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okay so I've received this exciting email which reads hello Wow congratulation three exclamation marks but only one congratulation hmm it is a great pleasure to inform you that you emerge winner to the sum of 1 million 750 thousand euro for more inquiries contact John Russo through his email address yours faithfully online coordinators hello Wow indeed I can't tell you how much I had always hoped to emerge winner to this some looks like it's time to go scam baiting again [Music] before we begin just the usual quick note about this channel I make a variety of content don't be surprised if the video following this one is about food nature or some random other stuff it's what I do so Wow congratulation indeed what an exciting email to have received from hang on a moment I just need to correct this apostrophe catastrophe from online coordinator ears straight away I decided to contact John where Oh sir to claim my fortune accept his a width thing when I clicked reply the email address was Rev Jaber oh so not grossa so I replied I don't remember entering this competition was this all about is your name guar OSA or Baro sir what's going on rev John Barroso replied with an email that was an obvious pre-written template claiming that I won the lottery the purpose of which was to encourage active users of Google well it's about time [Music] apparently no tickets were sold for this but email addresses were drawn randomly by a computer from a list of whatever this number is of profile names from all the continent of the world [Music] now I know what you're thinking obvious scam right but wait this lottery is approved by the Benin Republic Gaming Board there's even a certificate to prove it seems like yet one of the things I love to do when scam baiting is to nitpick at some trivial detail jaanwar Rosa had not yet explained to me why he was emailing me from an account named Rev John Burroughs sir now I had assumed that the Rev in Rev John Burroughs sermon Reverend so I just asked John if he had permission to use John's account like this but I was wrong this is actually the account of Ravena John Barossa and his home accept was my fault because I replied to the wrong address now well I'll let you just take a few moments to appreciate the beauty of composition of this email [Music] anyway John Burroughs sir and John where Oh sir apparently work in the same office so I said that must get really confusing I bet there's lots of funny mix ups but what is this about I didn't enter any competition is this a mistake John Burroughs so replied with much the same email as before but to say very sorry for the mixed up but we can proceed from here Oh John such optimism you don't seem to realize who's driving this thing so this is a Google lottery how strange I didn't know they did that amazing where do I need to go to collect my winnings John Barrasso replied to say yes it's a Google lottery then he asked me for those pesky personal details again now we could mess around and delay here for a while but there's something else I want to try so I just replied with some of Manuel's ID bits scammer had asked me for a phone number and I supplied the number of my disposable prepaid sim together with an excuse why it would be switched off if he ever tried to call me I was intending to play on this a bit more and tell him that I had to climb a tall tree in the garden in order to use my phone but that didn't play out this time we'll save that idea for a future video anyway I just asked if the Brahmas prize would be delivered in cash of course the answers that question is no the options are a prepaid Visa ATM card yes sure I believe prepaid cards exist with a balance of 1.75 million euros why not or a cashier check both of these options require me to pay a fee in advance of course they do naturally the last paragraph stated that the charges could not be deducted from the price almost like they anticipated my next action so I ignored it and just stated please deduct the insurance from the prize and just send me the balance no problem looking forward to receiving my prize of course this wasn't going to work and John B just pasted in that pesky paragraph again now I just asked if this was a legal requirement and indeed if John was completely bound by law at this point I was hoping he would pontificate about being legal and upstanding and at that point I would deliver a Smackdown about how scamming wasn't exactly legal was it but that didn't play out so let's keep going John said it was a legal requirement but there were no other legal requirements I particularly liked the paragraph number 3 be rest assured you sure you're a Raveena not a reverend John there is no more legal procedure regards attached to your whining amount claims you are expected to comply quickly to send the processing fee so that immediately we received the requested amount it will help our management to facilitate and commence the registration and delivery of your winning amount by crediting your whining check into an automated teller machine which will be carried to your provided address with your pin numbers to access and withdraw your funds we are expecting your response with details of your payments be guided accordingly I decided to inject a little skepticism so I asked please could you just indulge me and check those details with your colleague John Guare Oh sir I just want a second opinion John Burroughs replied to say that they all agreed yeah that's not what I meant so let's make him work a bit I replied sorry perhaps I was not clear enough please ask John Merrow