Scammer is Frantic when I Fake a Heart Attack

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what would make me hang up on a scammer it was nothing they said it was something i said i left this gamer frantic so scared for my well-being i bet you i had her reconsidering her life choices let's have some social fun administration how can i help you yeah i just got a call from you guys and i don't know why they said something about what was that call about it what was that about it said my social security number was being suspended due to fraudulent activity i don't you received any email regarding this no no emails did you receive it no it's not my answer machine all right you have received a voicemail right yes let me just verify your details first well help me with your first and last name okay this is thomas katner p h o m a s how do you spell your last name k-a-t-n-e-r all right so uh mr thomas could you please verify me on social number one you need the whole thing or just uh last four digits all right well mr thomas what i can see over here in my system you know the reason you are connected today was to inform you regarding some legal enforcement action has been filed with your identity we have found some suspicious criminal activities like money laundering drug trafficking legal addresses registration illegal assets registration are there involved in your name and your social number so we have received the order to suspend your social right at this present moment and suspending your social media or yeah all the credentials which are linked with your social number would be getting seized and freezed now just because you know we have checked your past recalls as well so there was no such criminal activity we have found that is the reason only reason we have tried to reach you so that like your opinion would be very convenient to us for the investigation you know so what do you see about this case do you know anything about this do you have any idea no i just heard about it just mail and i don't know anything except for what you're telling me this is all a mystery oh well i will do one thing i will just explain each and everything like towards you just let me know if you can identify those things or not okay so uh just because this is a case in the state of texas like each and every information each and every activities illegal activities are being going on in the state of taxes i need to ask you first have you ever visited texas before no i don't think i've ever been to texas and do you know anybody that texts very frequently i don't know all right and have you ever lost your wallet or your mobile phone or any personal credentials before in the past i don't think i ever do that now i'm sorry i don't think i ever did that no all right so have you ever shared any kind of personal details to anybody like your friends family you know and your colleagues of any banks loan company credit card company on any online store or any portal online portal have you ever like entered or have you ever shared your details yeah yeah when i rented a car you have rented a car and you have given your like social number you have given to them as well yeah yeah you need to when you rent a car you need to give that social security number out no no of course not because social number is only for the government you know the government identity of yours from which you can get the benefits of government right so it's only your personal thing yes they can verify it only for the last four digits just like us but they don't need that you know because nobody need your like anybody's personal details rather than this social security number of course not yeah they must be needed your contact number your name or rather details but not social numbers however when did you like share this thing that's all good information see that's what i thought but they told me they couldn't rent it out to me unless i did that so i went out and bought my own cash i said i didn't know i needed to do that that you need all my information right now it's surprising no like it might be possible right your information has been compromised from themselves right like just because you are telling me that you do not know anything about this you do not have any idea about this case yeah i don't know nothing about it and just because we have also checked your testicles and there was no such criminal activity in your past record so we can suspect that it might be it might be somebody else who has told a new identity and doing this kind of criminal activities against your name well i'll do one thing i will like give you the explanation before doing that i need to tell you like as per law right now this call is being recorded in a five ways conference by the department of homeland security federal trade of commission and use martial services for the legal purposes okay each and everything you would be speaking on this recorded line that would be considered as true and will scan as a verbal proof of purely courthouse which may or may not go against you is that clear yeah yeah so uh like according to the federal investigation report let me tell you there are three allegations against your name illegal addresses are registered with your name illegal assets illegal cars got rented with your name along with that money laundering charge is there against your name and third one most dangerous case that is what money laundering under pcs of 1631c all right i will be explaining each and every case towards you but before going ahead i would be verifying your date of birth once verify your date of birth okay it's 12 23 79 what is your current zip code you need just a zip code or though or my uh no no no only these reports only support okay one two nine four six this is the only one zip code you are having under your name yeah i only live in one place completely sure about that because i have the information i believe we have the information that there are two more addresses two more addresses that you are registered with your name along with your social number in the state of texas rather than the new york no no no no you own any property in the state of texas no no i've never been to texas all right i will do one thing i will just do i will just do one thing i will just read out the address from my system