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hey guys mr. DeMaio and today I'm going to talk to you about y'all know me know how I earn a living I'll catch this bird for you but it ain't gonna be easy bad fish not like going down to the pond and chasing blue Gators or Tommy Cod's the shark saw your hole I'll find it for three but I'll catch him and kill him for ten for that you get the head the tail the whole thing let's just learn about sharks can we learn about birds or aliens I really don't like sharks hacks Andy you'll be safe in this submarine how'd you even get a submarine anyway did you get it from that weird soggy otter guy we got the spaceship from no you're actually so on that subway you just actually have to ask for an extra large sub and then they give you it submarines and mediocre sandwiches what a business model Oh No so what's the plan well 71% of the earth is made of water so we're gonna dive into the ocean and look for some sharks so how do we know what's a shark and what's not well a couple things a special kind of skeleton that's made of cartilage a specific kind of skin a certain kind of teeth mmm special fins and gills their skeleton was it made of bones huh no feel in between the nostrils in your nose that's cartilage that's pretty much what a shark skeleton is made of now I've heard sharks are expert hunters so we need to be safe and you're not kidding sharks even have a special super power called electroreception what's that electroreception simply means the ability to detect electrical currents to put it simply this superpower allows sharks to detect the slightest movements in the water great so how many different kinds of sharks are there well scientists believe that there's over 400 different species of sharks we're only going to talk to a few for this video we're going to talk to a hammerhead a great white a whale shark and a goblin shark hammerhead whale are all these sharks named after stuff white what if there's a bubblegum shark what or a chicken parmesan shark or Sharky shark shark shark huh you know sharks have been around for so long that I wouldn't doubt if a shark existed with a name like that well there are no chicken parmesan sharks mr. DeMaio is right yeah sharks are ancient creatures that have existed for an estimated 420 million years old chuck's is that like uh okay Roberta give me an example of an ancient shark [Music] whoa what's a mega man a LaDonna I want one hey stop right there the Megalodon is an ancient species of shark that existed over two million years ago scientists believe that these giant creatures could grow to be over 60 feet long and have a bit stronger than a t-rex or any of those around Arthur so they could totally eat this submarine despite what many believe the Megalodon is extinct so if you want to see a shark you should probably start with one of the other ones you named before how about the Hammerhead where can I find one of those all information on current sharks has been erased from my memory one who erased it the last deletion was by what I told you I don't like sharks it had to be done it had to be wait I do have one short clip that survived deletion maybe will tell us where the hammerhead is go ahead and play it so you delete everything but that shark song what it's catchy Roberta reboot yourself let's see if you can get some info back in the meantime let's take this puppy deep see if we can find some hammerheads Roberta are you back online I am I just took a guess and took this puppy to Florida hammerhead sharks found their sharks are found worldwide in tropical waters like these well is there only one kind of hammerhead so which one are these guys the most popular one of all the great hammerhead Wow huh I wonder if there's a screwdriver head or a pliers head or an axe head or a level head are you done yet I guess so are you gonna use your animal communicator to talk to one of these things I guess so but hey there's only one shot left in this thing who used all my I told you I don't like sharks you're lucky I even saved you one guess we'll save it for a really good one I guess man this shark is ugly I'd ask how he got his name but it's kind of obvious is it I don't really get it how'd he get his name dude he's got a hammer for a head you might as well throw him in a toolbox and sell them at Home Depot hmm I guess I never noticed it before I wonder why his head's like that there's got to be some kind of nail fish that he hammers into the ground or something what nope scientists believe the hammerhead sharks head is shaped like that for two reasons so we can see above below and both sides easily - so we can make sharp turns quickly I wish I had a hammerhead you have a watermelon head so how big do these guys get the great hammerhead can reach up to 20 feet in length and weigh up to 600 pounds Wow hey why are you even dressed up like a shark anyway yeah beat the shark you have to be the shark so I've become one with the shark people they're not gonna eat one of their own kind sorry but you're wrong hammerheads actually eat other shark species but due to their small mouths they typically eat raised shrimp squids and small fish and when they eat they usually do so at night there goes $15 wasted on Amazon I should have just dressed up as you well I didn't hear humans on there to eat list that's because attacks on humans are very rare in over 400 years there have only been 17 documented hammerhead attacks on humans no human has ever died from a hammerhead shark can we go to or different species now