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so there's something you can do know only a small percentage of the world does engage mostly people on TV hmm oh come on growing up isn't that bad soon you'll be strong and handsome like your dad come on what's the best thing to do when you know your childhood days are numbered lie down on the ground and go like this you make the most of it we enjoy what we can we enjoy our genes we enjoy it we loiter by the law the people think with us so they give the cops a call police get away with it cuz if the public face turns out we were two Rangers standing in one place it looks like you got a leg dance [Music] it is just like slob will freak out about resumes and skills cuz we don't have either we got no fields we got all the time that we've wanna kill what drivers are it's time to chill why do you think you're doin just enjoying not having a job where you can't stay here why because the sight of our freedom hurts your adult feeling no kid you're gonna have to move because whitney's do a kid being sick is cool mom gives you hugs and you don't have to go to school they get home on TV all day second off if someone you just using it right now to escape the situation because when you're a kid things like the ninja dentist or a wizard copper coin which we can fight a shark better Gator with the sword many swords be divested everything went awesome mr. Warren seen on the wall Achilles see what's made of crystal saving mermaid bunch of people using golden laser pistols cutter the universe [Music] come on let's try it again what are those two short men doing I believe they're pretending to still be young and cool dear dude my voice went any lower it would be on the ground we're not kids anymore maybe it's for the better Naga wants to stay a child forever remember the wonderful times we've had those happy thoughts not make me sad they say he's so bad it's just a lil start slow wine why are this pain in my heart our childhood memories are getting hazy but soon Rica tribal qualitative Uncle Ray was that what's going on I sound even younger than before [Laughter] [Music] [Music]
Channel: The Amazing World of Gumball
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Published: Tue Jun 25 2019
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