listen to them very carefully and let me know if you can identify those addresses or not all right okay so the first address is one two four five east sixteenth avenue houston texas seven seven oh nine can you identify this address i don't know mail that address i never have all right another group we have that is 7602 money free drive el paso texas seven seven seven 009 can you identify this address i don't mail that address either uh these two addresses like these two properties belongs to you from 2020 october 26 all right so i have more sensitive information about this case but before that i want you to get my details first so do you have a piece of paint and paper with you sure do all right so uh write down my name so that you can get assured that you are taking to the social security administration right you should have the assurance that you are speaking to the correct person right now uh write down mining no write down my name my identity my name you're all right so that you will be yeah okay not my name your name my name is officer it's my name i'm asking for like you need to get assured that you are speaking to the correct person whatever information you are saying like you are speaking you are like sharing the information to the legal way right so first of all write down my name it's mary sanders m say it again m a r r y mary mary mary okay i got it yes i got it mary and my last name is sanders s-a-n-d-e-r-s sanders sanders i got all right now in the next line now in the next line write down my federal budget number as per my identity my badge id number as 60502 605.02 charlie t has ct tom okay t isn't my name so we're back to my name could you verify me my federal bag id number yes it's 605 o2 ct yeah now in the next line write down the case id number which got registered against uni the case id number is t as in tom x as an x-ray 7010 okay so that's t all right seven zero one zero correct correct now let me tell you here we have found a car july 31st 2020 we have found a car from the southern border of texas and the car was in the model of toyota corolla okay toyota car was in the color of white white in color and tv number is 982071 all right so we have this car from the southern border of texas and we have found some blood and dark phrases inside this car mary director i'm sorry remember i told you i gave out my information to the car rental that's what i rented a toyota corolla it was the car rental place that must be using my name wrong and uh like did you know to the win number that no i don't know that v-i-n number no no what is the what was the color of the numbers all right so uh what was the color well i rented two different ones at two different times i rented a white one one time and then i rented a black one another time what color is it when did you rent it when did you rented the white toyota like on which day do you remember that i don't remember the exact day it was like i rented it for a year no like i rented it for like a whole year 2020 the black one was in 2020 but now i've got my own i bought my own toyota all right all right so you have rented that white toyota corolla right i did so we have found some blood we have found some blood and truck traces inside that car and for the further investigation we got to know this car got rented under uni so you have a video that you have rented a car and another one information we are having right now that's like uh we have the papers and documents which are confirming that you are using more than 15 bank accounts under your name with your social number locally and internationally your accounts are being operated with each 16 credit cards 13 debit cards are there allotted with that account so is it true right now it is yes yes so it is is it a true information we are having are you using 15 bank accounts under your name no right now i only got one only one so 15 bank accounts are not yours 15 why would i need 15 yes there are that is what is suspicious to us you know we have also checked your recall so that is what we have tried to issue that is this information the correct information are you operating these bank accounts or not so you are not right right i'm not all right so uh let me just tell you we have like we have the documents which are like which are telling us that there are more than 15 credit cards and 13 debit cards are allotted with these accounts and more plan more than 500 000 has been weird from these accounts locally and internationally basically from the nordica property countries like mexico colombia you know jamaica china so have you ever like have you ever noticed any kind of project you know for your activities with your account with your personal own account no no i didn't we have the recipient name as well you know from the mexico we have the recipient in the name of julian ramirez who has done the transaction last you know like 31st of 30th 31st of november and the name of julian ramirez do you know this person no no i don't know that another person we have in the name of john rubio gonzalez who has done the transaction from your account to their account do you know this person john rubio gonzalez i know some some person called john but the last name i don't know but everybody knows somebody named john i don't know john's last name all right so do you suspect anybody who can steal your identity and do this kind of you know like illegal things to take revenge on you do you have any suspect on anybody yeah sure do it's kind of coincidental the car rental you told me that i didn't need my whole social security number they got it i rented a white car from them and then you're telling me there's a white car rented within that time and it's got blood on it so they'll prob that's gonna show up on a white car so they're probably gonna send me a cleaning bill because that's going to show up a lot white unread like that well that's going to show up well but just because you know you are the primary suspect mr thomas like we have like this investigation is going on since like the investigation is uh like is being done since the last eight months like all right so we are trying to we are trying to reach up the real culprit we are trying to reach up the real culprit but just because your name is associated with this case we need to verify you first because