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[Applause] all right everybody you know every couple has issues but sometimes they're so big they may be a deal breaker now to find out if you're probably better off parting ways I always say to people ask yourself three questions one is it a pattern in your relationship secondly does it cause resentment between you and your partner and then thirdly does it make you feel bad about yourself you know if you answer yes to all three of these then it's a deal breaker you're in a situation where you constantly feel bad about yourself I mean come on nobody wants to live like that nobody deserves to live like that so we're gonna meet some women who want my advice let's say hello to Iris Jessica and Anjali my boyfriend and I have been together for a few years we have a beautiful 19 month old son together the problem is his close sik relationship with his blood sister she's sat on his lap arms outstretched on his neck whispers in his ear they laugh joke she also grocery shops for him she picks out his favorite dinner and he cooks in his plate is the first plate that she makes forget her kids in her own man on top of that she has let me know that she does not like me that I'm temporary our relationship is temporary and they're close brother and sister relationship will stand the test of time my question to you sir am I being unreasonable or is his sick close relationship with his sister a deal breaker well let me see what [Applause] she prays these things she's Christ he crazy [Applause] [Music] okay let me ask you a question how does he treat you he would leave me out for example we all went to Applebee's for her man's birthday we go to Applebee's I love Applebee's we go and we order and everything and he says sis let me get some of yo food she said you won't son bro you sho can get you inside I crossed the table and I lost my appetite Steve because you don't disrespect your woman like that and I'm a lady all day long Steve but at the same time don't test me now and she was testing me Steve oh you know okay okay very just yes or no is it a repeatable thing does it happen all the time yes does it cause resentment in the relationship oh and does it make you feel bad about yourself yes I felt like I wasn't good enough for him because I couldn't outdo his blood sister who's older than me and has a lot more experience with kids than I had my babies on Biblical core it came off and he screamed her name to come into the room and not mine and that's my baby that's my son see this is a combination of doctor field doctor ah okay once you've mentioned umbilical cord it kind of we all out of my field of expertise I'm sorry I'm sorry and I want to help you yeah I think the best thing you should do I think this is a deal brick I think you should be would be happy and we don't normally go to break after the first one but we're gonna go to break cuz I need a damn break [Applause] you
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