this guy is giving me the creeps well sure the next species is one of the most famous ones of all the great white shark [Applause] here we are at Seal Island in South Africa a place believed to have more great white sharks than anywhere else in the world this is the only place great whites are found nope found on both sides of the United States along South Africa Australia Japan and the Mediterranean could have just said everywhere so why do a bunch of great white sharks hang out around here well great whites eat a variety of things like otters and sea turtles but they more commonly marine animals like dolphins and seals which is the name of this imagine an entire island filled with their favorite food like pizza island or a Frankenberry island wait a second I've seen jaws and I've heard of great whites attacking humans they don't eat them well great whites have attacked humans they prefer foods higher in fat like the animals mentioned before when great whites attack humans they are likely confused and think there's something else I'll admit it these guys are great but they're not exactly white how did they get their name great whites got their name from their skin world they have something called countershading a type of camouflage the top part of a great white is gray and the bottom part is white animals looking down into the deep cannot see a shark from above as the dark shade blends in with the ocean floor and animals below a shark looking up cannot see it because the white belly blends in with the sunny surface of the water can you think of any other animals that have countershading killer whale Andy they're pronounced free willies excuse my blue friend here he's not as educated as a civilized whatever so how big do these guys get most great whites are 15 to 21 feet and weigh up to 2,400 pounds Wow but there are some reports of great whites reaching up to 37 feet that's just a few feet shorter than a school bus oh you can use your one shot off this guy yeah why do love great whites and I am a huge fan of jaws I think I'm gonna save it for another one sorry mr. great white no problem did he just just what never mind so what is this guy he's a whale shark we're gonna need a bigger boat or submarine whatever whale shark I didn't know we were learning about whales in this video well I'll take it from here Roberta you see a whale shark is the child of a whale and a shark they're really different but they found out they had a lot in common and they made it work a whale shark isn't actually a whale it's really a shark but it gets its name from its enormous size whale sharks can be up to 46 feet long and weigh up to 12 tons that's longer than a school bus and heavier than two elephants in fact whale sharks are the biggest fish on the planet great we go face-to-face with one relax these guys are filter-feeding creatures they open their giant mouths and feed on plankton that little guy from spongebob he doesn't stand a chance against this monster so where are these guys found these guys like to live in the open sea and are mostly found in these areas so what about this guy you want to make him talk mmm I kind of want something a little more unique I'll wait to the next one take us away Roberta this is spooky where are we we needed to go near the bottom of the ocean floor the same shark that is rarely ever seen a goblin shark whoa scary what Knight the goblin shark gets its name from a made-up Japanese demon like creature called the Tengu this fictional creature has a long nose just like the goblin shark how deep are we goblin sharks prefer to swim in water's up to 4,300 feet deep so where's somewhere around there it's like total darkness out there Roberta turn on the lights I want to get a look at this guy [Music] that is the ugliest thing I have ever seen why does it look like that if you're talking about its nose scientists believe that the goblin sharks long snout is an electoral receptor a tool of sharks have that help them detect prey in the water jaws and teeth the goblin shark can actually make its jaws come out to attack its prey what is its prey the goblin shark typically eats crabs and squid hey just like your mom Andy you know usually I'd be scared but I kind of feel bad for this thing he's hideous if you at least big they're surprisingly big goblin sharks can reach close to 13 feet and weigh up to 450 pounds yeah here's your chance kid shoot your shot what do you mean you're one shot the animal communicator and this is our last shark so let's make this guy talk here goes nothing turn the fish oh my goose the booth what wait a second I think I actually speak goblin shark let me give it a shot Oh Scott McGuirk Oh smell the gift Josh Thole fun almost never love again and it's real good but just a blur wasn't joseph bird Kirsten don't stop honks what's he saying first off it's a she and she was saying that um she really likes me and she doesn't like you at all and that she's sorry and that she will see you later choo choo her her as a sister Mergui learns curved acerous purses for tear Mitch Berney why is she looking at me when she says stuff no reason at all 13 hours left their turn the dippers a pirate [Music] hey guys thanks for watching this video was made with the help from my patrons on patreon that are listed below especially Michonne Conrad and Xena want to see my videos early get your name in the video see behind the scenes and pick my next topic become a patron on patreon check the description box for a stubborn
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