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[Music] these clowns called me at home but to make things easier to record I decided to call them back let's have some fun hello yes I'm looking for max Miller this is Tom at this is max Miller sir my name is Jeffrey Viviano okay I think we were just awesome all right haha yep so we have called you for the refund so actually we have told you that the services are not working well there's a reason we are calling you to refund okay and first of all what we have to do mr. Manoel we have to connect you to the refund department and my refund Department will refund your money whatever you have paid in our company my refund department will refund you to you hey I paid something to you guys I remember yep for your feet that's what we have called it a refund because of services are not working and we are out there for a business that's what Rudin to call you and to refund the money you can I do believe for you at your computer you're at your home right now yes yes you talk about the escort services right haha right the right I've got enough left rightful okay we are we are we are just part out of our business okay the sir of the services are not working okay like we are not able to provide a services because we are 15 200 country so we are not able to provide you a service that's that were reason we are defining the money oh so hand and I do believe I should yeah yeah yeah just come at your country to one firm we have to check the service will buy a buy a vine the schematic computer well well if she still coming over you are providing me the services Janine is still coming over here haha I am asking you to come at your computer to I know but I'm asking you a question too and I asked first I just want an answer is Janine still coming over haha yes oh yes which the services which we provided her are not working the Kayla therapy v is not working well in pure computer so we have to check the services that the third battle working or not or if the phablet is not working we will refund the money to you okay oh the dating service task or service to me yeah the ASCO service that service working on Nord we have to check right now right Abby okay okay so that would be in front of the computer let me know okay in front of the computer well if she comes over Yanni comes over then what does that have to do with my computer of Jeanne comes over you have to click on Google Chrome well we will crew we have well Chrome I think we're having a lack of communication I don't think you're understanding my words standing them all right so there's B and hold I'm passing this quad mercy is provided okay he will assist you in better way okay all right okay just beyond who's have this beautiful to give me a second okay hello yes PS Aruna first James Martin Phinney supervisor on the flow this is Eric Edward probably didn't today um good James McGregor yes changed my mood so let me know sir what's the problem you are talking with my colleague what you're reading that but he was saying that money escort services were being cancelled to enginee but Janine is still coming over and if she's still coming over it and how is it canceled that's like he didn't watch daily he said my services were canceled and I said my escort services and he said yes and then I asked if Janine was still coming over he said yeah so I don't understand what he means is canceled if she's still coming over yes but yes car you're talking about my date the dating service that's who this is right you your dating service oh girl - [ __ ] I'll tell you it yes so you're talking about your dating service right yes that's who you are right cuz that's what mr. Miller said that's what max Miller said when I asked him that he said yes no we are not talking about your Scott servicer we are talking about the services which we had given on your computer to fix the computer problems oh are you guys like in two different departments were not any to discipline Department we are not from the two different department he is just with the communication you have problem communicating problem he didn't understand that he thought that your we are talking about the east core services which we had given on the computer he calls his course was I mean yeah that that fit that the service for the computer which I didn't understand that you are talking about the Scott service there's nothing about the dating service via via the computer guy we are talking about the computer maintenance thing but you said East Coast whoa what is that he cross e cross B cross yeah he cross what does that mean a crosswalk that the software name oh it crosses a software named yeah okay so so what can I do for every we are talking about we where take we are talking about the refund of your money which you paid in our company to fix your computer problems and for the computer maintenance okay what can I do for you I I should say what can you do for me yeah I have to refund you the money and I have to cancel the services as well so can you please be in front of the computer so I can help you with your phone.i I'm not gonna accept a refund you are bound by the contract we have you have to keep fixing my computer I do not accept what you're trying to pull you have we have a contract for two years you have to fix my computer that's a contract that's the no you're not getting in the contract in the contract there is also written over there but if the services will not work properly it can get a refund you can ask for a refund but if you didn't ask for a refund but we are giving you the refund of your money because what happens here the software's are not supporting in your computer and right now we do not have a new version of software start which can work and we not we are not thinking only about your power company and the money we are talking about your computer also if we will delay if we will delay to tell you that your softwares are not working or if you will delay to fix that problems and to inform you to take a service from different company after getting money from my company the reason so that's that that will not good okay so that's the reason we are calling you to make you aware about that your software switch we