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whether you're out in the wilderness or in your home you're never that far away from the spider however there are so many different spider species approximately forty thousand rely that it's hard to figure out which ones you really need to worry about and which ones are harmless today we're going to be looking at ten of the most venomous spiders in the world make sure you watch out for number one because not only is it the most venomous spider in the world one could be lurking in your house let's begin shall we number ten the red legged Widow the red legged Widow is a very rare spider which is a member of the black widow family and highly venomous according to all literature this spider is indigenous to South and Central Florida this colorful spider is less than an inch long but past the same type of venom as its hauser widow relatives it sports a red orange cephalothorax its abdomen is black with yellow rings outlining the rows of red spots and it's legs are per million red on its underside it does not have the familiar hourglass marking and instead usually has one or two small red marks and like with all spiders females are almost double the size of the male the good news is this spider is so rare that encounters with humans very seldom happens when fights do happen they are not very pleasant bite systems are systemic spreading through the lymphatic system and usually starts about one to three hours after the bite the most common symptoms are intense pain rigid abdominal muscles muscle cramping malaise local sweating nausea vomiting and hypertension it left untreated these bite symptoms usually last from three to five days number nine the wolf spider the wolf spider is a member of the Lycos add a family and there are around 125 species found in the US and about 50 species but in Europe a full-grown wolf spider is typically a half an inch to two inches in length they are hairy and are usually brown or gray with various stripe like markings on their backs they receive the name lo spider due to an early belief that the spiders would actually hunt their prey in a group some other names for the wolf spider are the ground spider and the hunt unlike most spiders wolf spiders do not make webs but actively hunt for their prey even though the wolf spider is poisonous as venom is not lethal this spider is not known to be aggressive however they will bite if they feel like they are an armored danger if bitten by a wolf spider the wound should not be bandaged but an ice patch should be placed on the bite to reduce swelling if necessary the victim should avoid any movement or increase heart rate because it is extremely important to seek medical attention if bitten by a wolf spider number eight the Sydney funnel-web spider this Eastern Australian native spider is one of the most feared of the venomous animals down under there typically 1 to 3 inches long and can be very aggressive when provoked the long-lived female funnel-web spend most their time and their silk-lined tubular burrow retreats the males tend to wander during the warmer months of the year looking for receptive females the Sydney funnel-web spider is responsible for 13 confirmed deaths between 1927 to 1980 the Sydney funnel-web spider venom contains a compound known as a tract of toxin a highly toxic ion channel inhibitor these spiders simply deliver a full and venom ation when they bite often striking repeatedly due to their aggression and their large fangs and for this reason people are strongly advised not to approach them chances of being bitten are high if encountered there is at least one recorded case of a small child dying within 15 minutes of a bite from a Sydney funnel-web spider for very small children the amount of venom dispersed throughout the body as many times the concentration in an adult fortunately since the anti-venom was developed in 1980 there have been no recorded fatalities from Sydney funnel-web spider bites but it's still a good idea to be cautious number 7 the northern funnel-web spider the northern funnel-web spider of Australia is the largest of this Genest reaching sizes over three inches long and is most easily distinguished by its habit of dwelling in trees these spiders are attracted to water and often fall in the swimming pools leading to encounters with homeowners trying to scoop them out of the water the venom from all funnel web spider species can kill a human within minutes if no anti-venom is available they carry the toxin called attract a toxins which we just talked about and exposure to this toxin might result into goosebumps sweating tingling around the mouth and tongue twitching salivation watery eyes elevated heart rate and elevated blood pressure a lot of things the final stages of severe envenomation include dilation of the pupils uncontrolled generalized muscle twitching unconsciousness elevated intracranial pressure and death this itself makes the funnel-web spider one of the most dangerous and poisonous spiders in the world number six the Chilean recluse the Chilean recluse spider is a venomous spider closely related to the brown recluse spider this spider is considered by many to be the most dangerous of the recluse spiders and its bite is known to frequently result in severe systemic reactions including death as a Jezza by its name this spider is not aggressive and usually by it's only when press against human skin such as when putting on an article of clothing like all recluse spiders the venom of the Chilean recluse contains the derma necrotic agent which is otherwise found only in a few pathogenic bacteria some bites are minor with no necrosis but a small number of bites have produced severe derma necrotic lesions or even systemic conditions sometimes resulting in renal failure and about 4 percent of cases in a clinical study in Chile the victims actually died number five the six-eyed sand spider the six-eyed sand spider is a medium-sized spider with a body measuring 1 to 2 inches and legs spending up to 4 inches it is found in deserts and other sandy places in southern Africa with close relatives found in both Africa and South America it is a cousin to the recluses which are