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hey see you I call my mom at least three to five times a day I think I'm making our relationship better because she knows everything that's going on with me but lately I feel like she gets really annoyed that I call her so much and so I just want to hear from you you know I'm 26 years old do you think I'm too old to call my mom that many times every day I do I do but what does your mom think is that your mom yeah okay could I ask her a question yeah you don't like her calling that much well she could call and ask me like um I have these tan shoes with the tan heel should I buy the one with the tan heel I should I buy the ones with the brown hair and it's doing the day I'm working yeah yeah you work in shower shop yeah yeah you sick a hunk yeah you know you can do getting on your mama last day but you know are you married no you have any children no dad is see mama wants some grandkids you can't have grandkids calling her all the time don't meet you somebody keeps so life what do you do I mean look I think it's nicer when the mothers close with her daughter you know that's that's really nice but it's too deep I think as a girl thing because I have a 19 year old son and he was in college for 3 months in the first text he sent me say it hey you down there give me ain't got time girl hey man last time you talk to your mama oh damn hey my son this is my son say what's up dad my text back what's up son cool love you dad love you too man cuz they already know don't ask me for nothing my daughter's asked for everything my sons already know the answers no you grown make it figured out your wings work at the flapping partner I paid all my kids college they have no student loans that's my gift to you your ass don't come to me no more once I pray for your college education I really don't know you and since I've told all my sons it's not alone just when y'all make it and I'm hoping then y'all be big just give me my money back sending me and your mom on some vacations once a year all item pulled into yo ass and that's that's just a college education that ain't all in marriage or de them Ignat ass tickets they get tickets all the damn time why do kids not know how to read a damn sign say no pocket it's no pocket all this money for college no pocket you stop right down and they never tell you the ticket come to the house that's the most of them did you call about the ticket what what ticket what ticket is five tickets just as stupid as they want to be what else do I feel like talking about animal ast this is listening to Steve here's another one another issue I got with my kids gas money uh-huh dad can I use a car so we got a car they can use he come back inhale daddy ain't no gas in it why are you in my face my Cho car ain't got a seat every time you press the gas pedal let me tell you stupid answer when you press the gas pedal the gas go out the back of the car and go out the back every time you lash it go out the back of the car that's how this worked now if you want gas foot mashing the gas pedal that's why you ain't got no gas for why you talking to me I don't give a damn that you don't have gas I don't care if you don't go nowhere you don't need gas getting a damn job you me yeah hey folks welcome uh thanks for checking out my youtube channel don't forget to click here to subscribe to my channel that way you won't miss a single hot new video some really good stuff and then I want you to click here to see more clips from the show right now
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Published: Wed May 04 2016
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