Being Obnoxious to Refund Scammers (animated)

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[Music] this is the certified apartment how may I assist you I'm not sure your number was on my caller ID what's going on sir this is the refund Department of Microsoft Windows and Apple okay so when you bought the computer when you buy whenever you buy the computer on that time we have Charles to you some extra money for the security and the maintenance of your computer okay so that's why we're calling you today because our company's closing down our license has expired that's why we are you finding that money back to you okay oh okay I guess so right now you have to fill up a refund form from your reign to receive this money okay how much money am I getting so by our information sir last time you we have charged you $399 okay for the security and maintenance of your computer so you are going to receive this money sir when we do this that's one and half year ago sir you have paid that I wonder if one of my kids or my wife did that maybe it's not on my computer yes sir this is about your computer because you have paid that amount here it might be from one of my kids computers does not matter sir okay it's good Oreos it's not matter it's only matter is about that because it's your money that you are going to receive okay I'll get it back even though it was one of theirs sorry I'll get it back you know it might have been one of them okay as a race so if you want to receive this money right now so you need to fill up a refund application form from your end okay and after that you can receive this money so you don't need like you don't need my wife to do this and right I can do this myself even though it was probably her yeah okay yes sir you won't tell her about it alright so I can keep it myself beg your pardon I'm gonna do this and I want to keep the money myself you won't tell her right sir it's your money sir you and your wife so you can fill up the form I'm a generation I want to keep it for myself though it's your sir it's almost you so you can use whatever purpose you can use that yours okay okay you want to tell your wife or not it's totally up to you okay whose computer is that it's my wife's life here white web computer yes but you must use that sometime use that computer nice once in a great while she's on it most of time but she's not here right now so we're good yes so you can do that if you want yeah okay okay great are you in front of a computer right now yeah I have a look on your keyboard left hand side down it's same corner you can see Foursquare logo key yes I see the Windows key I think that's what you're trying to describe yeah just so you know for future sense the key next to the ctrl key with the four flags on it that's called the Windows key you probably didn't know I know that sir Microsoft key yes yeah you know it's known as a Microsoft key Windows key the four logo scratch is the four flag windows kavita's indicate that to the users okay okay so you can see the Microsoft key and you have to press the Microsoft key from one finger and press letter R R as a dropper to pay doesn't matter what fingers are use our eyes and Robert Romeo I attend Romeo okay we have to save support yes there's w-w-w dot okay hottie as in tango she has an eco deity as in tango yeah he has an eco say as an au choix did you steai XD e he has entangled he as an eco he has an alpha as an mother okay v as in victor hurry i as an indiana okay he has an eco sorry Debbie was in whiskey sorry II as an equal R as in rabbit teamviewer calm yes right now I'm connected with my peripheral Department okay I have to click okay so now what come up in his crane I was asking you do I have to click okay now yes click on okay I didn't want to jump ahead okay so a web page loaded up says TeamViewer you can see the brain box yeah you can see that green box download now download now yeah yeah you can see the green box the middle of the page I see yeah yeah you have to click on that download now okay I clicked it yeah it is downloading now nothing's downloading yeah sorry nothing is downloading yeah okay it's prompted to download TeamViewer setup.exe yeah you have to open that that double left click on that that's an executable file just double left click on that open that file okay I'm not opening a file I don't know what this is I find some computers she's gonna be mad at me mortos up her computer uh no no so let me tell you it's not like that okay this is the secure form which are going to open okay because right now we are providing you the secure from the 3d secure form okay so we will provide you the password you have to put that password okay then you can connect with our refund department and we will be verified that after that you'll be get that money okay I have no idea what TeamViewer setup is you're telling me one time of your complete perfect stranger it's an executable file it could be a virus for all I know no no let me tell it's not a while sorry you are you are talking with the genuine person with the genuine limited company okay like this is a recorded line for the Best Business Bureau and that's why you don't need to worry about anything because we are here to help you this is your computer for the Badger what does that mean what does that mean this is a real what does that male detective this is a quality check this is the qua for the quality check ok this is a recorded line sir ok I was shot and I would like you to listen to my question and then I would like you to answer my question what does that mean epinet sorry Mia okay you're gonna let me ask a question now Chloe are you gonna let me ask a question now are you gonna keep interrupting me okay sorry ah all right what does that mean bye this is for the Better Business Bureau are you working for the Better Business Bureau so we are the associated with them okay okay what does that have to do with the Better Business Bureau what is this file have to believe you're happier so you don't have to do anything like that okay you can hear the associated with them but this is the recorded line for the security for the quality check okay so that's why so you don't need to worry we are not asking anything like that and if a confidential information over the phone because we are not authorized for that this is the simplified you have to open that this is a password protected form okay and which you'll be get and you have to fill up that okay what is it - so you have to double left-click on that what will it do when I double click it so what are the options here I'm gonna help me out I'm asking you what will it do if I double click it so that you will be open that file after that you can see the option there run save you yeah I see where I can open save or cancel if I click open what will it do it'll install something what will install no you have to run that file ok why do you're not installing anything like that who's this sorry who's this TeamViewer so right now I'm connected I will explain you sir right I'm just going to connected with my secure server ok and after that we will provide you the 3d secure form this is a password protected form which will