Hey Steve: Steve Gets a Huge Surprise

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[Applause] where's the Lamia hallelujah Casey I'm from Stockholm Sweden I'm here in LA visiting my boyfriend we've been in a long-distance relationship since this summer and although it's only been a few months I feel like it's gotten quite serious and I'm considering moving to the States and I'd like to know what what are your thoughts what do you think I should consider before making a big move like that first of all what what does he do he's a producer everybody in La is a producer he's a producer does he have a show on TV well that's cool is he you know how old is it like me it's 28 he's 28 okay you got to take chances in life I just want us a woman that's making the move I just asked the woman to be a little bit more careful because it's hard to come to a man at such a young age and be beholding right so you just want to make sure that you're going into some type of security right how long have you known about four months the peanut gallery ain't feeling this right now oh girl Oh run well I can't say that what is what does he work I can't say you can't say Oh dis help yes here oh no commitment this is my dude right here I've got him this job this is who are you sir you found her in Sweden Sweden what was you doing over there it was a chance trip I was on hiatus from my job and visiting a friend and we met the first day extended my trip a few extra days when I met her I seriously did not know this then they kept telling he said oh okay now first of all sister let me tell you something I personally vouch for this cat this is actually one of my dear friend son know this is a friend of mine son [Applause] has your father met her yes Oh your daddy about it yep both parents oh you owe your mom a letter to dad my mom the other day oh man this cool and you and you wasn't even gonna tell me he worked here somebody said probably work he'll I highly recommend this young man right here we'll be right back hey I'm Steve Harvey you want more of that well don't just sit there go get it press subscribe or click on this list and you can see all the amazing videos you want press it press it
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Published: Fri Oct 19 2018
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