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this is 7 ways to steal diamonds from new 1 2 3 4 fake chest yes magic ones and even clones of myself this is bad why are they discussing look at new 1 2 3 4 he's just staring outside of his window it's almost as if he can see me right now but we know he can't see us because he is a new book now the first way we're gonna be stealing his diamonds honestly it cracks me up thinking about it but we are going to be crafting a dirt chest inside of Minecraft that's right ladies and gentlemen this is not clickbait if you gather 8 pieces of dirt and then you make yourselves a crafting table you can then craft yourself a very own chest of dirts we're gonna put the 8 blocks here just like we would normally make a chest with and bam the dirt box transformer now if you guys think this is going to work against the noob did steal his diamonds go ahead and leave a like down below I want to see a hundred thousand likes on this YouTube video ok oh my gosh this actually looks so good wait he's typing what a day I think we'll go fishing I love how the newb spells it's kind of like the chick-fil-a kalispera ok so he's literally going fishing he didn't lock his door or anything and okay he's fishing kind of close by so we need to be careful so if you read the lore of the chest it says a chest made out of dirt used to transform into a dirt chest we just need to sneak around his house he's got this sign here that says intruder enter here um yeah I don't think I'm gonna go down that whole new one two three four it seems a little obvious that you're trying to get rid of me what did he do to his sheep and his chicken Oh his chicken looks terrifying okay here's what we gonna do we're gonna place down the chest right here and basically what this does this transforms us into a dirt chest and you guys know what noobs love they love dirt why I don't know because I do not understand the psychology of news but I do know that he is walking towards us as we speak yes noob do not put your fish inside of me okay I want diamonds and diamonds only hey come hey come on listen ladies and gentlemen if the new puts diamonds inside of us you have to do me a favor you have to take the device you're watching this video on and you to make that red subscribe button gray okay oh here he goes hello good-looking chest where did you come from how does this guy not realize this is a prank I mean sometimes I almost feel bad for the things that we pull on the noob but then at the same time I realize I like trolling people too much okay he's holding diamonds he's holding diamonds but yes yes but put the diamonds in me yes oh that's well talked about baby that is what we talked about how many diamonds he just put inside of me he just put in the chat he goes I will be back soon Dorchester keep my diamond safe oh I'll keep your diamond safe alright safe inside the bank of Preston alright let's transform and he only had six diamonds are you here I was thinking he put like a million diamonds inside of me the guy literally had only six diamonds that may literally be all of the diamonds that the new bones the next way we are going to be stealing diamonds from the noob is the unfair trade now the unfair trade requires us to reskin a block to look like diamonds now this is kind of difficult so to make it easier we have to find this special type of ore in Minecraft called the magicite or okay well await it wait a second I found I found diamonds this is not magicite or but I am definitely going to take this because this is delicious oh wait hold on hold on I think I see some man oh there it is ladies and gentlemen this is a magicite or we only need one of the orbs that you get I love the look of it it like I just love the animation of the magicite orb I need a little bit of wood because we're gonna be making a magic wand with this bad boy like we're in Hogwarts basically check it out ladies and gentlemen this is my house I know modern Orange it is beautiful we just need a crafting table which I believe I have right over here near the bedroom so here's how you make the one you literally just put the or but two pieces of sticks and the orb at the top and you get a magicite one throw these stack of dirt on the ground right click it with the magicite wand and it turns into a stack of fake diamonds no the spelling of it it says Dimond block now we're going to place a merchant spawn egg right here on the pedestal I love it look at how newbie he looks hi my name is new 1 2 3 4 merchants what can I do you for today I need you to sell fake diamonds sir I'm telling you this guy looks like a new but he is a highly trained professional yes okay we're gonna throw them all of our fake diamonds take take the diamonds this is perfect it's time to drink on visibility potion and hide all their id's he's come in yes okay all right he's got more diamonds so the noob is going to trade this merchant for the diamonds he's holding in his hand for the fake diamonds that wery textured that are actually just dirt blocks and of course he thinks he's getting an amazing trade because he's trading well you know a few diamonds for a stack of diamond blocks this conversation is too much oh wait the merchants through the entire stack of fake diamonds on the noob oh I forgot to mention but wouldn't you place the diamond blocks down they turned back to dirt so I'm going to follow the new because I want to see if he's gonna place them down and try to mine them oh he's apparently very excited he'd rung his Bell he did okay really he shut me out hold on I could still see from the door this is perfect put him down put him down Betsie so you gonna put him down what's he doing no I can't see him anymore I'm going to go inside he placed it down look it's just turning into oh my god probably one of my favorite pranks in all of Minecraft I love the magicite wand oh hello there merchant the noob gave him one diamond for a stack of 64 diamond blocks ladies and gentlemen let this be a great life lesson to you that if the trade seems unfair it probably is unfair and you shouldn't make the trade the third way we are going to be stealing this noobs diamonds is we are going to be crafting a mind-control helmet all you need is a redstone block 4 iron ingots and of course it's Valentine's Day