Shark Attack Survival Tips That Will Save Your Life

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there's nothing like a day at the beach the sun is shining there's a slight ocean breeze you're reading your favorite book enjoying a cocktail and a shark has a hold of your leg ah nothing like it wait a shark everyone around you panics you struggle to get your leg back twisting and turning trying to swim away but his teeth only sink further and further into your flesh he's got a look of hunger in his eye and you are on the menu suddenly the adrenaline kicks in and you punch him right in the nose so hard that he finally lets go and you managed to get away not this time jaws not this time now you're the local hero with the shark tooth necklace to prove it and that's all well and nice if life was a movie in reality that series of events is super duper unlikely with how sharks have been portrayed by Hollywood it's no wonder the public's views on sharks are a little misguided in fact pop culture has a big influence on people's opinions after the jaws movie came out in 1975 thousands of fishermen set out to hunt and capture great white sharks so much so that countries like Australia in the US have orchestrated protection plans against hunting sharks but with the recent release of movies like the Meg sharks now have a newfound target on their back especially since the Megalodon is extinct for those of you scratching your heads at the term Megalodon we're talking a prehistoric shark three times the size of a great white shark 276 sharp teeth and a bite force ten times that of a great white but remember they're extinct you don't have to worry about those however all this brings up the question are sharks really that violent and vengeful firstly it's likely you'll never even encounter a shark in your lifetime unless you're an avid surfer or head to the aquarium and your odds of being attacked by a shark are 11.5 million to one to compare your odds of being struck by lightning are 700,000 hey maybe we should do a video on how to survive a lightning strike in fact I think we will go ahead and turn on that Bell notification so you don't miss out but more on that later let's get back to business for more perspective on the rarity of a battle with one of these submarines with teeth you're more likely to be attacked by a force or even your dog than a shark okay so maybe you're still scared of sharks who wouldn't be it can tear you apart in milliseconds so here are some things to avoid fishing boats one thing jaws got right fishermen hooked fish which releases blood the Sharks smelled the blood and come in search of food kinda like when you walk by a donut shop and that gorgeous glaze Edo scent wafts outside you can't help but crave though still is just around goodnesses also don't swim when it's dark out most shark attacks on humans are due to mistaken identity so when there's limited visibility you become breakfast also for all you swimmers too busy to get out of the water to find a bathroom sharks can smell urine too okay now let's say you accidentally attract a shark with your tasty tasty skin how do you get out of this situation don't panic that's the worst thing you can do easier said than done I know but moving around and splashing will only excite the shark more so hopefully your instincts tell you to stay still even if the shark bumps you that's not a sign she'll eat you sharks can't explore new objects with their hands they've got none so they might give you a nose bump to say hey what are you make sure to keep eye contact and that the shark doesn't get behind you and if it's not attacking yet make yourself as small as possible that way she'll see you as non-threatening now here's what to do if that shark woke up on the wrong side of the bed punch that sucker yeah that's right just punch it sharks are sensitive in their gills so that's the perfect spot an Australian surfer named Mick Fanning did exactly that and lived to tell the tale same with American Joe Tanner he punched a great white right in the gills until he let go of his leg after your punch just slowly back away keep in mind one of the few reasons a shark would attack is if it has been provoked and that is the basics of surviving you're underwater encounter now if you want to take your shark survival quest a step further you can invest in a wetsuit that's invisible to sharks a company called shark attack mitigation systems is developing such a thing which camouflages you into the water as well as masks your smell there are also so many misconceptions about sharks that really affect the way humans treat them for example sharks are indestructible spawn from the legend that they can't get cancer it's false sharks can get cancer but it is very rare in fact this misconception has spread so far that people are hunting sharks to eat them in order to cure cancer no one quite knows how sharks have developed this disease but most recently a great white was found with a 1 foot by 1 foot tumor on its mouth another shark curiosity they don't have bones this is true don't worry they're not just some slimy slinky tubes of jelly they've got cartilage the reason behind this is most likely due to the lighter weight of cartilage which allows them to move quicker huh here's another great way to escape a shark grow cartilage instead of bones so now you're ready to fend off any shark but the best way to not get into these situations is to avoid them and not attack first and remember that films and television portray sharks in a vilifying way they won't keep coming back day after day trying to get revenge for something their animals just looking for food and trying to survive they won't start flying around in tornadoes although if they do I've got no tips for you just run for your life run [Music]
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