Stealing $2,000 from scammers

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👍︎︎ 1 👤︎︎ u/AutoModerator 📅︎︎ Sep 19 2019 🗫︎ replies

Kinda wish best buy would connect him to the victim lol that would have been an interesting conversation

👍︎︎ 1 👤︎︎ u/gratethecheese 📅︎︎ Oct 01 2019 🗫︎ replies

I have seen this video and almost all of Jim's videos and I can say for those who don't want to watch to the point where he does it. Although he kinda stole it from the scammer, he really didn't. The victim had bought 4x$500 best buy gift-cards, in which he called BestBuy and got the victims giftcards back.

👍︎︎ 8 👤︎︎ u/Espiring 📅︎︎ Sep 21 2019 🗫︎ replies

Genius idea. Bit complicated but very smart.

👍︎︎ 8 👤︎︎ u/AlbinoWino11 📅︎︎ Sep 21 2019 🗫︎ replies

Plot Twist: the Best Buy customer service lady is the scammer's sister.

👍︎︎ 17 👤︎︎ u/ronin1066 📅︎︎ Sep 20 2019 🗫︎ replies

The most underrated channel on YouTube

👍︎︎ 23 👤︎︎ u/ReagleEyes 📅︎︎ Sep 20 2019 🗫︎ replies


👍︎︎ 9 👤︎︎ u/Phoenix0808 📅︎︎ Sep 20 2019 🗫︎ replies
gift cards are the currency of choice of scammers and in this video you're going to see how - to steal EES gift cards from under their noses and return them back to the victims they stole from critical alert for launch as always this sort of scam begins with a voicemail we won't be able to provide any further technical services to your computer we kindly request you to reach us at three one two seven nine six zero three eight five so that we can process the refund for the services that you have paid thank you so as most people know I deliberately give scammers access to my computer so that I can reverse this connection I can gain access to the scammers PC so as they're trying to scam me and quietly downloading their files and watching what they do without them knowing and it's always interesting for me to see how each different group of scammers handle their scams unlike most refund scammers this group or operating from Kolkata and conveniently one of the scammers had their picture on his desktop let's take a little moment to admire that hairstyle I had a look on a writer to confirm how big this operation was just two PCs and a few Android mobile phones they were a small operation but within hours of me getting this access I could see that they were scamming someone else and they were recording some gift card numbers is the pendrive let me card these were Best Buy gift cards each with 16 digits underpinned the second part Apple once the victim had called out these gift card numbers they would use the victims own PC blanking out the screen and locking the keyboard first to check the value on these gift cards they were being careful that the scammers IP address wasn't being used to check the value and there were four gift cards each of value $500 they had scammed this victim for a total of 2000 but unfortunately because I couldn't see the Skype number of the victim I couldn't get in touch with him or her I'd have to think of another way of getting the money back to this victim so what can you do with gift card numbers to prevent them being used by scammers I initially thought of contacting Best Buy customer service but it may have taken just minutes for these scammers to use the gift cards so instead I decided to buy something on the Best Buy website ideally I would convert these into different gift cards so that I could return these to the person who purchased them but it turns out that you can't buy gift cards with gift cards which was a shame because this would've been the easiest way for me to prevent these scammers from using the existing gift card numbers so I had to look around the Best Buy website to try and find an item that I could use gift cards to purchase a single high-value item around about $2,000 was my target but when sales tax is added it turns out I had to purchase something around about the $1,800 mark so I selected a MacBook Pro and it did allow me to use gift cards in this purchase the key here was to use the store pickup option of course I wouldn't be picking up the item all this was doing was buying me days where the gift cards couldn't be used if any item isn't picked up within two weeks what happens is the original cards are refunded this would give me time to contact customer services who could then freeze those gift cards and hopefully return them to the original owner so I placed the order for the MacBook Pro and then contacted the customer services once I'd confirmed that I had to pick it up in store as you can imagine it took me quite a while to explain the story behind these gift cards but I eventually got through to the right person and Best Buy her name is Kristen and this is some snippets of the conversation we had all right oh so you'll hear the cameras you decide to use those keys press freedom then then right correct yeah yep so so that person can get the refund back before they use it so you use all the money in all the gift cards pretty much all six dollars yeah mm yep I had to do this very quickly because Wow yeah so that's what I've done yeah yeah I know it's a bit unusual but great yeah well yeah I'm well I'm hoping whoever is bidding her whoever this was that they've managed to scam I think we'll only find out what's gone on the next day or so he so he I think it's a he because they were saying he'll he will get in touch with you probably to say look is there anything you can do for me because I've been scammed into buying these these gift vouchers all right well yeah actually in the order I have the gift card number so thank you so much I already have the good question over here so yeah I have more questions for you um by any chance do you have any any way to reach out to the person that were scammed no I don't this is this is why no I need to know I I didn't hear the person's name all I know it was is it's meal all I know about the that's all I know I just know it's a man that's all alright thank you thank you so much for letting formation let me let me bracelet a option that we have here in this case alright so it's going to take me a few minutes several minutes later Kristen combined with a bit of good news hello sir sorry to make you wait this long I do ever appreciate your patience together what okay this is a very big point it is I'm sitting here and I can't believe this is happening right now um a few minutes before you call me I receive a call and is actually from the customer that the gift cards were worth Kim seriously there it is yeah so right now where I have no idea that you could be possible this is like a very big coincidence one-in-a-million right this is crazy so this well let's go to work I know that the order that you have is in store pick up so I'm able to cancel it what I'm going to do for your announcer is at this one yep this one is going to get cancelled yeah so the money is going to be refunded back to that gift card to avoid that the cameras just be really careful because they're they have to his numbers as well okay yeah that's why I'm going to do this process real quick once I cancelled it I'm going to freeze it right away in order for them not to to use it and I'm going to create a new gift card for the customer in person as I was watching online I could see each of the gift cards become invalid it seemed that this tactic was exactly right so I already freeze em oh so all the key squares right now are reports lost or stolen the skipper's cannot be used okay that's grit notice that actually checked them online as you were doing that and they they look to be invalid numbers nice so that's pretty good right now that we already did all this process I'm going to fry this information with the person hopefully in the same person that called me before and I will be able to help that person okay so thank you so much for all this information you really made my day I believe yes very very brilliant from from you so with the victim sorted it was time to find it a little bit more about who and where these scammers we're I knew they were in Kolkata but their wireless network would tell me exactly where they were this is the wireless network information from the scammers PC you can see several wireless networks in the area and when you combine this with Google's GPS data it's possible to pinpoint their location within about a hundred and fifty meters that puts them in this area of Kolkata their approximate address is on screen so that was their location what with the names of these scammers well it did help that on one of their pcs the owner's name was in the top left and here it is but I did manage to find an application form for a scholarship for what I believe to be the scammers son it included the father's email address mobile number unimportant lee street address his home address is just streets away from where i detected the wireless network gotcha there was another application form on the pc and i suspect this is our scammer with the big hair but because i can't be absolutely sure I've blurred out most of these details I've passed on all of this information to the police in Kolkata but if my experience is anything to go by I don't go to you very much I also want covered an interesting spreadsheet of a list of mp3 files color coded I believe these are being used to train people in the refund scam but more on this in a future video if you enjoy seeing videos like this please consider becoming a patron but if not I'll always make the videos free on YouTube and you can also catch me on twitter at jim browning 11:00 again thanks for watching [Music]
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Published: Thu Sep 19 2019
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