11 Weird Ways To Sneak Candy Into Class / Back To School Pranks

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[Music] sweet headphones and glue that you just want to drink watch our new video and find out weird ways to sneak food into class dolly and Cindy are real sweet tooth they turn class into a candy paradise but Miss penny Poppins appears out of nowhere and makes them forget about food sweet life is over all candies will be brought to the principal's office right now miss penny Poppins introduces a new diet no sugar in class the only thing we should digest in class is knowledge dolly needs some shine in her notes perfect cindy has glittering glue and one more tube that's a little strange it will make not only your notes nice but also your tongue wait don't try to glue your tongue right away here take my glue instead it's edible empty glitter glue tube and clean them thoroughly horse bright into a glass put colorful food glitter into the clean tubes fill it dropper with sprite and pour it into the tube [Music] make a few containers with colorful glitter the girls drink glittering cocktails out of the glue tubes miss penny Poppins wasn't expecting this turn of events she rushes to give first aid but there is no need for that the girls are alright you should also have a glittering cocktail but Miss penny Poppins turns the offer down teachers don't look good with glittering tongues the girls decide to munch on some pens take long Twizzlers and fondant of the same colors shape it into cones cut a ballpoint pen refill make a hole in the fondant using an awl and stick the refill inside insert the tip of the pen into the candy these are actually sweet pens and the best part is that Miss penny Poppins can't accuse us of anything because we use them to take notes but our teacher is the real deal she easily bites a blackboard sponge when she sees how skillfully we bite off pens cut a sponge cake in half roll out orange fondant to make a thick layer cut it to be the same size as the sponge attach the fondant and sponge together with buttercream add a label with black food coloring the teacher takes up the challenge she eats a blackboard sponge and she earned some respect in our sweet challenge biting off a piece of a pen doesn't seem like such a creative idea now our teacher feels her power over the world an earthquake starts once she shakes the globe Oh what's going on penny opens up the globe now all of humankind is in her hands take a globe off its stand and cut it along the equator put some gummi men inside clothes and put it back on the stand miss penny Poppins ruthlessly eats the nations of the world she has already eaten Diego Jessica and Vasily Petrovich it looks like she's never going to stop and now she eats Cindy to know Dulli is next in line say goodbye him it looks like someone got tired wake up miss penny Poppins enough sleeping the girls decide to sneak sweet headphones right in front of the teacher shape for telic and ease into headphones lightly sprinkle them with cornstarch unwind a gummy wheel and divide it in half lengthwise tie one strip in the middle of the other one and fasten the knot with a foreteller ring shaf a plug make a hole with a toothpick and stick one end of the gummy wire into it use a toothpick to copy speakers on the headphones add left and right signs with a black food marker and define the speakers attach the earphones to the wire with edible glue draw threads on the plug with a marker the girls are just watching an educational video on a phone the teachers should watch it to hurry up miss penny Poppins you have to see this and listen to it hurry up put on the headphones hit strange the teacher can't hear anything for some reason the only thing she can hear is dolly munching she has already eaten half of the wire miss penny Poppins is amazed by how much her students love technology Dulli gets wires and Cindy eats the earbuds where's that sound coming from that's not a school bell or maybe it's somebody reading aloud or scratching their head it's actually the girls chewing gum because they've got a perfect disguise paint a tape dispenser pink print an image of hubba bubba and cut it out and attach it to both sides of the dispenser everyone knows that blowing bubbles in class is not allowed but Miss penny Poppins definitely hear someone munching and here is the evidence a pack of hubba bubba the girls get busted calm down miss teacher it's just tape we know a ton of ways to sneak sweets in the class for example this stylish keychain I bite it off right from the pencil case but Miss penny Poppins is always a step ahead she started using this technique for the brooch on her blazer a long time ago take cube-shaped jelly candies dissolve confectionery glue and water make a cut in the candy and attach a keychain ring inside attach a batch pin to the other candy it turns out that our idea is not that new Bravo miss penny Poppins you are a school lifehack professional - miss penny Poppins also loves crunching on school supplies for example she eats a few magnets from the blackboard take fondant of bright colors we've got red yellow and green make circles with a round cutter make a groove along the edge with a modeling tool and color the circle inside with black food coloring make it look like a magnet paint smiles on the backside with food coloring now it's time for the girls to be amazed eating so many magnets at once that much plastic can poison you miss penny Poppins secret is that the magnets are made from fondant so they won't harm your stomach dolly really wants to eat candies but how can she do it without anyone noticing miss penny Poppins will definitely notice Cindy has an idea she treats dolly with thumbtacks take some tacks out of a container draw a layout of a rectangular box on cardboard cut it out and Bend using a ruler glue the box into the container where the label is glue the corners put candies inside fill the empty part of the plastic container with thumbtacks it looks like Cindy studied too much and ran out of brainpower everyone knows the eating subtext is very dangerous ha dolly clearly doesn't understand anything about being sneaky no one's making you prick your tongue with a thumbtack they're actually candies hidden in this box I will borrow a pencil sharpener from my friend but something is wrong with it it's not a pencil sharpener it's a box of Tic Tacs put Tic Tacs into a big pencil sharpener close the cap miss penny Poppins is on the hunt for sweets she takes away our innocent pencil sharpener according to her new rules there won't be any sweets on this desk the pencil sharpener is sent to the camp of sweet outcasts in the bottom drawer of the teacher's desk miss penny Poppins has a habit she loves using her teeth to open markers we can use that for our next prank add a drop of blue food coloring to fondant and meat it roll it out to make a thick twist cut one end off make a groove inside make a clip from one more piece of fondant and attach it to the cap [Music] dollie sneaks her marker with sweet cap to the teacher Miss penny Poppins can't tell the difference even when she has her glasses on but once she bites the cap as she usually does she figures out that it's not plastic she ate some blue coloring the girls won't get away with it this time the revenge of the blue cuttlefish awaits Run For Your Lives did you like our edible school ideas then write in the comments how you will sneak food into class and don't forget to give a thumbs up subscribe to our Channel and click the belt so that you don't miss new school life hacks on tripped room [Music]
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