven seven four three okay I do not friend and you can't I didn't approve I are treated it Internal Revenue for one one 201a apricot ER ir c 1 1 2 0 0 1 1 e there are two web conducted and all titania tech culture and we found that there on the miscalculation on a technophile have a record that Jeff shown to the federal government and Thomas with the record every we have so what was the last rapid if I detector I don't march or so I made the deadline know when what the lot first when did you buy detector which theater oh I don't know I'm 40 right now a long time ago yes sir it's okay sir it doesn't matter yeah now let me tell you that left conducted an octagon 612 of the year 2011 between the future it's not on the year 2011 to 2015 of the phone that there was a miscalculation here on your sacrifice let me tell you sir I know take SpaceX on time and you're a lot of fighting citizen of the United SEP but if you let them tell you that there was a miscalculation here miscalculation in a sense set the record that you have shown to the federal governmentís not mesh with a sex record as we have well let me provide you with an example for example you have to pay $1,000 per year but you said only $700 and the rest $300 were hidden from the federal government and for that reason a local authority which elsewhere will come at your pleasure to rescue you're driving like this will be canceled and everything under your name you try your typing license your debit card your credit card your bank account open season three and you will also have federal imprisonment up to five years now the total amount outstanding argument big thousand two hundred thirty dollars er please not on that six thousand two hundred $30 not on them six thousand two hundred and thirty dollars yes sir that includes you're left with less than all these illegal charges have the higher commission of Internal Revenue Service oppressing whole series allocation I consume them they are in Chapter 13 under Section 3730 and the allocation are count one more in the federal tax rules and regulation count two volition of Internal Revenue Code country have position count for willful misrepresentation of information to the common organization now may I ask you mr. no digitally intentionally all what did and other picture well I did try to take advantage of every tax break that was available is that what the mess mess up was so I'm from the investigation department and not come to all this department sir so I cannot tell you the exit plans for the uterus permit sir I'm so TR true see I have never run against you an answer all I need to do is to find it in fact if you love electro editor but before I do that I want you clear that matter whether you want to profit in the federal courthouse or Washington DC along with the criminal attorney or to you what do we top it out of the courthouse er well I'd like to resolve it outside of the courthouse okay there are by the term we don't you mean that that you're willing to pay the outstanding amount do they own it on immediate death am I correct sir yeah six thousand two hundred thirty dollars I can pay that hope you do you have two outfitting them all with you there sure forget her let me transfer my call to Matt in your freezer but let I'll get there yes yes there are but let me tell you to please to talk with him in a polite and a third and is the only person who can help you fall out this issue okay sure I think I'm being polite to you too don't you thank you sir thank you for your cooperation thank you and please thank you for helping me welcome to my job to help it is enough United that sir about petrol officer I know you told me that okay Pig I'll get her thank you all every couple my call to match it up with you thank you and you're welcome thank you oh yes you're welcome thank you being one lawn you have been transferred to Evans was the head of accounts of officer who wrongfully go to him Allen Smith okay this is Donald Chaska okay George Bailey is already informed about the situation oh please yes what's your intention here sir I'm to pay okay what is it month that you're coming up today true six thousand two hundred thirty dollars is what I owe mm two hundred and thirty dollars okay well where do you have this amount here I have it in my checking account checking account okay well just love can I get to validate yes it's 37 hi gates Colton California 9 2 3 1 3 I don't he'll find a valid editor the road is no is that why it 37 Heike yes it's a California yeah listen to me hi gates is a new road I just moved in we have like we have four houses on this road when did you move in um I don't know a month ago something like that what your hold meaning a tree I lived in Davenport Iowa that's what I'm asking you what is your old mailing address I don't see why that matters it was a good matter I have to pull up the pipe oh wow how's Davenport Iowa that's it there's nothing no other address there is a road being that need everything but everything okay plus 37 waterway [Music] well you know humping you find you giving international camber okay we just talked you know that was me I was dying to Prince with the long fold-over I was hoping you're gonna put me on with uh Eric Edward no Eric Edward would not be that there because he's done for the day oh that's too bad I wanted to give him that really wrong I did the same thing you guys a really long phone number I said this is what my phone number is this is why I told your George Billy three four zero this moment he'll believe you I mean 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 digit to my phone number and he bought that still there well c'mon you didn't hang up oh hey how many people are working in there because it sounds like a lot of background noise come on talk to me we have a phone nail art we will pass all this gaming stuff I was ready to go for a car ride do you need do you need me go get a night a night own card or a Target gift card it's a Target gift card you guys love your Target gift cards fifteen hundred and fifteen hundred and five hundred come on talk to me I'm gonna put you in a video you're gonna be on YouTube you might be famous someday you're gonna be famous but you have to talk to be famous you never know somebody might say wow that guy sounds cool okay I'm hanging off thank you you life and survived [Music] and leave a comment you [Music]
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