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in the bug world The Ultimate Fighter EX show no mercy give no quarter grab on to the prey hold it and tear it apart when the biggest baddest bugs go to war every fight is a duel to the death when they attack it's all over these are the monster bug wars top ten bug battles of all time at Number ten when a bronze huntsman takes on a slender necked mantis one of them will be down for the count the slender necked mantis has all the moves and the killer instinct of a cage fighter in a blink of an eye long raptorial arms lined with needle-like knuckledusters land killer punches but the Mantid is about to trade blows with another tough guy the bronze huntsman spider is a hit and run hunter it has eight eyes arranged in two rows of four but this streetfighter hunts less by eyesight and more from the faintest telltale movement of their Huntsman legs are covered with sensors that are very very attuned to vibrations the Huntsman has huge fangs and potent venom lament is bristles with deadly spikes and rips opponents to pieces with razor-sharp mandibles pull survive this fight both bugs are locked eye-to-eye in a monster stare down the Mantis makes the first move advancing boldly up the leaf that is real commitment but whether its brave or foolish with its guard up behind the Mantis is rocked by a lightning one-two combination the sparring continues then the Mantis Gamble's on a full frontal assault as tactics go it's not what you call inspired the Mantis finds its slender body bent over backwards gripped in the killer clinch with no referee to call break the Huntsman's fangs plunge like daggers into the Mantid storax [Music] the Mantis refuses to throw in the towel biting and grabbing its opponents petty pal with a shark tooth on the spider is gonna be in real trouble if it manages to rip these pedipalps off so it's an injecting venom as fast as it possibly can this final struggle might be a great display of courage in the face of certain death but I'm afraid it's too little too late this former champion won't be getting off the canvas it's down for the count permanently [Music] counting down at number nine when a tiger beetle confronts a recipe cricket the end will be violent the tiger beetle runs down prey and rips it to shreds tiger beetles are scary huge jaws really really big jaws about 10% of their body size it's also the world's fastest insect clocked at 3 miles per hour the human equivalent would be 30 miles per hour but this manic killer isn't the only bug hunter in the desert the female recipe cricket is also fast and ferocious unlike the tiger beetle she has a voracious appetite the rasping cricket is one of the most active predatory insects out there it'll attack any other invertebrate it can find but up against the tiger beetle will those jaws be enough the tiger beetle has speed and crushing slicing mandibles the raspy cricket is also fast and retaliates with formidable mouth parts which assailant will remain in one piece the tiger beetle spots the cricket it pounces locking down its mandibles the cricket tries to escape then the cricket counters with a bite [Music] the beetle retreats but it's not out of the fight it charges back in and grabs hold of the crickets tail it's now a tug of war to the death the tiger beetles powerful mandibles inflict a devastating bite to the crickets abdomen it's followed up by a lethal bite to the neck [Music] life drains from the cricket as the victor begins to feed they've got scissors that are cutting up the prey and mashing it up and then they've got a bass which acts to grind the food a tiger beetle eats like it hunts fast at number eight when a green ant army marches against a swarm of paper wasps it's a battle worthy of the big screen green ant colonies are generally spread around a dozen trees if I contain up to 150 nests with a hundred thousand to a half a million ants total all of which will risk life and limb to protect the colony every one of these workers comes equipped with weapons of war serrated mandibles that cut and crush green ants also deploy chemical weaponry formic acid that burns organic tissue sprays from their abdomens if that weren't bad enough they swarm over a victim literally biting it to death they become like this unstoppable organic plasma that can deter any predator whether it's coming from the ground or the air [Music] when is this treetop bunker with its elite soldiers lives a colony of paper wasps in a skirmish they use their aerial manoeuvrability like a weapon they also wield heavy artillery of the front and big guns at the rear on the B's that can only sting once these wasps can sting repeatedly nature is fickle one unfortunate windstorm can smash one bug civilization up against another without warning now it's war next the top ten continuous with carnage on a bug battleground then coming in at number 7 Klaus vs. jaws and later a deadly ninja meets a destroyer in disguise [Music] [Music] the top 10 countdown continuous as a three branch home to a green ant colony is flung against a paper wasp nest war is declared green tree ants attack with serrated mandibles stings and formic acid