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[Music] for this clip i like to talk about something that isn't really a scam but it sure feels like one so this one has impacted us scalpers have been buying canning jars and lids and selling them at three to five times their original cost originally you could buy canning jars at around ten dollars a dozen [Music] but scalpers are selling them for between thirty and sixty dollars a dozen [Music] walmart is allowing scalpers to buy and sell them right on their site at this crazy high price scalpers are also selling them on ebay and amazon while you can find jars in your local store it's rare to find certain sizes like 12 oz quilted crystal jars we use them for making jellies scalpers have also made finding playstation 5s nearly impossible but the good news is that apparently some of the playstation 5s have hardware problems so buying these from scalpers would mean you could easily get a bad one who wants to take the chance on that to me i would wait for scalpers to buy up all the first editions and wait for sony to restock playstation 5s with an eventual newer edition i know many of you would say that scalping is free enterprise it's the american way well so is free speech and so is boycotting don't buy them and they'll be stuck with them or they'll have to sell them at a loss but even then i still wouldn't buy it from them you don't know what you're getting why feed them and now back to the video let's have some fun [Music] hello hello yes hi mr manor how are you i'm good how are you i'm fine are you done with the cooking i am so what can i do for you uh well mr manor the reason for my call is we were getting some notifications regarding some network security issues that's why i had to call you i'm really sorry to disturb you moment of the day oh network security issues can i help you fix your network security issues i we will have to check what's going wrong because we got few notifications that's the reason for my call oh i don't really fix computers anymore i used to do that but i don't do that anymore no we will check what's going wrong and we'll be doing it for you you need to send me your hard drive and or your compute you'll need to send me your computer if you want me to fix it though no we don't have to fix our computer we are getting some network security issues regarding your computer oh my computer i thought you wanted me to fix your computer i didn't know because i'm not so good at that anymore i'm getting old you know no we are getting some notifications regarding the network security regarding your system that's why i was calling you oh gotcha you weren't clear about that at first i i got you i understand now all right so tell me did you make some changes recently yeah i i did i um i cut peanuts out of my diet and i tried not to take any any um trans fats or anything of any sort is that what you mean uh did you try it did you try to install any other hardware with your computer did you change your modem recently i didn't change my modem no not real no not recently you know it's the same modem i've had like for i don't know five years do you think i should change no no why i'm asking you is because you got few notifications that's why i wanted to know like what's exactly going wrong that's what i was asking you oh i don't know mr manor anybody else apart from you who have been using your computer in past few days um no um my wife used to but she's gone now she's in a better place oh i'm really sorry to hear about that but apart from nothing to be sorry about she's going to lose she's going to lose pick me up a belt sander she'll be back okay and anybody else apart from you who tried to go on your computer recently well sometimes my cat hits the keys he runs around runs across my keyboard but i don't think that's what you mean no not your cat no i no it's just me all right um yes i am all right so what i'll be doing is i'll be shaving your computer screen and i will check what's going wrong okay i guess i didn't know that sorry i i didn't know that you're sharing it no i'm saying i will be sharing this computer screen with your permission we cannot share it without your permission that's what i was calling you oh oh so what do you need me to do uh first of all i will tell you a few steps you have to follow those steps then i'll be sharing your computer screen and then i will check what's going wrong why we are getting the notification for my system and if something is really going wrong then i will fix it for you so that your computer is good to go all right yeah notification you're getting notifications from my computer how does that bother me as long as i can still use my computer but i care if you're getting notifications you're the one getting them i'm not getting notification what do i care if you're getting notifications i'm not getting them you are all right so thank you for your precious time how agreed well i just wanted to [Laughter] of all the things i said that that's the one that's gonna make him hang up oh i probably could have kept him going a little bit longer i should have sorry guys hello hi this is jd calling from healthcare how are you today good how are you i'm good god bless you sir oh thank you i believe you have medicine a and b what what oh i pushed my luck was that right salam i like him i don't know that that was an instant angle oh i don't know why that just popped in my head i'm recording i don't know if you could hear that my wife is making comments over there she says she says because you wanted to lick him okay la la la la
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