Dumbest Liberal Gun Quotes - Best Anti-Gun Fails Compilation - SJW vs. 2nd Amendment

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These idiots are obviously terrible, but the first lady talking about people being killed by unloaded guns shouldnโ€™t have been included. She obviously meant people not respecting the first rule of firearm safety, to treat every gun as if it were always loaded. I dont know what she was trying to ban, but sheโ€™s right that idiots leave loaded guns around thinking they are unloaded, then dont respect muzzle and trigger discipline and people die because of it.

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I've got to be honest when I heard "theres been alot of people....unloaded gun" I thought of a kid near me in age in school that accidently shot his friend when he put one in the chamber and took the clip out. Just a thought that that might be what she meant which and if it were what she meant i think we could all agree eh? Obviously a truly unloaded gun cant kill anybody

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Showing people in the worst possible light is not a good way to further our cause. It's a weak argument at best and doesn't convince anyone to change their perspective. In fact, it has the opposite effect and people tend to double down when they feel ridiculed and attacked. I'd rather see videos of rational, well-thought-out arguments with a positive message because you can easily find people on the far right who look equally ridiculous but have a pro-2A perspective.

I suggest looking at and sharing some excellent videos from Prager University:


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[Music] so it's only the gun the anti-gun lobby the gun control people who literally know nothing about the product they're trying to ban i've been shot by an unloaded gun there's been a lot of people that have been shot by an unloaded family there's been a lot of people that have been shot by an unloaded family you are so dumb you are really dumb for real dum dum [Music] if you haven't hit the deer with three shots you're a pretty lousy shot that deer deserves to get away let's get serious here but that would ban most pistols that would ban mobile but pistols are different you have to pull the trigger each time an assault weapon you basically hold it goes blizzard [Music] if you want to protect yourself get a double-barrel shotgun have the shells a 12-gauge shotgun and i promise you as i told my wife we live in an area that's wooded and somewhat secluded i said jill if there's ever a problem just walk out on the balcony here or walk out put that double barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house i promise you as ever coming in is not gonna um i don't think our founding fathers had these automatic weapons and military style weapons in mind when the second amendment was drafted when the constitution was drafted so are you implying for the police are you implying for the private citizen because the majority of private citizens are not allowed to own fully automatic weapons for anyone okay well the gun law says that you and i can't just randomly go out and buy an automatic weapon so let's deal with the facts here a semi-automatic weapon is a gun that you and i are allowed to own and in different places they have different rules but to imply that anyone can walk out and buy an automatic weapon is just not true don what do you mean anyone can well listen during the theater shooting in colorado i was able to go and buy an automatic weapon and i've you know maybe shot a gun three four times in my life i don't even live in colorado i think most people can go out and buy an automatic weapon what is your name what is your definition of what is your 20 minutes of an automatic weapon what is your definition of automatic well for me an automatic weapon is something that you can shoot off at a number of rounds a number of rounds very quickly i was able to buy an ar-15 within 20 minutes which said i'm not you don't know you don't know what you're talking about an automatic weapon is when you pull the trigger one time and it continually shoots off one after another after another a semi-automatic weapon i can do that with my i can do that with my ar-15 you're getting into semantics here because it's not semantics yes let me finish ben but listen i think you are getting into semantics regard what you want to call it an automatic or a semi-automatic weapon i can shoot breaking the law and not breaking the law um should those kinds of weapons be available to people you know uh the five shot rifle that's a standard military rifle the problem is if you attach a clip to it so it can fire more shells and if you remove the pin so that it becomes an automatic weapon and those are independent uh criminal offenses that that's when they become essentially a weapon of mass destruction you're a [ __ ] dum dum dum we have federal regulations and state laws that prohibit hunting ducks with more than three rounds and yet it's legal to hunt humans it's legal to hunt humans it's legal to hunt humans how stupid are they assault weapons ban and law enforcement protection act of 2007 it would regulate semi-automatic assault weapons including weapons that have pistol grips a forward grip and something called a barrel shroud weapons with a barrel shroud would be regulated what's a barrel shroud and why should we regulate it i actually don't know what a barrel shot is because it's interesting [Music] very briefly to your last question what's the efficacy of banning these magazine clips i will tell you these these this is these are um ammunition they're bullets so the people who have those now they're going to shoot them and so if you ban if you ban them in the future the number of these high-capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won't be any more available