Ask Steve: You're Going To Get Stabbed!

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so I'm a vegetarian I'm the only vegetarian and my family and so I hate going to the family gatherings and I can't eat anything because it's all this meat there and so what I want to do is I want to take over Christmas I'm gonna tell everybody don't worry about cooking I'm gonna take care of everything cook everything but what they don't know is that when they get there everything's going to be vegetarian and I'm hoping that they can be vegetarians by 2014 so that's my plan which think you go get stabbed I'm such a good cook I'm such a good cook that I think they're just gonna be like wow like I know a vegetarian food could be this amazing what are you gonna do for Turkey well there's this tofu turkey that you can make it's terrific what's the shape like shaped like a turkey well kinda sorta is just on disorder so what I'll do is I'll slice it up so then oh you're gonna see you can trick them yeah it's gonna be a trick why are you from Chicago where your family mem was originally from South Side we're all south side okay now before Chicago where did they come from what part of the South Arkansas no Mississippi all y'all from Chicago stop putting your hands on your heel the core of your family yeah it's probably a bunch of Arkansas Mississippi Louisiana possibly Texas Missouri tight people okay you want to break the news to these people that we not having meat this year okay let's just go over the possibilities of what can happen okay they could leave or they could say stay yeah if they stay what could happen they could possibly like it and stay even longer yes and then we just have a great Christmas and then they're vegetarians we'll all vegetarians yes yes that's wonderful [Applause] he said you sit back down [Music] you hold all that you keep keep young stuff in your left cause I want you to practice leave and quickly you you don't need to know all of that cause this ain't gonna work out I know you tried but listen stop trying do some milk go say the whales or something you know recycle but don't hang your people from Mississippi tell me no damn jacket you
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