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why do these tech scammers keep calling me they must know by now I'm not gonna comply let's have some fun [Music] hello yes how do you get your name Wow yes can you hear me yes I'm speaking - yes yes non-core okay thanks I'm back okay sir all right Lecter you remember or you paid money for the computer service well we have to leave on that money so just take it and leave a different future hey yeah you told me that I am at my computer right now that's why I grabbed my cellphone I grabbed a cellphone and I walked great right to the computer not tell me for what do you see on the computer fluid well is kind of dark right now I mean I didn't know it's when it's all if it's kind of like that okay I didn't know okay I'm turning it on right now yeah give it a okay it's on oh I like that SSD solid state highway they blew it up fast don't they but yes or no do you see any I can over there with the gue really grow I get so many icons here I don't see Google Chrome you see with Nathan Beauty on the computer screen oh I see Adobe Photoshop and audacity and Vegas Pro and Inkscape and audio control panel and programs and half-life and ultra street and ultimate I mean Unreal Tournament 3 Black Edition and I see steam and I say see Inkscape oh I think I set that one already yeah and I see FTP server and I see you WinRAR rare I see Windows Media Player I see Microsoft Access I see Microsoft Word I see Mozilla Firefox I see windows fax and scan I see XPS viewer I see [Music] Python 2.7 and Oh a classic and below yes yes okay just tell me he's insecure and what Internet Explorer no I don't use that I use Google Chrome click on the Google Chrome Oh Google Club oh there it is I didn't see the icon at first but there it is Google Chrome okay okay Google Chrome is over now look on the top of the page do you see a long address bar over there I do you have to type in there you you el-tee are a not what either well google searched a bunch of stuff in the first search results as teams your remote desktop yeah but that's not necessary what are we gonna do over the top search says TeamViewer remote desktop but I was just saying that's not necessary we don't need to I don't need to give you no access viewers ultra viewer okay that's a second search thing there is as ultra viewer which also says remote control software remote access software yeah but you're not trying to take control of my computer right - oh we are just cancelling of the subscription because also have you ready the soccer which will go ahead and cancel of the description from the way okay but you won't try to take control computer right good because that's what the scams we are talking with your own computer company so you don't need to tell for your market for citing or not saying okay I feel a lot better knowing that now good good good good did you want me to click that ultra viewer link yep okay I click that how it is he well brought me to the page shown how this software is used to control my computer what you can see over there so I told you you can see also your remote control software I told you to give a click on it and I did and about me - there's page and it's explaining how to control you can see the blue color page with more info and a green color ball which says download can you see that yeah yeah it makes it so you can download this offer to to allow yes so now you have to do a click on the green color box that says download the gray but you said you weren't gonna try to take control of my computer are you failing to me like I'm glad you made it you said yes sir you are trying to take control of my sorry I cannot hear you well I cannot hear you for that the reason I see you yes oh so when you don't know what the other person says you're gonna just agree like I respond to you I've given you the reform yes sir tell me sir like what is the problem yes sir I'm responding to you yes sir problem okay it says here that it is remote control software which is to take control of my computer and you're telling me you're not gonna do that and why would you even bother having me download it because sir this is a software which will go ahead and post cancel the subscription and after that our billing manager is the person who will go ahead and give you the call since the cancellation will be completed well why do you like and why why do you need to take control of my computer to uh refund my money I'm not sure on why the services which we have provided you into the computer right now has been provided by our company but that services is no more longer in your computer the services has been got expiring 102 minimum 180 services has been worth dropped in your computer when did you including me service like two to three days ago so that's the reason we need to go ahead and cancel of the subscription because if we promise that we'll take care of your computer for a long time but at this point of time so we cannot go ahead and give you the service anymore in future so you need to understand the process because we are working in the office and we need to go ahead and follow some rule and regulation Hey and what's your name my name is John Oh John John just one name that's so odd night in John Walker Oh John Walker okay all right III didn't know I didn't know if it was something like like cher is or my father is a fair you know that my father is it there your father's is already in no one to know correct ah that's know about my family more you want my details join my office number you might late and there we will he does to you know I should I glad to see you but your father know why because we're working because they're in the middle of the something sir well you know my whole name you know my wife's name and all I did is ask you your name and then you told me half of your it's not unreasonable dude it's not unreasonable to know who you're talking to because