sir to email me directly from his own email account to confirm this and so John now took over from John John like John was clearly a fan of common sense and sent a wordy but clearly pre-written email of congratulations and here is where an interesting opportunity arose attach this email what copies forged a course of a covering letter from the bank let's just take a few moments to enjoy that and also a copy of the supposed cashier checker was to receive for my price lovely so I said did John thanks so much for emailing me about this I will print out the cashier's check and pay it into my bank account tomorrow I had no idea it would be this simple your colleague Ravena John Barroso was saying something about an ATM card and a fee strange just one question before I go the signatory name on the cashier's check looks like it says Jeremy juggler is that correct thank you so much for making this such an easy transaction your diligence and efficiency is to be highly commended John was pretty quick to write back please read very carefully you cannot deposit your draft check into your bank account because what was sent to you is the photocopy and for this reason your bank will demand the original copy of your draft cheque before it can be valid for deposit the original copy of your draft cheque is right here in our office I said don't worry I'm pretty sure cheques all work from the reference numbers these days the paper copy is pretty redundant anyway I printed it out and honestly you can't tell it's not the original I don't think it'll be a problem what's the name of the gaming board signatory I mean it isn't important but I just have to know is it Jeremy juggler it looks like it says that thanks again for your diligence and attention I'll let you know as soon as the check clears well we never did find out about Jeremy juggler and it turns out that when you do this when you claim that you're taking the scammers document to a bank they pretty much clam up obviously if I had tried to present this fake check someone at the bank would tell me I'm being scammed and the game would be up but let's press on and see if we can get the scammer back on the hook I said just a quick update to let you know the check is paid into my bank as I expected it didn't matter that was only a copy as the routing in serial numbers are the important parts and these were very readable on the scan you sent the funds are now showing my account balance pretty amazing to see but there's a 24-hour clearance period so I can't start spending my winnings until just after lunchtime tomorrow the anticipation is quite exciting I think I'm gonna buy a boat no reply so I waited today and I said hi John's there seems to be a little delay in the clearance of the funds the bank initially said 24 hours after deposit but it seems that I am as yet unable to begin spending my winnings any ideas why this might be still nothing so I waited three days and said dear John's we're OSA and Barossa I don't understand why you've stopped responding at this critical point in the transaction I still need your help please forgive me if there is some prevailing reason for your inability to respond perhaps it is the weekend in your part of the world is Tuesday where I live again nothing three more days and this was my last-ditch attempt did John's I am sorry to report that the check did not clear my bank and I don't have the funds now after all this is a big disappointment please advise what I should do next that got a bite and John W replied from John B's email address please read very carefully very sorry that your draft check did not clear into your bank account but it's all your fault because you did not follow instruction a you was supposed to receive the original copy of your draft check by de hole courier service but you insist on working with the photocopy which it's not valid and for this reason the original copy of your draft cheque will be sent to you as a parcel before it can be valid for deposit the original copy of your draft cheque is right here in our office and we will be able to clear it into your bank account as soon as you receive it very serious stuff no doubt so I asked did John while using John's email account instead of your own this is very confusing for me also what do I need to do next John W replied I sent you an email with the other email but not going through that's why I used this one question which courier office is close to you de hole Coria oops Korea FedEx Korea now you'll notice I split the conversation into two topics one of them is important the matter of the cheque and the Korea the other trivial about the weirdness of using someone else's email account and he guesses which thread I'm gonna pursue Dear John I still don't understand this john Barossa know that you're using his email account that sort of thing would get me fired from my job if I did it are you allowed to do that you can just about sense a hint of anger in John's response he says yes he knows that I used his email we work in the same office and we agreed to contact you with this email as the other email it's not going through that's why we agreed that I used this one reason we want to be sure that you're receiving our email is we will be communicating with this email for now until we correct the error in the other email question which Korea office is close to you do whole Korea whoops Korea FedEx Korea I said Dear John none of those Korea companies have offices close to me but will I need to visit the office I thought the point of a courier services they bring things to you when they deliver the check directly to my home