paper wasps dispense multiple stings with aerial maneuverability which bug nation will survive this war [Music] wasps mobilized their airborne troops gangs of green ants swarm over individual wasps without the ants superior teamwork the wasps are at a disadvantage but one-on-one a larger was overpowers a single act but in ant battle tactics strength lies in numbers individual wasps are pinned down sprayed with formic acid and bitten ferociously but now the wasps retaliate mounting a concerted airborne attack they breached the ants headquarters and began carrying off the ant brood under the onslaught green ants scurry to save their young it's carnage [Music] the wasps superior airborne maneuverability and their preemptive strike on the ants nest tips the balance they overcome their assailants defeated the green ants sound the retreat to start a new life in another part of the forest at number 7 when a freshwater crab and a tiger leash bump heads there are no soft options the combatants in this top-ten clash share the same pond the freshwater crab is a shameless scavenger feeding on the recently dead or anything too weak to fight like a night in shale hard armor the freshwater crabs body and legs are safe from all but the most extreme assault but the freshwater crabs major weapon is its claws it's with these claws that they're able to do everything they can grab prey or potential predators they can tear things apart but patrolling the freshwater pond is a devastating opponent the tiger leech it doesn't feed on the dead it sucks life from the living the posterior sucker attaches to its victims with an almost unbreakable grip up at the head the anterior sucker does the real damage it's all mouth with tiny razor-sharp jaws once they bite a prey they hold on with a combination of suction and mucus they also inject an anti clock enzyme to keep the wound from closing up and slowing down their feeding but what happens when it goes head-to-head with the freshwater crab the tiger leach attacks with gripping suckers and razor-sharp jaws the freshwater crab relies on heavy armor and sharp crushing claws which one will make a meal of the other it's feeding time in the pond and any creature is fair game the crab backs off but the leech is back it searches for the crabs Achilles heel and finally finds access to the soft flesh but jaws clearly visible the leech starts to suck the crab dry from the inside this is bad news the crab is able to defend itself really well in the front of its body but behind it can't get its pincers it can't get its legs behind it the leech sucks the life out of the crab when the tiger leads drill through the crabs carapace the crowd began losing all its fluids emptied of its body fluids the crab draws its last breath and is consigned to a watery grave at number 6 when a trap-jaw ant falls in with a ravenous antlion the earth opens up the antlion loves the sand that is still it loves moving sand it's the king of terraforming just a quarter inch long it can transform landscapes overnight burrowing in backwards the antlion creates a pit by flicking up sand from a central hole what they're doing is they're gradually digging a cone-shaped pit victim simply stumble in and never leave not far from the antlion sand trap another predator is on the hunt a trap-jaw ant [Music] it's spring-loaded jaws lock open at 180 degrees like a crossbow then on contact they slam shut these jaws are the speeding bullet of the natural world they are literally the fastest moving body part of any animal they snap shut at a hundred and forty-five miles an hour next the jaws of death face their ultimate test then more top ten bug battles deadly Nets versus venomous daggers and later desert demoness in the death struggle [Music] in top 10 bug battle number 6 trap-jaw ant's are on the hunt but lying in wait are deadly antlions the trap jaws attack with steams and spring-loaded mandibles the antlions and trap and bite with sickle shaped jaws which hunter will eat today there are death traps everywhere at lion pits part sinkhole and part quicksand they bury bugs alive as the ant walks in to the edge of the pit it's just so steep that they can't maintain their balance at the edge when the ant tries to escape the antlion showers sand from below under the sand the antlion has loved on pulling its victim down those huge trap jaws are useless [Music] the antlion has already begun sucking its victims insides out [Music] the trap-jaw disappears without a trace [Music] coming in at number five when an ogre faced spider takes on an assassin bug it's the skill of one ninja versus the stealth of another most spiders have eight eyes but poor vision the ogre faced spider has military-grade optics the turn night in today their vision at night is far better than cats and better than owls and what these spiders do that is absolutely unique in the animal kingdom is they build a very very specialized web an expandable net that traps the unsuspecting in the blink of an eye it flings it over its prey like a gladiator casting a deadly net every bit as silent and deadly is the assassin bug watching the assassin bug move is like watching a Shaolin kung-fu