Licensed Attorney Takes On IRS Phone Scammer

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that's right yeah okay mr. rush first of all this is my name is Officer Eric Wilson from the department of US Treasury my bad ID number is 1 1 5 2 line now mr. Ross the reason he were contacted today was to inform you regarding some legal enforcement action filed under your name by the IRS and this is to do with your federal income taxes for the year 2013 so do you know anything about this no no I first I've heard of this you still remember so far your taxes for the year 2013 13 yes I do 13 come up three years ago by yourself or you hire an accountant an accountant do it okay so now the reason I'm asking you this question is that in the year 2013 when your taxes were filed they were not filed correctly and completely while filing your taxes there have been certain miscalculations errors and mistake that came about due to its the amount UNR filing that year did not justify to the amount you should have filed so when the IRS will review your case file they found that there is still an amount you owe to the IRS and due to this outstanding amount the IRS filed a case of tax evasion you really financial crime they have ordered your case file into the US Treasury Department because they want to close your case file on an immediate basis now unfortunately there is a one-sheet up in your name for your arrest at the moment and this is the last intimation call for you in a minute this call get disconnected the word is going to execute and within 45 minutes I will have to sign a paper of unsent the investigating officer they will come down see you personally and they will take you to that would be quite an adventure so do you have any question before I sign you up a province and the offices to get you arrested sure what's your badge number again my batch ID number it's 1 1 5 2 9 and you're with what agency I'm with the Treasury Department a which Treasury Department US Treasury Department okay where's your office has been routed from the Department of Treasury in Washington DC had office in Washington DC what streets that on one five zero zero Pennsylvania Avenue not with zero okay what's the what's the number of the case the file that you have on me okay now can you write it down your case file ID number is FIA's and charlie okay okay so what do I do I'll wait for the guy to show up at the door which was showing us standing in your name for the year 2013 taxes included your new ml you're late payment charges interest and penalties was five thousand four hundred fifty dollars and thirty four seven oh really well how do i okay so do I when the officer arrives at at the house how do I pay this they're coming to show you two to show you the documentation and it will take you to custody oh there's nothing I can do that I guess so at this point of time sure as I've seen in your case file there are two optional F in your case file the first option state that you we'll have to dispute this matter in front of the courthouse by hiring a criminal attorney and the second option state that if you don't want to get any legal trouble with the IRS and if you don't want to get arrested in order to cancel and stop the work all you have to do you will have to make this outstanding amount right away to the IRS and Washington DC okay yes so if you say that you have this amount to pay right away to the IRS in Washington DC I couldn't help you and I can give you one last chance I could call the officer who is already on the way to get you arrested I can and I can stop them wherever they are well that would be nice I certainly don't want to go to jail if you say in this monitored and recorded phone line that you are having this kind of fun to pay right away to the IRS in Washington DC and I go I will let you know how to make a statement to be done you're telling me I have to mail in in 34 cents oh yeah right there sorry yes I have that which was issued and because of the case of tax evasion all you have to do so in order to make the payment you have to follow some legal procedure and there is a set mode of payment option for all those taxpayer who has a word in their name and who has the case of tax evasion so let me ask you one question have you heard of money Claire MoneyGram is like telegram so money gram is like some kind of C stored so that you will have to do a MoneyGram will have to go to a nearby pony craft store like a warpath oh okay I can go to Walmart yeah there's a moment goes by yes you have to go to a MoneyGram authorized or you will have to meal this amount under the name of the officer who is handling your case file for the year 2013 and I will give you the name of the officers and the address we'll do this one step at a time okay when you do the MoneyGram to the officer the store people will provide you a receipt they will give you a receipt and that receive there will be a reference ID number okay all right you will have to give it to me right away so that I consent to the investigating officers in order to cancel and stop the world so let me tell you sir in order to do this if you are choosing to make any payment we are not or tries to take payment from your credit card your debit card or your bank details all you have to do you have to do it yourself you have to go to your band first you have to withdraw this kind of fun because the store people they have a policy they don't accept any payment from your credit card and your debit card and although your bank details so first of all you have to drive down to your bank withdraw this kind of fun and I will let you know how to make this payment and I will give you the details of the officers okay so first of all let me tell you the most important thing we are walking over federally monitored and recorded phone line and all this phone lines are attached to computer system management the minute this call get disconnected the world is going to execute so we have to stay on line unless and until we cancel the word so are you speaking through your cell phone or your home phone call you on a cell phone and we will do this well I I can transfer the call of my own but to my cell I've got call forwarding with that help we can stay connect and your cell phone and I can get you step-by-step how to make this payment oh I mean we have to stay on the line all the way all the way through this to warmer step-by-step how to make this payment so can I help yourself one you can down to your back and I will let you know that Europe hello yeah I'm right here I'm just trying to figure out how to get my phone so that I can I can transfer the call why don't you tell me what why don't you tell me give me the address that I have to send it to and I'll get right over to it just said I don't wanna I gotta get this done today I don't want to be arrested well that's funny cuz we're both working for the Sheriff's Department and this is completely illegal what you're doing this is actually fraud and you do not work for the IRS please go ahead cuz we actually work for the Sheriff's Office and so yeah good luck with that send the officer then you will loose it job sir okay oh absolutely my badge numbers 4 3 7 2 1 4 3 7 2 right I will let you know and the moment the officers come down to see you personally I hope you inside yeah yeah that's that's our address that's correct the moment they came down they will have to freeze all your bank account will cancel your driving license your passport lean down your property and you will lose your job if you have any so bye bye have a nice day Brian rush okay yeah sure send them no thank you okay I'll shake their hand when they get here because they're all friends of mine oh you you can actually impose sentence on me like that I thought we had to go to court and I had to be found guilty before that happens I thought this was America a warrant just means that they can arrest me a warrant doesn't mean I've been found guilty of anything actually the other is they can't throw me in jail for tax evasion off of it oh and by the way I haven't evaded any taxes so good luck with that tax evasion okay you obviously have no idea what you're talking about you you you're insane you have no idea what you're talking about do you oh I'm sure I'm sure I will but you know they're they're cracking down on you guys they're gonna find you guys yeah I'm sure oh you're in Bangladesh - okay yeah good so we're having fun tracking you so uh yeah just just make sure that you stay on the line a little longer so we can track you more because we're getting right down to your address right about now no you're not all right well we have your address now so we'll make sure to send our our investigators out to see you guys my address or where you guys are oh I I can't I know you it's in Bangladesh we haven't got the exact address yet I'm funny nice funny so sending the officers in get into Fabrice I'm sitting you're waiting happily for him you two I mean you're not going to show up there's there's nobody here there I'm still waiting where are they I'll happily wait on the phone with you until they get here well apparently you wanted us to stay on the phone with you while we tried to give you money that isn't rightfully yours so you apparently do have time because going to the bank and then going to Walmart would have taken at least an hour you
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