John replied yes the DHL courier agent will come to your address for the delivery the advice to send 200 euros for DHL courier delivery to your postal address if you can send the fee today then I will make the posting tomorrow morning and all the posting details will be emailed to you so let's play along I said okay I guess that's what I'll do how do I pay does your company have a payment portal or something John replied you only need to buy to UK steam giftcard is 400 pounds from the store then send the pictures of the two steam giftcard is right here it's very easy and simple I asked how does that work do you pay for the DHL insurance with these steam cards John said yes we will redeem the steam giftcard is in the steam giftcard store very close to our office and get the cash to pay for delivery you have to buy the two steam giftcard is of 100 pound each from the store then send the pictures of the two steam giftcard is right here it's very easy and simple while I was figuring out my next move John was getting impatient and I guess he thought you could smell blood in the water at this point so before I could reply he chased with we have been waiting to hear from you but no news till now I want to know if you have gotten the two steam giftcard is I replied I'm sorry I'm still trying to find out what that means what is a steam card can I pay you by paypal instead John said we accept Bitcoin perfect money and steam giftcard for online payments which it's more trouble-free and straightforward attached below is a copy of a steam gift card and you can get steam gift card ease in any store I said what about coin squirt can I send you the money that way John said you can make the payment online with your credit card using worldremit money transfer Western you know money transfer or MoneyGram money transfer currently choose one of these option is so that we will provide the receivers detail list to you I caved and replied okay I'll go to the bank tomorrow and draw out 200 pounds then try to find the steam cards to buy John was clearly getting excited now and reploid that will be fine we'll be waiting to receive the steam cards from you tomorrow so that we can proceed with the delivery to your address I said be rest assured I'll deal with this tomorrow with all haste and diligence the following morning I told John just heading off to the bank now now I have to confess I left John hanging for the whole day I had some important errands to run more on that in just a moment but poor John couldn't wait and asked it's getting late and I haven't hear from you what's going on have you gotten the steam card is well no at this point I hadn't gotten the steam card is because I had been busy preparing to tell John once again that check really had cleared but this time I decided he deserves some evidence so to buy a car like this it cost nearly fifty thousand pounds but it turns out that you can just stand in front of it and dangle your own keys completely for free so here's what I sent dear John's wort and Barossa it has been a truly incredible day I went to the bank to draw out with two hundred pounds for the steam carts and to my great surprise and delight I discovered that the check I presented last week did actually clear after all apparently the bank had to take it briefly out of my account last week to convert euros to GBP which is why I appeared missing for a while but this morning I was looking at bank balance of more than 1.5 million pounds let me tell you this normally people point and laugh at me for my ridiculous shirts but things change when you have more than a million pounds in your pocket doors just open so I've spent today realising a few of my long-awaited dreams I bought a beautiful prestige car and a boat named batida which means something or other in Spanish I also bought a beautiful house in a very picturesque little village and a lovely horse his name is meatball apparently is a funny story about that name but the horse's previous owner was too busy counting banknotes to tell it to me I attach photos of my incredible day thanks so much for this incredible and life-changing prize I was initially very skeptical that this could even be real but look at me now I'm a millionaire one last thing do you still require me to send the steamed carts pretty much as I expected this response shut the conversation down completely and I did not get any further replies from the scammer despite trying first I asked I'm disappointed that you didn't at least congratulate me I have the two steamed cards here do you still want them I thought maybe that might just hook them again I tried once more this time to both email addresses at once saying John didn't reply to say whether he still wants the steamed cards do you want them looking forward to hearing from you but alas no reply a real shame they didn't want the cards as I'd gone to so much trouble picking out two very nice steamed cards here and here so there we go that's what happens when you tell a scammer you've already received the prize fund it's pretty hard for the conversation to go further but there is still some fun to be had I hope you enjoyed that thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you again soon [Music]
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Someone has to start Coin Squirt crypto currency.

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John Barosa and John Warosa working in the same office but it's fine had me laughing out loud in tears.

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I really love atomic shrimp

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