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[Music] social security scammers can be so greedy the last four videos showed it well they called me right back up to and the greed really showed they just couldn't be satisfied with five thousand dollars [Music] let's have some fun [Music] okay i'm out of the bathroom all right so now let me know what is the issue who am i talking to you are talking to mike oh this mic again yeah can you confirm your last name it's robinson my last name is robinson can you confirm your badge id number i do i didn't give you any kind of bad id okay can you confirm my case id number it's dc32556 yeah that's what it is yes all right so let me know what's the issue that you are not ready to go with the procedure well he wanted me uh officer brian cronwell is that his name yeah his name it is um he wanted me to take my money out buy these target cards these federal id cards i think you might have called them that's what they usually call them federal id cards that's what they usually say i don't know but it was to protect my money but i was explaining to him that i've got proof that this money is innocent because i it shows withdrawal and deposits right on my bank statement and shows that each one all of that money was i received from my job so i just put it in my pocket in my home and that's where i am right now i'm home okay you were saying that it's positive to you by your company by regarding a job yeah and money is mine from working so i kept that and he said it was illegal for me to take my money out that's preposterous illegal for me to take my money out i have a contract with the bank you know the way it is mike you me we're the same that that officer brian e to be honest with you he sounded like he sounded like he wasn't being fair well like what's the issue he wasn't being nice to me not like you you're nice to me he is like a gangster accent the thing is that he's an officer from the dea all right so he's holding a higher higher post over there that's the reason he was talking like that well he's got an accent and i think he practiced that accent he sounded like a gangster he could be one of the sopranos for all i know you sound like a gangster well right now here still that i know that he's the federal officer so that i know but you were saying he's a gangster he sounds like i don't know maybe he doesn't sound like a nice man like you you're a nice man okay so how's the thing is that ma'am just like you were saying that money belongs to you yeah i do believe that that money belongs to you but the thing is that by your social by using your social enforcer has made multiple account on the union so we need to shut down those accounts on under your nail all right so that's the only reason we have to go through the procedure or else it can affect you in father i don't know i don't know he hung up on me i even mentioned to him that i if i go to target and then he held up on me as i was saying it so i said heck with that he doesn't want to comply why should i comply if he wants to get all upset and mad and hang up on me why should i comply i think what i should what i should do is go right to the social security office that's what i'm gonna do i'm gonna drive right there what do you think all right you can do that yeah you can do that well i can stay with the line with you but the thing is that you were so you were you were supposed to do the procedure so he was saying you to go to the target store but you was not ready to go yeah why not just go to social security yeah you can go over there as well so if you want to go over here then you can drive to drive down towards there but in that case we have to go with the procedure and we have to execute explain your case towards the higher authority did you say you're gonna execute me no mom i'm saying that we have to accept you we have here you have to what we have to go with the procedure and we have to update to the higher authority that i need something else who's that you said execute you're going to execute me no mom i'm not going to excuse you what was the word that you're trying to say you're trying to say something exactly all right i was saying that what ex what i think you're cutting out i was saying that we have to go with the procedure and we have to exclaim your keys to the higher authority exclaim is everything exclaimed i'm thinking that we have to transfer your case file to the higher authority that's reasonable i was trying to figure out what that word was that you're trying to say now that's not the point the point what's your intention on are you gonna go with the procedure or not or you want to go to your i i can but not if i have to talk to that officer brian cronwall i'm done with that guy he just he's just making me very very upset all right then i'm gonna go with the procedure all right so i need to know what is your intention are you gonna go with the procedure are you gonna go yeah oh yeah i'll get that procedure done okay i'm going inside now i'm going all right okay i'm getting in my car all right just let me know when you're gonna get in inside your car all right i'm in my car i'm i'm going to earpiece and i was talking at the same time all right just blow the horn blow the horn off your car twice could you all right yeah i'll do it again no that's not like no that's not a bluff with her car he he i put it closer that time could you hear it yeah now i'm on me okay so you need to drive down towards your target store which is nearby to you which is closer to your orange you can go over there and let me know okay i'll go right now i'm starting the car and letting it go all right then start your car and drive down