Hey Steve: Boys Won't Date Me After Seeing My Dad

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All bets are off when it comes to blacksplosive genetics

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[Applause] alright where's Jada pasties so I'm 23 years old and I've had issues dating since I started dating the problem is my father is an ex-football player and he's built like a bodybuilder so growing up boys would come up to me and they would say I have a crush on you but I wouldn't dare date you because your dad is too swole so going away to college you would think it would be better but boy see pictures of my dad on my social media and they avoid me so what do you think I should do to find a guy who is not intimidated by my dad that's your day yes [Applause] yep yep I see you problem and it's a good problem to have let me tell you what if a boy won't talk to you because that's your daddy is cause the boy is up to no good now he knows now there's a there's a piece of accountability in your life so boys know if they up to no good they're gonna pull their usual shenanigans they don't have to answer to him yeah I don't really feel like talking here cuz he he old school he got that old strip these young boys don't do down they play video games he'd been in a gym he tie your hair at all that's exactly what you need in your life and sir let me tell you why and see the reading the boys didn't come around in elementary school and all I get and reasonable boys don't talk to you now it's cause they know yo daddy swole cuz he didn't ate some boys Thank You Man I appreciate you being a great father man yeah if you like that video there's more where that came from don't forget to subscribe and scroll down and hit that little bell while you're added to to get notified every new video
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