be received that and you have to fill up that form ok I know but I want to know about this TeamViewer setup what does it do so it is the way which you can connect with our server we are going to connect you with our server our secure servers of Microsoft Windows ok will that give you a going destroy computer sorry well that if you say you're not providing in it you you are not giving any access okay because right now I will give you my ID and password okay and you will be control our server simply sir you have to fill up a different form and nothing else and you are not giving any access to anyone for a kind information okay as I told you that this is a you recorded line okay so we are not authorized to ask you anything like that provide or receive remote support instantly install TeamViewer full version on your computer then enter your clients TeamViewer ID and password to connect to other device that sounds to me like it gives you access to my computer you just lied to me sure let me tell you sir it's not like that since we are providing our ID in this is the website right oh this is what it says so right now I'm going to connect with my county partner our secure server okay and this is the way which you can go with us with them okay so that's why and we are not taking any access because right now I will provide you my ID and password so you don't need to worry we are not authorized to ask you any of your confidential information over the phone okay and you are not giving any access like that because you if you are giving you if you let me tell you if you are giving any password and your ID but right now we are providing it to you our ID and password okay so you can control our thurber that's not what this says sorry that's not what this says it's a computer name and access password for the remote computer I think you're trying to gain access so I would provide it Amaya no sir let me tell you this is the secure server which we are going to connect with Maya server okay I'm going to come as I told you I'm going to connect you with my server secure server as I told you this is a possible issue song that's why this is how the money to me that would be a lot easier just paper hello to me let me explain it to you so as I told you as I realize I was told you like our company license has expired right and our company's closing down that's why we are you finding that money to you okay so we are not authorized to do PayPal or check anything like that okay it's not possible for us that's why we are finding that money I you you'll be get that money by the way I don't think that PayPal would stop you from sending me PayPal funds we are we are not at right for that rat I told you because our company is closing down we are running out of the business from us that's why you only would trust you to send money to me is that what you're saying that you're not good enough standing let me tell you sir we are not because our license has expired as I told you what I'm telling you our license I expired that so we are not authorized for that that's why I'm like anybody can use PayPal I don't even have a company and I can PayPal money I don't have a company I can PayPal money you can pay pal me much some money but you are not let me tell you let me tell you sir sir our company's closing down your company's open now right so - oh you're using that you are using that like if we will this end of purple it's not possible because this is a business taking account okay anybody can use a business or not you can just PayPal me the money so as I told your license expired okay so right now I'm going to connect you with my Accounts Department so you do need to worry okay just hold on I'm just answering this call to my pure manager okay to my manager just hold on a sec okay I don't know he wanted thank you for calling deep on the bottom little Jack the senior man shouting AHA Malby Jack Jack Oh Jack Wilson the senior manager three from the pardon and how may I help you sir Jack Wilson's you can paint help me my friends I suppose can you send that to Dallas at PayPal it to that email address so first you need to have pulled upon two more company when you fill that form over there there will be an options how you want the money from my company do you want from PayPal or form an online class of a bacterium card it will be your choice whatever selections you make on the trip is now that's da-ay i dallas at I just worry to that writer sir I do understand that but before that you have to fill the form on your computer and submit it back to our company so that we can process the money over there only I'm willing to fill out a form I'm just not willing to install software that will give you access to my computer that last person that I was talking to lie to me and said that it won't give you access but I'm reading Rachel a team of your website it does give you access are you gonna let her me and say the same thing sir I am first of all sir until we don't get the verification that we are processing the money to the same customers if you don't get the access and we don't verify that that license we can't process the money T okay we'll give me a website that I don't have to install software just get a website and fill out a form copy I can do PHP or Java anything you want just I don't want to install software because I don't know who you are sir via the theme existing companies of same technician company of your computer sir whom you paid for yardie malware protection and jump clean up you paid for your McAfee remember Papa no I have never used McAfee McAfee yeah McAfee McAfee is a devil as far as I'm concerned I like Norton Norton AntiVirus that's what I always use McAfee is Zoo is uh the devil as far as I'm there they're the opposite of them I do understand that sir until you don't connect with the Accounts Department we can't process the money tisha so because we are so not the only person who is getting the refund from our company there are lakhs of customers whom we are dealing with right and we are processing their money back as you know that there is a better there is a law and Better Business Bureau if the company stopped the services to this customer within the warranty period then the company and then the company need to refund the money back to the Tara so that's why you are getting this calls okay um I understand I mean with that I don't remember ever having a service with you maybe my wife dead I don't know so it means you are not the authorised person right your wife was the authorised person so I know she's not here right now okay so when she will be there just let her to give a give a call to us so then we can probe her and get the confirmation on the phone so that we can process the money to a paper okay she just she's pulling in right now just give her second she's parking the car in the garage hang on a second you listen to the sound of my voice imagine a clock listen to the ticking tick-tick-tick you are feeling relaxed eyes are getting heavy [Music] you are getting sleepy wake up now click that subscribe button Emma wants you to leave a comment you [Music]
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