found worldwide due to its flattened stands it is also sometimes known as the sick side crab spider bite by this spider 2 humans are uncommon but I've been experimentally shown as lethal to rabbits within 5 to 12 hours there are no confirmed bites and only two suspected ones on record however in one of these cases the victim lost an arm to massive necrosis and in the other the victim died of massive hemorrhaging similar to the effects of a rattlesnake bite toxicology studies have demonstrated that the venom is particularly potent with a powerful hemolytic and necro toxic effect causing blood vessel leakage thinning of the blood and tissue destruction number 4 the brown recluse the brown recluse spider also known as violin spiders Fiddler's or fiddle backs from the dart violin shaped marking on the head are slow-moving retiring spiders that wander about in dim areas they often den in Footwear clothing in beds and are then easily trapped against someone's skin by clothing bed sheets in the light leading to the spiders bite most encounters with this spider occur from moving boxes are rooting about in closets or under beds the range of the brown recluse in the u.s. is mostly restricted to the Midwest south and southeast like in my hometown of Tucson however a number of related recluse spiders are found in Southern California and nearby areas as well the bite of a brown recluse is extremely venomous and has led to fatalities through massive tissue loss in the subsequent infection sadly fatalities from brown recluse spiders have been reported only in children younger than 7 years of age number three the brown widow now I'm pretty sure nobody's hurt at this one the brown widow spider like its cousins the Black Widow red back spider and cattivo are spiders that carry a neurotoxic venom which can cause a set of symptoms known as La Trobe Dec design like many spiders widows have very poor vision and they moved with difficulty when they're not on their web the Brown wheel spiders have relatively spindly legs and deep globular abdomens the abdomen has one or several red spots either above or below this boss may take form of an hourglass or several dots in a row the male widows like most spider species are much smaller than the females and may have a variety of streaks and spots on a brown or less globular abdomen the males are generally less dangerous than the females but will bite if the web is disturbed in the spider feels threatened the venom of a brown widow while set on life-threatening produces very painful effects including muscle spasms tetanus like contractions and in some cases spinal or cerebral paralysis this paralysis is generally temporary but might leave permanent damage to central nervous system a serious bite will often require a short hospital stay children elderly and ill individuals are at most risk of serious effects now it's time for the day's best pain today we're gonna be looking at an exceptionally beautiful spider but never let its looks fool you although this species of tarantula is very popular in the pet trade better make sure to look but not touch because it passes a venom that will surely ruin your day number two the fringed ornamental tarantula the fringed ornamental tarantula is a large and stunning species with the ability to reach over 10 inches some reporting 12 it is quite a sight to behold indeed it is suggested that this species is enjoyed reviewing and you should really know what you're doing to take our hold one a single bite from this tiny spider will earn you a trip to the local hospital although there has never been a recorded death from any tarantula bite this species is considered to have a medically significant fight with venom that may cause intense pain and extreme muscle cramping judging from the experience of keepers bitten by this species they move rapidly and although they generally prefer flight to fight may attack when cornered for instance in a recent incident reported in the journal toxic on which is an excellent resource for those interested in venom and venomous creatures amen in Switzerland was bidden on the finger while feeding his pet tarantula he felt little pain at the time but experience hot flashes two hours later within 15 hours he was hospitalized with muscle spasms and chest pain he was treated with muscle relaxers but muscle cramps continued for an additional three weeks I saved the best for last but first I have a quick challenge that takes 45 seconds 53 if you can leave a like and subscribe within the next 5 seconds you'll get 10 years of amazing luck just try it it really worked number one the Brazilian Wandering Spider the Brazilian Wandering Spider is a large brown spider similar to a North American wolf spiders but bigger and possessing a more toxic venom it has the most neurologically active venom of all spiders and is regarded as the most dangerous spider in the war Brazilian Wandering Spider czar active hunters and travel a lot they tend to crawl under cozy comfortable places for the night and sometimes grow into fruits and flowers that humans consume and cultivate if the spider has a reason to be alarmed it will bite in order to protect itself but unless start over aggravated most bites will be delivered dryer without Benna venom bites will occur if the spider is press against something or hurt in this case the high levels of serotonin contained in the venom will deliver a very painful bite that can result in muscle shock occasional deaths have occurred even after anti-venom treatment children are more sensitive to the bites of wandering spiders that the spiders often make threat gestures such as raising up their legs or hopping sideways on the ground which might entice a curious child children have weaker immune systems as well and even if anti-venom is quickly administered death can occur within minutes after the bite which venomous spider are you most fascinated by let us know in the comment section down below want to watch more videos on venomous animals look on any of the videos you see on the screen with all that said and done I hope you all have a good day and I will see you all next time later everybody
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