Ask Steve: Somebody smoking weed in the corner

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so I recently moved in with the roommate I had not met her before I met her on a gypsy housing site and we're just getting to know each other clean healthy living is vital to my overall Zen and I regularly get rid of any thoughts things places people that don't make me feel healthy and vibrant one of the ways that I do this is I cleanse my space regularly I have a bell that I ring and I sing and I burn sage to shake up the energy I also really infuse my space with a lot of spirituality giving gratitude for everything that I touch and Steve my question is how do I get my new roommate involved with this cleansing with me without freaking her out [Applause] you're not gonna be able to not freak out because you just freaked me out you really really need to consider staying by yourself yeah do you want to pay my bills for my studio apartment Steve would I pay your bills well 20 years ago yeah but no what I'm saying to you is you know you have a lot of specialty things that you do you know like if I'm your roommate and I walk in the house and you ringing a bell and humming and you can start a fire burning sage in the house and somebody in the corner humming and smoking weed ain't no telling what the hell I'll go and refrigerate nothing in there cuz you to clean it all out I'm gonna make a phone call and somebody gonna come get you with a truck and a straitjacket yeah you you you you you obviously what is the Gypsy housing site gypsy housing it's a Facebook page for artists okay yeah I don't need her to be arm-in-arm with me I just would love for her to be involved with me with having a happy healthy home yeah yeah yeah ain't nobody gonna do all that they don't know gonna be hard to get somebody else coming they're burning sage and stuff like that the sage is that the same thing they put in sausage that's a nice smell cuz we can get some Bob Evans on that grill you get a lot more people to stay with you Steve I'm right here I saw that when I did like that she saw that yeah you need stay by yourself [Applause] thank you Steve you're a nice man thank you thanks for your guidance okay yep she's pissed yeah you know where they sit down they go you're a nice man - thanks for your guidance that means you didn't help me at all you
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Published: Mon Sep 19 2016
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