What If You Were Strapped To A Ticking Time Bomb

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wake up wake up you were out like a light just now where are you wait what is that strapped to your chest okay do not panic time is literally ticking here we'll need to figure out how to disarm this bomb okay deep breath let's figure out how to diffuse the situation let's try to understand IEDs or improvised explosive devices they can come in many forms ranging from small pipe bombs to remote-control cars or more sophisticated devices capable causing massive damage most IEDs consist of a variety of components known as enhancements such as nails glass or metal fragments designed to increase the amount of damage caused and propelled by the explosion according to Homeland Security many commonly available materials are found in IEDs like fertilizer gunpowder and hydrogen peroxide to work explosives must contain a fuel and an oxidizer which provides the oxygen needed to sustain the reaction in recent years it's become more and more popular to build explosives out of liquid components which is why in 2006 the United States Department of Homeland Security restricted the amount of liquids that passengers can carry on commercial aircrafts now that we understand how IEDs work let's figure out how to get yourself out of that vest all right first things first experts say that whenever you come in contact with an ie D it's important to treat every case like it's an active and dangerous bomb okay so we're doing that this very much looks like a live bomb they also say what a bomb like disappears it's just the tip of the iceberg in other words there's always a bigger picture in mind like triggering a signal or causing distraction so it's important to not fall into that trap do not get distracted eyes on the prize here if you had the option an expert bomb disabler would have taken it out with a tank shell but since there's no safe way to take a shot or you know get your hands on a tank we'll have to dismantle it now the tricky part with IEDs is that they are all slightly different but it seems like we're dealing with a pretty simple one over here a trip wire device you can see here that the IE D vest itself is connected to a wire pull across the room and attached to something if you can remove that wire and take it toward the IE D it won't detonate all right carefully we'll have to approach the wire attached to the pole over there and bring it towards your IE D vest oh great job got a real steady hand there now here comes the real problem you have to detonate the IE D look around you look for some sort of plastic explosive like a c4 and position it to the IE D experts usually have a three or four legged spider like stand to keep it upright but that's not as important as keeping it hovering or hanging above the IE D what you're doing here is creating an explosion that comes from above so the device initiates or explodes downwards causing the least amount of damage got it all set up how lucky were you to find that c4 just sitting there now take cover are you okay you're not hurt thank God usually there would be flying debris to worry about but it seems like you got lucky on this one most injuries related to explosions include overpressure damage that's when your lungs or other organs get exposed to a great deal of weight or pressure another common injuries fragmentation which comes from debris thrown by the blast and then there's of course impact or thermal injuries you may have to get that head of yours checked out I think you may have a concussion but hey if you're walking away from this with nothing but a little head injury I'd consider myself very lucky here's some other things to consider when you are protecting yourself from IEDs number one be alert of your surroundings if you see a suspicious bag or something else that doesn't quite belong and report it to local authorities and keep your distance from the suspicious package it's also important to develop or educate yourself on the emergency procedures at school or work and if you haven't already established one with your family and this procedure you'll want to know the routes to the hospital how to safely conduct some basic first-aid and a back-up plan if communications go down like an official meeting place and if you are in the middle of another ie D attack we're keeping our fingers crossed that you'll never have to be in one again stay away from windows or glass doors and always exit the affected area as quickly as possible but I think that's a lot of excitement for today let's get you home put your feet up and put on Armageddon you don't want to watch something less explosive all right if you say so until next time brainiacs [Music]
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