master walking across rice paper gentle silent careful not a single mark not even the most minor noise no wonder it's called the assassin bug [Music] it's weapon of choice his part long sucking mouth parts syringe for injecting venom the assassin bug stabs its prey using this long beep like structure called a rostrum but with the rostrum has additional micro structure it's called stylus and what they do is they open up small tears inside the prey which facilitates the venom flowing in in bug battle number five a deadly net and a venomous spear will soon become the weapons of choice in a forest as blank and as ominous as the grave next treacherous silk versus a stabbing spear then fight number four death in the desert and later rainforest Giants go head-to-head [Music] [Music] at number five in the top 10 countdown to bug world gladiators are in a forest arena the assassin bug is armed for the flesh piercing spear and venomous saliva the ogre faced spider throws a deadly net and dispenses venom which bug will live to see the dawn the two deadly foes converge in the darkness the assassin bug needs to get past the net to strike a blow it tugs on the web but a foot gets caught in one swift movement the ogreface flings down the net and scoops its victim into a treacherous tangle of silk what it will do is it will grab it up wrap it up with more and more silk so there's no chance that the assassin bug is able to get its piercing mouthparts out there the ogre faced spider wraps quickly while keeping her distance the assassin bug stretches its legs to break free of the death shroud it's too late with the deadly rostrum safely encased in silk the ogre face moves in for the kill the would-be assassin takes a hit of paralyzing venom death is seconds away but the ogre faced spider ignores the formalities it's already feeding on the body fluids of the vanquished at number four when a desert centipede collides with a desert trapdoor spider there will be bloodshed most of the time this trapdoor spider remains in the underworld but some rain brings it into the open for a long-awaited drink it's a rare outing and something she's not too comfortable with this spider is reclusive because the desert trapdoor is an ambush specialist with two giant fangs that can pierce the toughest exoskeleton [Music] trapdoor spiders have quite large parallel fangs that strike down their rears the front end of its body up and then strikes the trapdoor is a formidable killer but tonight the rains bring out another destroyer the desert centipede desert centipede is the baddest the bad he's aggressive fast big mean he wanders the desert like a serial killer looking for more victims to add to his list each foot is capped with a sharp spike that pins enemies in a death grip up front two huge claws rip flesh and inject venom simultaneously [Music] this guy's big weapon is his extremely potent venom which he delivers with these unique modified legs their claws dedicated to delivering venom this desert thug so has incredible senses two huge antenna pick up chemical scent trails they have this extraordinary ability to follow a chemical trail ruthlessly persistently once they find it then they attack coming monster bug wars counts down to the final three battles and leader the top ten war to end all wars [Music] as battle number 4 begins rain returns life to this small patch of desert it also brings death as creatures emerge from their burrows to drink and hunt the desert trapdoor spiders skewers victims with its giant fangs the centipede attacks with spiked feet and smashing venom claws who will emerge the victor it's showdown time for this desert trapdoor spider a brief outing to find water lights a chemical fuse burning all the way to a big bang like a heat-seeking missile the centipede locks on [Music] if the centipede needs a dig a pry out it'll use its Benham Clause as pickaxe to go in on its prey the centipede dives headfirst into the Burrow venom claws smash into the spiders body the centipede pulls its victim out of the Burrow so it can't escape the potent venom takes its toll using his claws like steak knives the desert centipede never eats slowly at number three a rainforest mantis confronts a spiny leaf insect in a monster battle it's one of the rainforests most bizarre citizens the huge spiny leaf insects heavy armor and razor spikes are for defense an almost impenetrable shield and if a predator does try to take a bite it'll get a mouthful of those spikes but in the rainforest there's one creature who's not so easily deterred it's an evolutionary success story the giant rainforest mantis it's like a bug world dinosaur with a powerful stance and lethal forearms spikes and lightning-fast grappling hooks ensure nothing escapes the strike can happen anywhere from 30 to 50 thousandths of a second so this is like one twentieth of a blink of an eye but we'll speed beat spikes the spiny leaf insect defends with heavy armor and razor spikes the Mantis attacks with 40 limbs and vicious mandibles which of these top ten Goliath's will fall the giant rainforest mantis has weighed the options it's only a matter of choosing the moment to strike but with faith