have given that is not running not protecting your computer anymore that's why you need to get back to your money just receive your money and call to different companies and get your service no their computer no no I am holding you to the contract we have we have a contract my computer's working good you will continue to give me service you are not getting out of this contract I'm holding you to the contract oh yes you're not getting out of this you're gonna continue to fix my manatee serve we are following the law sir you need to understand we are following the law you trying I am NOT able to prou we are we are not able to provide you the services that's why we are offending you the money before you asking me you you didn't ask me for refund I'm giving you the refund I do not know sir that favor nope you accept how we're going to continue to serve I am not accepting it your computer needs to be fixed you are gonna keep fixing it you will follow that contract huh sir we cannot continue the contract sir our software's are not updating and they are not working in your computer we apologize for it I wanna show three forgiving you know what I mean no the computer the computer is running good but you don't think here's the softest which we had given that is not properly running into the computer we can see from here it's always send an error report in our company that the softest which we have given that's not protecting your computer anymore wait let me tell you like your money sir let me check that's true okay I'm booting up McAfee right now no says the nearest I just got a McAfee update and it says that I am protected and that's what you guys installed was McAfee so no your you guys and that's working great do you remember when you sold me McAfee you install it you made me pay for it but I accepted that that bill I'm not letting you uninstall McAfee I already paid for it I paid you for your service and McAfee like to journey what you Anna law lost forever not really ideally on the line we on the line let me talk okay let me talk to my feet okay but speak English so I can understand if you if you don't speak English I don't understand what that language atlas you just muted yourself and mu or else I'm going to hang up on you focuser so we will problem okay so can you please be in front of the computer I'm in front of my computer what problem you're gonna fix I know we just established there is no mistake did we not that McAfee is working great okay okay I'm I have to connect the connect your computer with our master computer so let my colleague will help you to connect it okay just talk to my colleague and cooperate with him so he can just connect the connect your computer with the master computer then I'll talk to you master can you just talk to my colleague yeah I have to our master computer no it's a computer this master computer won't I have the world know my master computer we will try to fix the problems with our master computer they can try to update it update them okay yeah I don't know I'm a little scared talk to my master controller my colleague what found scary sir Master you are saying none of you are saying your computer you're saying to fix your computer problem and now you're now I'm ready to fix it so you're saying that master computer is troubling you well you know I don't know if you've ever seen a terminator movie but when you have a master computer in charge of things like that that's pretty darn scary no you need to scary because if you have seen the Lucy movie so there is a there is a master main computer the Lucy movie oh I did seem that loopy loopy yes I remind me what that was about I forget that we had a computer person we we need every movie which is related to the computer did you see terminator yeah that wasn't much fun Gallagher took over really scared oh yeah turn here to Genesis yes yes I forgot yes movie you need to forget it sir you need to forget it and you need to just cooperate with me so I can just fake the problem and defend you the money okay well don't use the word master computer cuz that's just too scary okay Ivan Locke you is the master Kabir wood oh you just met it again you just said oh my god oh my god I said it again I'm sorry I forget I don't need to use that computer you know it's a dual hero playing with me well what you could do is search for a video on YouTube I'm not going to tell you where it's gonna be uploaded but you want some more spices or you like haven't used pop continues you cut off this thing away which I'm saying that let's let's continue okay and please tell YouTube channel I would like to see that okay I'm just kidding it's not gonna be on youtube I only know how to do too but I was also you know bad sometimes I'll I'll be on also on YouTube just kidding it'll be on YouTube stop begging tell me tell me tell me I'll write I'll write your YouTube channel name tell me tell me I'm not gonna do that I don't have YouTube channel I'm just kidding no please please if your friend our YouTube channel please give him this video this audio something please throw yourself bigger like I'm a very big thing I screwed with a scammer or something some people or something well this will be my first time doing that normally I just blog about my health you know I don't know that why you guys think that we are stupid and all that you're talking thousands of customers in a day so we are not stupid what we think that we think every customer is enough to believe you're your silly story yeah I always think that because I just like I know you that when I speak to you at first I understand that you are very clever but but my mind is running that know the you are stupid I have to move supid and I have to take you to computer and ask for the money it's your job I guess right my job I love my job okay I'm done with you Liz this is turn to get boring we please upload it on YouTube ma I want to see that I I'm not gonna do that Maya I want my YouTube channels not is nothing to do with with movies neighbors I haven't searched it right now yeah you'll never find it okay good bye now nice talking to you okay subscribe [Music] Emma want you to leave a comment you [Music] you
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