Ask Steve: That's Why You Ain't Got No Man!

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worried about she's pushing men away hi Steve I love to dance and I love to go out when I go out I blow a whistle and I'm known around town as the was girl I jump around to house music while blowing a whistle when I meet guys they don't take me serious and I want someone to take me serious so I have to give up the whistle and order for guys to take me serious I got the whistle here what's wrong see ya got any music wait a minute I mean what is wrong with me the winner wins the other man can't talk and they got nothing to do with the whistle I have not been able to say anything to you how can you have your dad's out that I go out to dance oh I look crazy with this whistle I blow the whistle what you think can you answer can I show it to you do your house of music when you ain't blowing the whistle do you talk this much no I just wanna whistle ok come in let me cookie that's what you do rise to music Stevo I dance I love ya the club is house music come on don't you remember so tree line they are removing a lot of stuff right they dance I used to ride a bike with a dude on the handlebars but I won't do that no more whoops which people still dance don't you stir dance I dance but I don't go to clubs way cuz it's an age limit okay now hold no I didn't say you oh you asked me how come I don't go to club I just said I do it wait a minute whoa what's what's happening here does anybody see the other problem okay let me back up I I don't go to clubs because I think for me it's an age limit and I don't want people to say of me why is the old dude in the club when I did go to club I didn't bring a whistle can I see what you do okay give us some hey crazy lady winter whistle I will just go to great yeah you run it all the me and off with that girl going whistle you have to throw that whistle away don't nobody want to be out there with all that noise that's bad you know man you ain't got male let's go to blink wizard right back that's why you ain't got no you
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Published: Mon Oct 06 2014
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