Ask Steve - Oh Lawd... not the BLUE ONE!

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so I'm in a little bit of trouble my mom has been collecting these unicorn statues for ages and I broke one of them and she doesn't know so I'm wondering should I just shut my mouth and keep quiet or should I just wait so she figure it out you broke your mama's unicorn I did was it the Whitewood no it was the big blue one the blue one [Applause] that could be your mama's reaction right there you broke the blue word what was you doing touching it no why will you touch it blue would how many times she didn't tell you don't touch the blue yes now you got tall and grown you're gonna reach a look ass up there and touch the blue now you two broke your Mama's unit all alright here's what you gotta do okay don't say anything Shh have you seen my blue unicorn blue unicorn and just and try to look as stupid as you can do you not do you have any idea how to look stupid like let me see let me see you stupid now let me see give it to me what listen to me you have to let your mouth hanging open you can't look stupid with your mouth closed you got to go okay okay ask me Steve have you seen my blue unicorn Steve have you seen my blue unicorn Oh Steve have you seen my blue unicorn look your eyes look like they're searching for it no but I'll help you find it
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Published: Mon Feb 25 2013
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