in its heavy armor the spiny leaf insect pushes gamely forward the mantises powerful jaws start slicing through which victim the spiny leaf insect struggles to escape in a fight on a leaf insect is going to rely on its armor to hold out long enough for it to get away but it's trapped the war the mantis eats the less its victim can fight it's a race through the first course mantas mouthparts work overtime as cutlery mandibles slice and dice while feelers forked in a top-10 bug world giant becomes rainforest garbage coming in at number two when two jumping spiders face-off which one will get the jump on the other in the Battle of the leaping assassins the long gorge jumping spider is armed to the teeth they've got incredibly long thick jalisa with long things that are almost half its body length not only that but you can't sneak past a killer whose eyes are everywhere they've moved a number of the eyes back on their carapace so that effectively jumping spiders have 360 degree vision the long jaw isn't alone the green jumping spider has the same skills and the same smarts in the eyes of solid she's also the super model of the spider world [Music] [Applause] [Music] that green jumping spider is absolutely gorgeous and big the body is compact and the legs short the perfect build for a spider that leaps onto its prey they can launch themselves an amazing 20 times their own body length next jumping assassins go for the jugular then in our final battle the fiercest fighters in the jungle face-off [Music] our top 10 battle number 2 opens as two species of jumping spider target each other who knows which one will win the long jaw has larger fangs and fast-acting venom the green jumping spider has superior size and power which bug will jump to a conclusion the larger green jumping spider makes the first move it's a Mexican standoff who will blink first the long jaw plays it safe but the green beauty isn't giving up she stalks her opponent [Music] and scores a direct hit her fangs might be small but they drip with deadly venom these guys have a really fast acting venom the long jaws legs have already started to curl up a sure sign it's about to pass its use-by date the supermodel is more than just a pretty face looks can kill for our top battle a tree scorpion invades a green ant Kingdom it's a call to arms to defend the Empire [Music] this plant is about to become green ant territory its empire building by an incredible society that thinks as one colonies are interesting things this is where hundreds of individuals behave like a single organism there are workers quarters guards and beneath this swarm of servants our queen in an ant colony the queen is by far the most valuable thing she sits there day in day out pumping out hundreds of eggs every green ant is a born engineer with equipment to match up front its mandibles are like a hydraulic press lined with razor teeth on a human scale they could lift a seven ton truck imagine us being able to lift something hundreds of times our bodyweight using just our mouths but some creatures can be too hot to handle like this killer descended from the first bugs to crawl on land 300 million years ago the tree scorpion it captures prey by stinging it with this venom grabbing it with a pincers and then tearing it apart and eating but how will it fare in a border dispute the tree scorpion will strike with a venomous stinger and vicious pincers the green tree ants fight with razor-sharp mandibles and chemical weaponry will this war be won by one or many green ants are extremely territorial they will protect their queen at all costs the tree scorpion shows no such respect for the Queen it's been spotted by a lone scout [Music] it's David versus Goliath but no one's told the green act no matter how futile the attack it's programmed to lock on to its fold the Scout is easily dispatched but it has sent out a chemical distress signal it's like sounding an air-raid siren inside the colony the defensive strategy of the green ants is built all around teamwork sending out chemical messages that will bring in lots of ants and numbers swell quickly each attaches itself sensing an advantage the ants deploy their weapon of mass destruction a cloud of formic acid more soldiers swarm in to replace the dead and dying the onslaught overcomes the scorpions last defenses the ants are able to hold on to different parts of the Scorpion so it isn't able to sting there's a limit to how many it's able to grab with its pincers the Scorpion is pinned helpless the ants then set about dismembering their victim they start carrying away the ultimate trophy of war the scorpions stinger its fight is over many ants have made the ultimate sacrifice that's how the colony works one individual dies an empire is defending - long live the Queen the bug world's top battles are never a foregone conclusion size matters but it's no substitute for maneuverability heavy armor won't always give you a winning edge sheer firepower doesn't ensure success when you take on the baddest monsters the biggest surprise of all is that you're alive to tell the tale [Music] [Music] [Music] you
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