at Preston styles you can buy one of the original fire t-shirts using code friendship and you will get another one for free so what are you waiting for go to Preston Styles cotton I'm gonna put this on just to show you guys but it looks really cool also at the same time that looks kind of scary I would not recommend putting one of these on I really hope this works ladies and gentlemen this plan is foolproof we're going to put the helmet down at the front of the door wow it looks so big holy moly I could see new one two three four in the back we're gonna ring the doorbell a bunch of times okay I think that's enough now right the way and I'd go go go go go where's the hours yet go to the door newb go to the door I don't see the noob where is he where is the noob oh yes okay I don't know if you guys could see there he is there he is yes yes what is it just broke the dirt instead of opening the door now I know you guys can't see the mind control helmet it's cuz my render distance is set to low he's got the mind control helmet in his hands yes put it on noob put it on maybe he doesn't know how to put on the helmet and that's the problem here he's kind of just wandering oh he thinks it's a hat yes well I mean he's not wrong technically it's a hat bad control he actually put it on ladies and gentlemen this is where we get to activate the mind control room oh wait a second we are now the noob oh my gosh I once did swap brains with a new one two three four it was a terrible experience and I would never recommend doing it again as you can see he's typing in the chat he has no idea why he's unable to control his body and this thing does not last for long we need to just quickly find the diamonds actually wait hold on I kind of want to mess with this farm we're just getting here I'm not gonna be that mean I will put your seeds back inside of your chest noob there you go now we're gonna go upstairs where is this where are your diamonds noob I don't want your fishing rod come on dude where does oh this has gotta be where his diamonds are headed hundred percent under the bed no diamonds under the bed are you crazy oh I know there's a duh ladies and gentlemen we found the diamond for those of you guys who didn't watch the video we're new boy two-three-four swapped brains with me and jumped in the lava with all of my diamonds and diamond armor this is revenge normally I would let the good Lord get revenge because I'm a Christian man but since we're playing Minecraft I think it's ok this one time sorry noob but it's time to get revenge oh he's so mad oh okay so the noob died and we immediately swapped back ruff that could not have gone any better wait a second poop on the noob is underground wait a second so that means that the noob has a secret basement he's hiding from us which brings us to our fourth way to steal diamonds from this dude welcome to the first segment of noob news noob has his own YouTube channel you should definitely go subscribe to it and if you don't I'll pour this hot coffee on you come on new I loved the way he types time to go mining he's saying goodbye to his friends is he coming this way no no don't come this way noob go that way yes yeah he one sick is he bringing a wooden pickaxe this man's needs Jesus and he needs some help ladies and gentleman can we get a fire emoji comment down below for the new one two three four did he just jump in lava did I just watch him jump in lava okay well we're not going to talk about that we're just gonna go inside of the noobs house now there's something inside of here in particular I am looking for the one thing we are going to need is we're going to need one wheat seed so I'm gonna take these and I need to find where his basement is I think his basement is somewhere in the corner of his house okay what is this this is a mess this is like this guy's gotta fix whatever is going on with this room this is driving me crazy oh it was to keep me out from finding the basement huh where oh whoa whoa okay we've got some very angry wolves down here which means I feel like he's hiding something okay can we have a moment for noob one two three four I'm kind of proud of him that he was able to tame wolves like that's a pretty big step for the noob one two three four ladies and gentlemen however it is very easy to get rid of these angry dogs we just have to find some bones and there are four inside of this chest which should be just enough because we're gonna put these in the crafting table with our wheat seeds and this is going to give us the wolf pacifier it's actually just a rubber chicken but the wolves don't know that so don't tell them okay hey will fees wolf peas here here Whoopi's here I'm your friend I am your friend yes we have tamed the wolves dude this is so sick alright so now that they are tamed we should be able to give them orders come oh ho that worked way too well oh so when I switch to the diamond all of their heads turn what if I can give them diamonds yes oh my gosh they've got the scent of diamondden wolves find the diamonds nope yes oh my gosh oh my gosh dude this is epic how are Wolf's opening up Ches I don't know this is our biggest haul of diamonds yet nine diamonds not bad considering that the why is the Nuba hiding diamonds it like like no offense to the new but this is a terrible way to protect your diamonds they're not really safe if I had a pickaxe I could break through this and like half a second I've got to say dogs and wolves are really a man's best friend especially the case when you're trying to steal diamonds I might be able to steal the Wolves hold on we're gonna we're gonna go far away from the house and we're gonna type come hi here we go oh-ho-ho whoa-ho the newb is getting a little bit more precautious these are definitely arrow dispensers and this is definitely a pressure plate to activate them I'm going to test it Oh what is it wait what is he doing wait wait dude what are you doing hello oh I didn't even notice okay there are dispensers also on this side the noob is really trying to kill us we're gonna go back to my house because I have just the thing to absorb these arrows this is not magic ladies and gentleman but if you take 64 creeper heads and four stacks of magma blocks we toss it into the crafting table it's kind of like you're making a wither then