so what is the time you are taking to reach over there i should be there in about i don't know five minutes or so it shows that it got pretty much closer that period what it shows that the target store is nearby to you yeah yeah all right for five minutes all right once you reach over there just let me know well okay i'm back i'm here i'm in target parking lot you have been raised to talk reporting a lot yes all right all right so just go so you have to go inside inside the target store and you have to load off the car you have to take down a car by your choice and you have to load it demand which they can do like it might be it's depending upon their limit all right so you have to go and used to ask what is the what is the limitation of why first thing is that you need to go and search for an adjust card section first and you have to take paid card over here and you have to go to the receptions you have to tell them that they should load it all right okay all right just go and try to grab as much as you can all right just okay let me know once you are get out of the store all right i'll be on the whole line okay you can go now okay and now and buy the car no more i mean the card what you were saying you have to keep the phone down yeah i was going to put the phone down and go buy that card buy a card and load it as with all the money that i can get whatever the first thing the first thing is that you need to open up a line dude you are not allowed to disconnect the light all right oh he did so so you have to excuse me i was just gonna put it down whoa but you said that but brian disconnected he he hung up on me very rudely he ain't nearly as nice as you you're a nice man i do believe that he might got some kind of urgent worry that maybe he runs out of tea maybe you want maybe he got some kind of emergency board oh it didn't work yeah yeah or maybe he's got a little bit of a temper he's not nearly as calm as you maybe i don't know that everybody's not good just like even you are so much good yeah okay so i'm going to i'm walking in right now all right we can get out and you have to keep me on speakers just i need to beneath you i need to cover all the conversation all right that's the reason i'm telling you to open up the line and you can go and do it by yourself all right all the listen to it i'm still looking for him i'm looking for the card section i'm not used to buying the cards oh man we're gonna bite our gift cards officer mike i got a few different kind of cards i can buy what kind you prefer yes hello yes what what card you prefer did i buy there's a few different cards here what what what are the those can necklace name of the car which you are seeing over there there's google play cards there's iphone cards there's there's different ones yeah do these google play cards will they work no they're not gonna work just keep on going what what you're saying just let me know what are the name of the card which you are saying over there okay well there's there's this kind of like hello cloud can you hear me now hello yes i can hear you now okay so which one of them cards that i just said what kind do you want well where you went like what what was wrong that i was not able to hear you okay well first one i said it was google the first one you say that's on google play hello hello miss dino are you with me can you hear me now yes mom okay i i bought i bought i had to buy 10 target gift cards to get all of the money out so a lot of target gift cards boy i'm gonna really have some fun at target i guess i'm sitting in my car okay what do you want to eat what do you want me to do now go home all right you got the car i got some cards they wouldn't let me put it all when they said it was too much money so how many cards you got along with you i guess i've got 10 cards you got 10 cards yeah okay and what is that what is the amount you loaded over there i put in five hundred dollars in each of them in each of them yeah so what is a month intuitively done in total that's five thousand dollars but i've still got thirty four thousand dollars in my pocket because i couldn't there's too many cards i wasn't going to go through all that i got 5000 that should be good enough all right so you got you you got the card on your hand yeah so that's good enough 5000 is good enough oh let me see like me let me think let me update this to the higher authority all right first and they're gonna go with the procedure and whatever they're gonna update me i'm gonna update to you towards you all right the first thing is that now are you are you at are you inside your car i'm inside my car i'm not i'm in my car you are a man beside you all right so you you got all the gold 10 cards i got 10 cards with 500 in each one of them bring it to a total of 5 000 and i still have 34 000 in my pocket you need to you need to stress the card no i'm not talking about cash i'm talking about the card the first thing is that you need to take one you need to take one card along with you in your hand first just take the first cut in your hand and scratch it okay all right so when you're gonna done with your scratching you can let me know the number which gonna show towards you on the card i'm still scratching this is good scratching these cards this card's a good scratch okay i scratched a couple of them you have a couple of them yeah yeah they're good scratching so i did a couple okay so could you plus give me the number which you got inside this over panel stay tuned on friday the final part of this cartoon will be published if you like the conversation please like and subscribe [Music] and leave a comment you
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