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hey guys mr. DeMaio and today we're going to learn about hey that's my job anyway today I'm going to talk to you about car so what is the car any chance need blue puppets or annoying humans there are many different types of carnivorous plants well that makes sense you're not gonna see an underwater carnivorous plant eating a double cheeseburger chicken nuggets exactly the types of carnivorous plants found underwater eat tiny little microorganisms and even mosquito larvae what about the ones on land what are they I think we need a lot of different stuff butterflies beetles ants but the 100 what are you doing I'm pretending to be a bird so a plant doesn't eat meat Oh Oh what you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard one carnivorous plant out there he's no deep small birds bats or even frogs are you doing now you didn't say to eat goats and even if they do I have another 43 animal noises in my repertoire so I'm good save it blue brain is right over there right over where I'm down here ooh I was scared of this little thing almost min I missing my pants you don't even wear pants and now you know why you think you're pretty tough up there don't show mister to catch up with your arms and legs and greasy hair you didn't even say anything y'all didn't have to I see the way you look at plants like me hey speaking of plants Roberta said there's a plant like you that eats Birds is that true well I'll tell you if you apologize apologize for what for looking the way you do you look like a shaved bear for crying out loud you know I could easily step on you right huh good luck with that I've got cat-like reflexes I just I'll answer your question yes there is a plant like me that eats birds it's sometimes called a pitfall trap but you may know it as the pitcher plant Wow pitcher plants have been seen trapping birds before they more commonly eat foraging insects like ants or beetles well are there different types of pitcher plants there are actually many different types of pitcher plants that are found all over the world here look at some pictures of them oh cool but they all kind of look similar in a weird way that's because they all have a long-term like structure called a picture think of a picture of iced tea or lemonade and just like the iced tea and lemonade pitchers the pitcher plants pitcher is filled with fluid insects are lured to the fluid by its smell they then slip on the pitcher rim and fall into the digestive enzymes below with a plant slowly breaks down its food [Music] so bugs and stuff go to the rim of the plant aha slip in here up basically drown yes and the plant slowly breaks it down until basically nothing is left yep you don't get grossed out mister to ketchup it's no different than when you eat meat and then it sits in your stomach eating the meat is in the gross part so what comes afterwards hey where are most carnivorous plants found most plants are found in wet areas where the soil has very few nutrients so like I said before they get their nutrients from eating stuff and although these plants may seem exotic or alien like most carnivorous plants can be found in the United States hey Roberta where do we live again the United States of America Andy what are you doing looking a flight to Antarctica so you're gonna go to Antarctica and act like a goat just to hide from a little baby plant you have a better idea well at least wait until I'm done telling you about the other types of carnivorous plants the next type a code flypaper traps please don't tell me they fly on paper planes and trap things consider yourself lucky jr. most of these types of carnivorous plants have a sticky substance on their leaves that insects get stuck on I said stuck on try to get sister cuckoo stuck on while many flypaper trapped lands have that sticky substance on their leaves I told you about another type of flypaper trap blant even as tentacle-like structures that it uses to capture its prey tentacles like an octopus what is an octopus it's this weird underwater creature that has like eight arms these suction cup things it's weird are there any other types of carnivorous plants uh-huh the next type are called snap traps I would correct you but it's pointless hey you're a Venus flytrap so are you a snap trap bingo my good man the Venus flytrap which is probably the most famous of carnivorous plants is known as a snap trap these plants have a leaf like mouth that snaps closed when an insect lands on it a venus flytraps the only type of snap trap nope there's an underwater type called a waterwheel basically it does what I do but underwater these things are everywhere I am never swimming anywhere ever okay well if you're really serious about traveling to Antarctica that's the only continent in the world where carnivorous plants are not found now the next type of carnivorous plants are called bladder words or bladder traps keep scaring me with these plants and my bladder is going to be leaking into my pants for the last time you don't wear any pants well I'm a puppet what do you expect me to walk into Walmart and buy a pair what these plants are probably the weirdest stuff the bunch they have small bladders at their base that suck and prey like a vacuum I honestly don't know whether to find this interesting or terrifying terrifying the answer is terrifying I'm the final carnivorous plant type is called the lobster pot trap or your lobster monster please somebody lobster monster relax it's not a lobster monster huh see that five times fast easy lobster monster lobster monster mobster arms to Oscar Meyer winner I give up come on guys take this serious I want to know about this type lobster pot traps are probably the sneakiest of the carnivorous plants similar to the pitcher plants they law their prey in with sweet-smelling nectar once the prey is trapped inside it sees light shining through its leaves it travels towards the light thinking it's an exit it keeps traveling and traveling trying to escape at them a lobster comes and pinches it to death what ever gets pinched to death maybe when my grandma visits as I was saying eventually the prey goes to fall within the lobster pot trap and is caught and eaten I have to say these plans are terrifying but very interesting wait do you think they're pretty or interesting which one is it do you have a crush on me or something we gonna take him to crown [Music] [Music] [Music] lobster lobster monster lobster monster lobster lobster I need new friends hey jr. think you know your carnivorous plant facts take the carnivorous plant fat quiz I'm mr. DeMaio teachers pay teacher's site there's a link in the description box there's a ton of other quizzes for his other videos too also water missed in the mail t-shirts all Roberta pillow check out mr. de nails merchandise on teespring there's another link in the description box for that last but not least is patreon by pledging $1 you could see mr. de mails videos early pick the next topic he covers and more check the description box for links what are you doing monster lobster monster area row up stair era stablish stones [Music]
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