Ask Steve: I Didn't Appear on a Sidewalk!

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stray she wrote hi Steve I'm a big friend I've been to at least 15 of your shows Wow I met you at the Cracker Barrel in Jasper Alabama really my mother and I saw you in New York City we had to get past a rat in the subway to come to your show that time my problem is I got your autograph once but every time I show it to someone they think it's Frank Steve can I get another autograph on national TV so people know it's too real did stray she's here today yes hi si hey his keen show you under 15 in my show yes yes I have with my family with my sister right on when's the last time you saw me in Chicago on your final your final stand up in Chicago and Seattle where was I you were at the Lyric Opera House I sure was that was not I'm sheriff shoes Oh with them sharp shoes are my shoes out yeah that's very true I retired a year ago and I was doing my final two I went to my favorite cities yes you saw me at the cracker burner Cracker Barrel outside of Jasper Alabama yes and you signed it and nobody believes that let me see it let me see it oh that's it yeah I tried to tell them that where is it right here that's my signature that's that's it they don't believe that why did I give this to you right outside the Cracker Barrel and I'm sorry Alabama was on a tour bus no you were walking up and you you and your bodyguards are there in a car no you watch you walked in and then you came back out and I said huh right but it was I was on a tour bus no you're I got in the car no you don't walk it out you are just walking up to no damn crap you know I'm trying to get you I know I walked up to the cracker burger right but I had to get out of something no man in your way ma'am ma'am listen to me I just ain't a kid on no sidewalk and a damn cracker burn no you look at the name of the restaurant Taco Bell Alabama do I look like you look at me do I look like I'm walking up to a restaurant called Cracker Barrel in Alabama and I ain't got a way to get out of here this is my city it's not fake I will give you another okay yep but I'm trying to get you to understand she got the book and everything but where I'm trying to get you to understand I put it right whatever you want right right underneath your name oh you got some fingernails on you I see you girl oh right now now here it is this is my signature exactly it looks just like that signature right there yes like it now then I'm gonna put a little message right here uh-huh I did nice up here house no I can't say that yes you can yes you can I did not appear at no damn cracker burn okay now see all just pop up know who that ghosty that'd be too good why Steve out of Cracker Barrel in Alabama I don't know and it was shocking cuz my mom and them affair it's her birthday too wait am i holding up this real good your mom and kneel my lord was right you yeah girl or do something you warm in my heart right now boy where your mama near man hey the one in the red it's really real is ministration I signed autograph too time I love you say give me a hug girl
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