are you kidding me [Applause] [Music] this right here has ability with a 30 caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets incendiary device on the tip of it which is a heat seeking device think about that that's just dumb dumb dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum i think the second amendment is in the constitution so that we can have muskets when uh the british people come over in eighteen hundred gun control people who literally know nothing about the product they're trying to ban what could possibly be the justification for banning muzzle loaders well you know unfortunately if you had me if you had me on every time it was a mass shooting it might be every night but i'm glad to be on here what you left out is there's actually a company that's trying to jump through a loophole like people do and create a muzzle that can be shot with a silencer uh that shoots 50 caliber bullets that can do a lot of damage let's say the dc sniper wanted to do something what we need is one bullet to kill someone and what we're doing now is actually trying to have a conversation before because every time we bring it up right after a shooting you always say now is not the time and what i what i come to believe is that we just don't want to have the conversation at all so how many crimes do you think in the last i don't know 100 years have been committed with muzzle loaders well well once this new muzzle is created we just don't know but what you do a great job and it works for you so i'm not saying you should stop you do a great job of focusing on these single things when we really meet the facts yeah that is kind of like facts it's just avoidance of a conversation about guns and you do it very well actually i'd very much like to have a conversation about guns so here you have gabby giffords group saying that we need to regulate a rifle a firearm they clearly know nothing about a muzzle loader is loaded from the muzzle from the end of the barrel where the bullet comes out and you put in the powder and then the wadding and then the round what i'm saying is and the whole thing takes like a minute so it's not probably going to be responsible for a lot of mass shootings well a silencer a silencer and a 50-caliber bullet means that one person can die and we're trying to talk about preventative and you don't want us to talk about reactionary but the biggest issue can i sense your question yeah i know you're a gun expert so you maybe you can explain this to me why would a silencer have what does a silencer have to do with the silence perhaps you want to shoot a gun that nobody can hear so you can get away but silencers or suppressors don't make a gunshot inaudible you can still hear it really well they really do help no they don't i've shot them in a 50 caliber it's fine round you know make a lot of ignorance let's let's even say i grant you that but the biggest no no i will because the bigger conversation is there is an avoidance of a conversation of how the over abundance of guns in this country is correlated to guns no i'm trying to have this conversation in specific terms rather than in bumper sticker terms generalizations and we get away with that so i'd like to just bring it back to the tangible which here's an actual firearm that an actual gun control group is trying to regulate and my question is why they're they're the least threatening firearm you could honestly pick out of the full range of firearms so that suggests to me the people making this recommendation literally know nothing and they just experienced themselves but what they do know is that uh the united states makes up four percent of the population but almost own almost half of the guns in the entire world what they do know that there's a correlation between countries that have access to guns and gun violence what they do know is that you are no more likely to be robbed in america than you are in london but you're exponentially more likely to be killed because of the access to guns and so what we need to it's actually a fairly complex question um as to why that is but let's get started when you adjust the population the number one thing that tells you whether a country is likely to have mass shootings is the axis of guns right but let me i mean i don't concede that point because it's silly but let me just get back to the specific point here no it's it's speculative but no but what's not speculative is that an actual gun control group is trying to ban a gun that is responsible precisely no crimes no mass shootings and takes almost a full minute to reload one shot that suggests to me that the goal is not safety the goal is disarming the population i'm trying to save lives what are you trying to do well how many lives have been taken by muzzleloaders well we're trying to prevent that you don't even want to do that well i i i don't think there's any evidence that it's ever happened or it ever will happen so we shouldn't talk about it after mass shooting we shouldn't talk about it before someone jumps through a loophole so when should we talk about it describe what a mass shooting by a muzzleloader i said when should we talk about it if we can't talk about it after the match it's going to happen with a musket no one would kill me crazy if it does but also the biggest thing which is not speculative you won't even acknowledge that perhaps a country that has four percent of the population and owns uh over half the best that's an interesting conversation but when you bring muskets into it it kind of discredits i would say you're saying and by the way to be fair because the councilman we're talking to you did not think up this crackpot idea that was former congresswoman gabby giffords councilman we're out of time when you run for mayor we come back and we can debate musketeers thank you
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