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if you've ever wondered why scammers might let you have access to their pcs well there's a good reason this is what I saw when I tried to use TeamViewer the other day it clearly says that there's a scam warning and that's because TeamViewer and I identify connections from India because of this scammers sometimes let you connect to their pcs first and that's where you can download lots of interesting files and here's another example that I got from a phone call just the other day hello yeah sorry I was open rich did you say okay right what's the what's the problem David pretends to be my broadband provider and he says that my computer is sending him warnings and errors all made up of course unusually our calls cut off and I seem to be conferenced into another victim at the same time hello hello hello is that open reach again so these guys seem to be pretty incompetent when using their own phone system when he calls back I challenge our scammer as to why I heard another voice right so he was hoping I didn't notice his obvious gift he gets me to download and run TeamViewer TeamViewer gives him remote access to this virtual computer and I've sped this up just so that you don't have to injure me downloading and installing the software once TeamViewer is installed I can fire up Wireshark and grab the IP address that he's connecting from but what I'm really hoping he'll do is ask me to connect his PC first of all if he does not I go to try and grab some of his files so that we can see a little bit more about who these scammers actually are connect so I'm really slow with computers so you'll have to bear with me I just make a note of the login details so that I can try from a different PC okay and I'm now connected to this cameras PC which he's named BT min server unfortunately this version of TeamViewer doesn't let me lock him out of his PC I can't disable the remote input think I ignore his instructions and fire up the file transfer program I have a look around for some interesting files on his computer but he's a little bit too wary and whenever I start to transfer them he does this it says communicate oh you know I've just I continue to play dumb he's obviously realized that I fired up the file transfer program and he doesn't want me downloading anything but I reconnect TeamViewer and I try the same thing again so he's obviously clued in to what I'm doing so I love them into a false sense of security by just let him connect my PC okay I have got remote control ticked give uh click on communicate option ok communicate communicate and then give a click on communicate and then it's tied all right right switch sides ya gotta as soon as I click on switch sides he now has access to my PC flickering now it's one two three computer calm no he says that he's going to scan my reader even though all this time he's still fully connected and will be watching what I was doing he instructs me to run the CMD command and then type tree the tree command is of course an old scammer favorite all the doors is list the directories and it gives them an opportunity to type stuff on that command line okay I think it stopped it's it's um yeah it says current status customer Ritter warranty has expired customer is eligible to get a new Ritter customers eligible to get pay compensation of 204 0.65 GBP via bank as goodwill gesture so this is the crux of the scam but he really wants me to do is log on to my bank details as he watches and then he can grab those and transfer as much money as he likes to his account I would but while he's distracted to trying to explain higher half to log onto my bank I meanwhile connect to his PC and I see some very interesting notes on his background screen he pretty quickly disconnects me again oh I know it's dropped something's something's just appeared here welcome back to those posted notes in just a moment so he gets me once again to reconnect his computer and I waste no time he attempt to download all loose files again yeah I've got communicate yeah yeah I think I've just clicked at this minute yeah I've got a it's it says it keeps saying something about switch sides with partner um once again he dumped me out of his PC hello but I've pretty much diluted everything he had I have a look at some of the files trying to switch sides like before okay from the files that I've downloaded I can see if the scammers are pretending to be both BT open reach and Telstra in Australia the names of these scammers seem to be bash car of Akash and Scion there now thoroughly rattled and they ask me if I'm a computer technician apparently they don't support technicians so they make one last try and get me to read out my ID six five six this time instead of making connection directly to my PC I'm given a warning but Islam warning did you request remote support if not please consider that the person calling may have fraudulent intentions deny access so companies such as Tok Tok Microsoft opt never make unsolicited calls to anyone regarding any support issues so well done to TeamViewer they've picked up an inbound connection from India and have warned the potential victim and said that the likes of toc-toc BT and Microsoft never make unsolicited calls like this I don't know what you're talking about here we'll leave the audio but you can imagine what he's just said to me so now that he's disconnected let's have a closer look at some of the files that I've picked up this is the scammers desktop and it's full of electronic post-its with lots of information of victims they've called there's someone's gmail address and it's password with a phone number there's some scammer login information for some other web servers so as well as bash car Sion and Vikash I also see names Krishna Sarah and clay but the majority of the information on these post-its is about people who they intend to phone back so I decided to phone a few of these potential victims before the scammers did I did manage to phone all of the numbers that I saw in some cases I had to leave voicemail but in others I recorded a couple of this conversations that I had hello hello good afternoon my name is Jim brining the reason why I'm ringing you is I suspect that you've been contacted by someone claiming to be BT Openreach a little bit earlier yeah I don't know whether you're aware of this but I'm almost certain that those people claiming that their BT Openreach are fraudsters that's why I ring you up and let you know that you know okay somebody rang in your name yes I'm not from BT Openreach but what I did manage to do was get access to their computers and that's where I got your phone number from so it was only just to warn you that's they are scammers and they'll still hang up really I'm contacting all the people I managed getting to find here so yeah sorry at least at least I guessing they were gonna try and get money out of people that they well they did they asked us to turn on the computer and English yeah okay well I'm glad you didn't fall further than yeah thank you wouldn't run a few people but okay the appreciate tasks okay alright that's good to hear anyway alright thank you thank you so seemingly most people did not fall for this scam but nevertheless I phoned up a few others just make sure hello hello good afternoon I give the same explanation to the next person that I called and I asked him if he'd paid these guys this was his answer right okay and I guess the list that I have here is probably not people that they've managed to con I guess it's maybe just their contacts I'm looking at them because I've fooled around to other people in that sium story can I saw through what they were saying okay alright anyway sorry for disturbing it's okay no problem at all okay no problem thanks and bye so the really encouraging thing from this is the TeamViewer have taken action and have blocked direct access from India I hope the other remote access software companies take note particularly fast support which seems to be used a lot by scammers I've sent a link to this video to fast support in the hope that they may be able to do what TeamViewer have done so once again thank you for watching if you'd like to help me out I've got a patreon the kind and the link is in the description below I'm even dabbling a bit with Bitcoin and if that's your thing there's also a way of sending me bits of bitcoins again if you're so inclined but as usual you can contact me on twitter at jim brown e11 thanks for watching
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Published: Fri Apr 27 2018
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Good work

👍︎︎ 9 👤︎︎ u/Roci22 📅︎︎ Jul 23 2019 🗫︎ replies


👍︎︎ 3 👤︎︎ u/afpos 📅︎︎ Jul 23 2019 🗫︎ replies

Good video.

👍︎︎ 3 👤︎︎ u/teksean 📅︎︎ Jul 23 2019 🗫︎ replies

it's great you let the victim know but they will scam someone else. It would have been nice if somehow the scammers can be identified and reported to police.

👍︎︎ 5 👤︎︎ u/rjsh927 📅︎︎ Jul 23 2019 🗫︎ replies

the hero we all need

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I love these videos

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