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hi Mike hi Steve are you my question today is we often have an argument about using paper plates every day I come home from work I get to eat off a paper plate I just kind of like having a dish you know at the table I mean that's just the way I feel why not what do you think Oh God make you dish my god basically because I'm scared of you right now know what I mean how does it been feel in the audience do you think we should have dishes or plates hey I can tell you right now Mike you're interacting with me and down this road which man ain't having no problems that day house with the paper plate or dishes this gonna be your file or what so why does your wife want to use paper plates well I think she just maybe I don't want to say the word lazy but you know guys might be a bad I didn't want to say late I'm not saying lazy but I'm just thinking maybe [Applause] I'm thinking divorce shut your mouth Mike you're saying too much okay my god you can't be this stupid they're on television is your wife watching this no she's here are you kidding me this is not working out plenty of paper plates yes about that coming yeah my Oh ma'am what's your name Eddie patty yes you don't like dishes you read prefer paper plates well when I come home from work and there's a sink full of dishes all the time I guess I prefer paper plates oh you work yes you work yeah you want to know forgiveness right she wants paper plates who washes the dishes paper plates and let me tell you something like you've got to take this paper plate and enjoy your next meal for your next meal is on the floor and I think she's has a valid point if you're not going to do two dishes eat off the paper plates now guess what we have China every day if you do the dishes that's personal occasions yeah we don't know what you said my because I'm thinking about that ride home yeah no hey Mike just like I was scared of you in the beginning you're scared of her right now have a great day
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Published: Mon Apr 08 2013
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