Confusing a Medicare Scammer

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is this a scammer well i don't really know but it was an unwanted call [Music] this is probably the most confused i ever made another person let's have some fun [Music] hello hi this is jd calling from healthcare how are you today i'm good thank you how are you i'm good sir thank you for asking god bless you look how you have medicare yes great sir uh sir this is just call for the verification do you pay for your medicine description sometimes do you pay so yeah there's like a copay sometimes exactly that's the reason we are calling sir so now you don't have to pay now it's completely going to be free now on the same medicare plan oh that's correct that's why we are calling to inform you great thank you goodbye now we're all done right uh hello you've been able to hear me sir yes yes you you said that we're that i don't have to pay for my meds anymore yeah yeah i was just saying that thank you for informing me of that and i'm just saying goodbye now because i know you inform me thank you okay no no okay are you busy so no are you busy so we can call later no i'm not busy okay and because uh actually if you uh just need to inform you that so now you don't have to pay for the copay the license agent from your own state now he will send you the letter so next time you don't have to pay for the copy sir this is just all for the verification sir uh sir can you please tell me your zip code five digit zip code please sure uh what do you got listed and who are you looking for too by the way i don't say because the details which i will take that the license agency will mention you on the letter the zip code and your name well you got my name right no no sir no sir oh oh how how do you know who you're talking to no actually sir we have your numbers those who are having medicare we have the contact number and we are calling one by one to everyone if someone those who are praying so we are informing that so now in future the drugs for the hospital bills or for eye glasses now it's completely it's on the medicare oh okay sometimes some faith sometimes i'm pay paying 40 50 for the copay so now they don't have to pay that much oh i appreciate that that's awesome that's awesome yeah yes that's the reason we are taking the details like just the zip code and the name okay i see okay here's my zip code all right sure okay and your first and your first theme sir is danny d-a-n yes okay sir anything else you are paying so please do let me know because whatever if you're paying till now in future now you don't have to pay yeah you pay except for the copay are you paying anything so yeah yeah i'm paying or just only you paying for profit no i have to pay a monthly fee so your age is 60 your age is 60 let's see okay mr dancer now please don't disconnect the line the license agent from your own state now he will give you and for the medicine drugs for the free benefit please don't disconnect the line sir okay thank you for calling calls may be monitored and recorded for quality assurance hi this is eric on a recording line again medicare parts a and b no hello hello how are you doing you don't no okay are you turning 65 in the next six months no okay are you interested in medicare options no not really somebody was talking to me about your insurance they're talking to me about car insurance and they pass me over to you oh okay about car insurance yeah said my warranty was running out i mean i'm sorry i said car insurance i meant car warranty somebody was talking to me about car warranty and they passed me over to you and that's interesting were you trying to find out about your warranty or no no they called me and told me my warranty was running out and then they transferred me over to you well that's very interesting i'm sorry about that you take care and enjoy the rest of your day okay okay thank you thank you bye i wonder if this guy went and called the first caller and asked him what is going on oh how i'd love to hear that conversation like and subscribe [Music] and leave a comment la la la la you
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Published: Tue Jan 12 2021
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