you Preston plays spawn eggs now if you spawn these it spawns dummies they can take damage for me they look so cute oh my gosh oho dude look at all the dummies we could spawn that is a lot of Preston ladies and gentlemen I don't know if the world is ready for that mini here we go we're back at the noob house we've got the invisibility potion on okay okay the noob for some reason got shot by his own arrow ladies and gentlemen here goes nothing placing the dummy down oh my gosh guys I don't know what happened but all the dispensers activated simultaneously and the dummy is absorbing every single arrow are they done my dummy didn't even die can you even call wait a second he almost shot his sheep bro who'd ever do these dispensers facing his pet sheep as well as his pet chicken I mean if you can even call this a chicken now noob where are those diamonds we did check under the bed earlier I think the noob thinks this is like the safest place to put his diamonds I know in an episode of Spongebob bet literally mr. Krabs hid all of his money under his bed I would recommend you guys go to a bank don't put your money or your valuables under your bed maybe if it's in Minecraft but in real life I recommend opening up a savings account or a checking account or something like that you know something a little bit more safe hopefully the noob has learned his lesson ladies and gentlemen that is the power of the press didn't put his thumb me remember earlier when I thought the noob died in the lava he actually has a secret minecart system that is actually really well done I mean I don't know if he set this up but I'm assuming this is where he's finding his diamonds once again he's using redstone torches to light his pathway instead of normal torches which redstone torches don't work oh my gosh wait a second the noob has found the mother lode of diamonds that is a juicy vein of diamonds if I do say so myself look at how excited the newbies oh my gosh he finally has an iron pickaxe he has learned that you cannot mine diamonds where they wouldn't pick ok he's putting the diamonds in the mine cart chest Oh what okay he just pushed the chest up the system who hates oh dude is he just gonna stay down here while he pushes the diamonds upstairs dude this is a long climb I feel like my calves are getting a big workout in here they are ladies oh oh there it is the diamond dude okay I have a really naughty idea to potentially replace this chest and put a TNT inside of it why is he only mining one diamond at a time and then pushing the chest um this doesn't make any logical sense okay I'm psyching myself up because I kind of feel bad but we've got to do it this is going to be so epic minecart with TNT blaze sit down ladies and gentlemen now this is the fun part this is hoody gonna push it back okay newb I hope you enjoy this I've got it a nice present for you oh my gosh it's going so fast I literally can't even keep up with it oh wait oh no it's gonna blow up the diamonds I didn't think about that oh no this is good he didn't blow up the diamonds okay I thought the diamonds were for sure going to blow up dude he found a huge vein of diamonds eight like when I find a vein of diamonds of minecraft it's like four sometimes three the new butt is starting to get luckier and luckier guys something weird is happening outside of noobs house he's talking with pro one two three four who is known as otherwise the world's most annoying minecraft player this is bad why are they discussing the noob says thanks again for the help someone keeps taking all of my diamonds I wonder who that could possibly be definitely not be no problem new but this vault should protect your diamonds from any intruder wait a second is the pro helping the noob Harbor the rest of his diamonds no no no no no you better not be doing anything funky right now pro why would the pro work with new this makes no sense I mean the pro will literally gets no satisfaction out of helping the noob other than doing a good deed which is always something that you should do but it doesn't make any sense normally pros don't get along with noobs that's just usually how things go seeing the pro work with the noob is so strange guys I don't like it look at the vault walk dude I thought this was only in like movies what okay this is bad so the pro helped the noob make this and I'm a little worried because this parkour is definitely difficult I mean I'm kind of struggling a little bit okay and like I'm a man who is known to be decent at Park or sometimes even amazing Hey oh my gosh we did it okay so you see that pole to our right that's where we somehow have to jump too we are better than the pro ladies and gentlemen we have to make this jump and then go up here this is going to be difficult okay and oh here we go oh oh that's what I'm talking about wait wait what there's barrier blocks on the other side wait a second so we just did all this parkour but it's impossible you can't even get to the other side of the vault what am I supposed to do well I'm just gonna what there's got to be a different way inside the vault this cannot be the only way inside wait a second hold on do you guys see that right there can we get a zoom magnification please yeah that's an entrance to the vault on a different side and if I'm looking at where I think this entrance is going to be dude for the bro building this this is incredibly newbie tunnel for noob because he's too newbie well pro because you built this tunnel it is way too easy for me to find where the vault was so it's only a four-digit code what did the noob in pro both have in common ladies and gentlemen I'm going to give you a hint here's the noobs name and here's the pros name they both have one two three four in their name and we are going to see if is the special code to open up the vaults dog one two three four oh there it goes ladies and gentlemen the vault door is literally rolling away well that was a very cool animation oh my gosh one dude look at these giant double chests all with the one diamond are these real diamonds bro I'm just gonna punch all of these off the wall if you comment in the first 60 minutes of a brand new video being uploaded we will feature your comments right down here see you all next time
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