her you're talking your own computer peoples and we have each and every details of this you don't need to pace worry about now just give a click on download' sir and after giving a click on download do you see at the left hand bottom corner of the screen which says also viewers setup.exe you're presuming too much sorry you're presuming too much you're very presumptuous you said after I click download or see what do you mean after I click download do I see I I didn't see anything if I don't click download do we have it establish that uh that you weren't gonna try to get a control of my computer but it sounds like you are in your role so Louise John right because I made love to something this tells me because I had lots of customer to kill you oh you do wha maybe you should help them out correct sir so just tell me sir click on download' you see at the left hand down bottom corner of the screen which says Ultra V was setup.exe can you see that there you go again being all presumptuous just assuming that I'm gonna click that download I can't believe you think I'm gonna click that download you told me you're not gonna try to take control of my computer but you want me to click download and of course run this software to take control of my computer because this is a software this will go ahead and cancel of the subscription because last time also we have provided user services and we have got connected with your other server you're not a technician so you need to understand the thing our company's failure and our technicians we therefore your health so why are you getting worried this isn't worried lighter why and why you people you're talking to your own computer people don't get worried if it is getting worried and everything will be getting suspicious I'm just scared is all be scared doing good I'm there for your health okay so don't get worried about anything people around you can take it yes sir I am there for your health and I will be there for the at the end of that call when you will be hanging at the call every day also happy with your money and that is we are also happy with my job okay I imagine you will be collector so after giving download do you see ultraviolet setup.exe there ya go again vo present to us over and over and over presumptuous and figuring that I'll click it you're presumptuous I'm figuring that I'm not a technician you have no idea if I'm a technician what if you did call a technician I might not be just sorry how do you know I'm not a technician I'm not just this really gorgeous pretty face you know I might be technician tool you're just wasting my time you taking me to waste on you sir how do you know you're not wasting my time I might be playing my time okay I was just tell me you wonder if and money back or not I got you know Emily oh I want my money back okay can you tell you on a page can you tell me when I paid you this ooh I hadn't told you that just hold on let me go okay okay thank you mr. Walker do you prefer to be called John or Jonathan or Johnny no just bowling John okay I kind of wanted to say here Shelley you know let me say it like that right Johnny fives alive hello yes you big deal I failed last year what was the date on that I mean the man thought beer brewery Oh last year in February what that's been over a year so maybe Hornell my subscription for you only no you said last year just just five seconds ago you said last year you didn't say this year you said oh I make it you confuse I'm very very sorry I'm very sorry what was your name again I forgot your Walker John Walker what's your father do like now you're making me angry sorry I didn't mean to do that no don't be mad because then if you get mad you will you probably cheat me and not give me all of my refund and I want all of it no just would be on the grill I see ultra viewer more info and there's this green thing that I did not click says download no no that's that's for you to could take control on my computer I already told you I'm not doing that you gotta find a way to give me money right then you hang up the car I'm not hang up called you hang up you mother you son of a you're just wasting my time you don't have to me listen John mr. John you don't talk to me like that you treat me with the respect I deserve so sir we are not treating her like that because I'm just talking with us 17 minutes in 17 minutes everything was done there's a refund result completed and the everything was completed in 17 minutes but you're just wasting my time so you have to land it right on your head if you keep up this attitude I'll fly spaceship and land it right on your head I can do it let me go ahead and take a cup of water yeah yeah calm down so we can get through this we can do it just don't say anything I'm having a glass of water okay okay you putting anything in that water like kool-aid or anything just keep like I'm just having a chilled glass of water this oh okay oh that sounds good put a little lemon in it tastes better with lemon lemon and some ice maybe a little salt in it no why would you put salt in it we don't believe in that electrolyte thing well okay lemon oh okay I'm back okay did you enjoy your water oh that's good you don't have to go wee-wee now do you because you don't have to go wee-wee because you had some water maybe you have to go wee-wee now you go you go pee pee in the potty you're a big boy all right you don't go wee-wee in your pants you're a big boy you go peepee in the potty okay party Oh your big boy no we already established that you're not taking control of my computer you are just taking I'm what daddy talk to you right yes okay let me go get her he wants to talk to you [Music] hello can you hear me yes ma'am I can hear you oh I'm fine where are you from Constable's I would only an autograph turn on it on my yet I do not understand your language so here United States you
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