Scary Situations I Faced as a Kid (Animated Story-Time)

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[Music] so it's pretty much the spooky season now and today I'm going to tell you some really unusual stories from over the years I can definitely tell you that there hasn't been any insane experiences I've just had some little unusual things occur from time to time [Music] let's begin when I was about 10 I walked into my toilet room in our house locked the door and proceeded to do some very important business then suddenly my attention was drawn to the toilet door there was a hole in the doorknob and I looked through it and saw this okay that didn't happen but the doorknob is still very important in this story I was sitting there in silence and out of nowhere the doorknob starts to move violently it was like someone was trying to get in and this lasted for a while it definitely caught me off guard and not gonna lie he made me jump a little but me being me my mind instantly went to the thought of this was one of my brothers being impatient or trying to annoy me or just trying to play a prank on me so I screamed out something like what the doorknob is still shaking what then in the distance I heard what the hell are you screaming about the doorknob movements come to an abrupt stop I busted that door and I was ready to solve this case so my goal was to suss out every little bit of information I could to find out who was the one moving the doorknob I walked into one of my brother's rooms and demanded answers this one was the one that screamed out to me I was a bit skeptical at first because he would always play tricks on me around this age so I just thought it was another one of those but then he insisted that it wasn't him this time he told me that it could have been my other brother or my mum or just some wind the case wasn't closed yet I walked it to my other brothers room and saw that he was playing the Xbox 360 online he gave me the look of what do you want I'm busy I told him anyway and he said it wasn't him so there goes that idea and it turns out that my mum was on the other side of the house on the computer so it wasn't her either the more I investigated into this the more I freaked myself out the only other explanation was that it could have been the wind but this day there was no Gus going through the house at all yeah yikes all so I've been in the toilet where it's been extremely windy throughout the house and the doorknob did not move as much as that time and did I ever find out the answer to what actually happened now about a year ago our family was given the job to dog-sit these two dogs while their family was away on holidays for a few weeks quick sidenote they were two hours and really cheap it was beginning to get pretty late in the night so my mom and I set up their beds and we were going to bed our selves after we turned off the light and slit the hallway door closed and began to walk to our rooms to go to sleep as she do but something just had to stop us in our tracks about three steps down the hallway one of the dogs let out a couple of bucks and literally a second later the power goes out hey guys anyone oh I think I just found some matches mom where are you we're actually quite used to power outages as they happen a few times every year but this time was different the fact that one of the dogs bucked just before the power disappeared left the idea in our head said hey maybe there's a person outside so we kind of just stood there in the kitchen in complete darkness holding two chihuahuas and trying to listen out to anything outside that sounds suspicious I didn't go to sleep for a while because I was still pretty paranoid I have a pretty bad habit of overthinking so I literally just laid there in bed thinking of all the possible outcomes if someone did break into the house what would we do where would we escape where would we hide what these savage little chihuahuas protect us so many possibilities I remember texting a few of my friends being like hell my paranoia that could be someone outside which they all thought I was being ridiculous and yeah I get that I probably was but I woke up the next morning with power back on and yeah still a little bit wait I think okay so this one was from a pretty young age as well I remember I made this whole house set up for some of my toys I had I had an area for the bathroom the food the toilets anything you can think of there was a room for it even a tiny little room with the next box in it these toys were living the good life except these guys I made this little area where these two characters lived in a little wagon and never moved from there for some reason no one liked him and they just stayed in the wagon all day that's a nice little back story but legit I've made them really lazy and they would never get up to do stuff that sounds like someone I know anyway the next day I went to play with these toys and I noticed something a little strange these two characters were not in the wagon somehow these toys moved into the middle of the playset and all the food from the Edie area was placed in the wagon I was so confused and kinda shook crinch all of my other toys were in the same place except for these two I knew for a fact that I didn't move them and I was thinking why would my family do this they don't even know what's happening in the storyline I also had that thought of oh my god what if these toys are alive like in Toy Story is this proof oh my god why does she just leave us in this wagon I'm so hungry no one feeds us I know I'm so thirsty [Music] you know what it's like 3:00 a.m. I think we deserve a feast she is totally not going to get up great okay so I'll just get the chips I'll get the cookies okay let see why get that toe sprited on my toast and it's gonna be so good I'm going to get the water I ended up abandoning this scene for about a week until my mom told me to pack it all up and I was still a little bit oh okay I'll just quickly chuck them all in the container and pretend nothing happened I pretended like nothing happened but deep down I was still a little freaked out I still have no idea with what actually happened but there's definitely a lot more possibilities of what could have happened and if it was someone why did you move my toys I'm so confused this next one has happened a few times but the time I vividly remember the most is this one night before bed I was in my room doing school work and my mom was still out in the living room watching TV she comes into my room and says good night blah blah blah and 20 minutes later I thought hey I should probably get some sleep too I get up to go and brush my teeth and as I was walking through the bathroom I saw this light seeping through underneath the doll so I slid the door open and found this mom are you out here ille so the TV decided to randomly turn back on so I flicked it off and went to my mom's room hey mom you turned off the TV out there right yeah oh well it just turned back on doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo not kidding my mom did that music as a response apparently that is spooky music okay there was this room in my grandparents house that was off to the side of their garage and it was dedicated to their business that they had going for a while this place was filled with hats mainly hee-haw hats there was also a lot of other strange hats and I tried all of them on I loved it anyway all the hats were stored in cardboard boxes and there were several lanes filled with them since there were so many and they were filled up to the roof so my brother and I played this game it was a hide-and-seek game but in the lanes one person had to try and listen and look through the cracks between the boxes to find the other person I remember this time where I could hear my brother walking at a fast pace in the lane behind me so I accused him of cheating as you were only meant to stay in the lane that we decided on he then informs me that he was sitting on the ground this whole time and never moved you I may have peed my pants a little update [Music]
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