you are the primary suspect of us so uh what do you say like are you willing to hope for to resolve this case with us because your opinion you know does matter to us yeah i'm sorry yeah so you are completely cooper you will cooperate with us right or no you what i will do you know just hold down the line i will just update all these details from your site i will just update this thing that this person is not knowing anything without her without his knowledge you know but this kind of activities are going on so he might be he is suspecting he is suspecting somebody so he might be a victim of identity recep he might be a victim of this case might be so just because we are not sure because we cannot trust anybody right until and unless this investigation stopped so you just hold on from for a moment i am just i'm like going ahead and transferred all these details and update all these videos to the courthouse let's see what what can we do for you okay hold on for a moment i'm just getting back to you all right okay hello mr promise are you there yes i am mr thomas i have updated these details from your site to the courthouse but the thing is you know just because wallet has already been issued and cancelling your warrant is just not a easy task i must say all right so i'm getting arrested i'm getting arrested look of course yes in between next 48 hours we need to catch up the real culprit or else you can get rid of her so we will be trying to if you are in awesome if you are not guilty we will try to help you out so but before going ahead uh before going ahead i need to verify some of your details because one of the officers from the drug enforcement administration just because this is a drug enforcement case you know he will be talking to you regarding this case and he would be authorized legally legally handling this case from your side but before proceeding ahead just because all these you know we there are various very strength assets illegally registered with your name we need to differentiate we need to differentiate which is that is basically belongs to you and belongs to the culprit am i clear so i will be asking some of your djs you just help me with the information that you can identify or not i will just shortly pull up the asset verification form and then transfer this case okay oh my god i can't believe i'm getting arrested oh me and you're gonna arrest me mr thomas mr thomas mr thomas this investigation is going on this is a recorded line think twice before seeing anything all right so uh first of all let me just re-verify your date of birth once it's 12 23 79 is that correct oh my god hello i'm gonna faint i feel like i'm gonna faint i'm getting arrested miss thomas i need to verify some of your details so your date of birth is 12 23.79 is that correct oh i'm feeling faint i think i gotta sit down do not panic mr thomas if you are innocent if you are not guilty we will be trying to help you out but without your cooperation we would not be able to do that so uh help me with the verification your date of birth is 1243.79 is that correct yes yes it's my date of birth all right all right yeah you are having legally you are you are having legally one two nine four six is that your zip code currency correct just give me a second my heart hurts oh seat aside seated drink water then talk to me i am holding the line seat aside drink water take your time then talk to me your opinion does matter to us we are trying to help you all right drink water and then talk to me i feel like i'm gonna faint so [Music] hello mr thomas hello hello mr thomas are you there hello mr thomas hello thomas thomas hello am i audible to you ah what happened yeah mr thomas are you okay hello yeah mr thomas are you okay who's this hello social security administration we we are having a talk with that what happened hello hello you can hear me yes i hear you can you hear me all right so yeah are you okay yeah i'm okay all right who is this so it's mary from the social security administration what's this paper here here's a piece of paper written down yeah you have you have note on the details right about the case what we were talking about i guess i don't know i i don't know what happened who are you i believe you have you have noted down the case id number while you're screaming i hear you fine i wrote down some some stuff i don't know what this says all right so uh read it out for me what you have written it written down we were having a talk with you mr thomas about the case what has been registered with your name are you mary are you mary sanders yes you're speaking to mary sanders was i talking to you yes i think i fainted and i hit my head i don't know what happened all right so uh there's blood coming out i got blood all over my carpet we were talking about the case which got registered with your name money laundering and drug trafficking we were talking about this case from your social number one my social number yes your social number got misused you have told me that from your rented car you know when you have rented your car your social got compromised from there i do find so number one okay um you want the whole thing or just the last four yeah i i want the whole thing okay i probably already told you i don't remember it's uh zero six nine five eight one one seven nine uh-huh all right so one one seven nine is the last four does it right yes yes all right yeah so we were we were having a talk about your case mr thomas possibly you got things about that you know because we have the respondent against your neem is as soon as i have told you you know you just stopped so right now are you okay what are you doing now i'm wrapping my head right now i feel okay though wait wait a minute and talk to me okay so what i will be doing you know i i have all your all your details right now all your details we are having okay what's this case what's going on i don't wh what happened what's going on you have you you have written down your case id number right i wrote some bunch of yeah yes i wrote this i'm gonna have to let you go i don't know what's going on i gotta go to the doctors i think i need stitches i'm gonna have to do that one again click like and subscribe and stay tuned for the more more videos la la la la
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