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after World War two the white middle-class sword of prosperity as a result of bills like the GI Bill and african-americans who are coming home from war didn't get those benefits simply because they were African American the US Department of Veteran Affairs denied African Americans access to those benefits simply because of their race and I you are correct in saying that no one today dealt with that particular issue with that being said however there was wealth amassed as a result of those programs that still exists today and when I think of your example about an individual who works as a janitor and sees people dining in a beautiful cafe walking home from work I want to ask you do you think any of that indignation given certain circumstances might actually be justified simply because there have been systematic blocks in people's way throughout American history not ending with slavery not ending with the Jim Crow laws not ending it was someone say even today we still have housing discrimination all of which is to say you found that during the Cold War era there was a massive boom in the white middle class's prosperity and you just didn't have that among African Americans not because they weren't meritorious but because they were discriminated against so let me ask you know where in a word I've been a very smart college it's worth pursuing a discussion on these points so there are Americans whose present benefits are due to past advantage by the way this past advantage which is often assumed to continue with the white man actually goes all the way back to the beginning the American Indians who were here first right had a huge advantage we presume that they owned the whole country now honey by the way let's pause for a moment how do you get to own a country if you have Cain and Abel and Abel is a shepherd and Cain is a farmer and Cain says okay I'm not gonna put a fence around the whole world I own it because I'm the only guy here you're a shepherd and my descendants will now inherit the earth and anybody who shows up is a usurper Rousseau says that the first guy who puts up a fence and claims he owns something is a con man so the American Indians came they happen to be first they came in a bunch of tribes the Navajos who got the land took it from the Hopi or the pueblos their law of the jungle was conquest that's how they got the land there's a big fight about the Black Hills that I cover in the film the the Sioux who got the Black Hills took it from the Cheyenne so when we sail give us the land back are you gonna turn around and give it back to the Cheyenne oh no it's ours really how come you own it forever now so what I'm getting at here is history is very complicated let me give you the example of India so we can look at this at the level of theory okay India was invaded by the British and earlier by the Afghans and the Persians and the Mongols so you have all these successive invasions right are you actually saying that you believe in a rule of social justice today that says globally let's look at this as a global rule of justice I'm gonna figure out whose ancestors did watch the home and I'm going to return goods that were illicitly taken from the beginning to the people who had it originally do you believe that that's a viable way to organize our society do you believe if I can ask you a direct question that you are the beneficiary of white privilege here at Amherst I don't know well yeah and ours okay if you are if you are can I ask you a further question oh okay yeah but I don't just say it in a sort I don't say it in a self-flagellating and self-aggrandizing way I really try not to I'm simply saying that because you asked me really I view the recognition of one's privilege as an impetus to change things so I don't just say I have a privilege I try to help those who have not benefited from this you say listen that this is actually very important because there's okay there's a psychology right well you see here's I'm gonna answer your question but I and I'm really not trying to attack you I'm not trying to be provocative I just find that often I think the essence of a much of this discourse around surrounds hypocrisy and you're trying to it maybe you're trying to demonstrate that I'm a hypocrite I I say a benefit from white privilege yet I don't actually do anything but I'm gonna I'm gonna backpedal and say that ultimately I think what the greatest vices is cruelty and I'm not gonna I don't want to be hypocritical so to answer your question I'll start in high school I and I mean dude do people want to hear this or you do it look let me say where I'm going with that I think you're well what to say it's not like I picked anyone out to help based on the color of their skin but I was a tutor for people who tended to be low-income when I was in high school I suppose that that would be one one direct answer to your question because often times disparate educational opportunities are grounded in disparate economic systems or systems that produce disparate economic outcomes so that's one way that I would combat it on an individual level all right here's what I'm getting with this okay one of the benefits of a good education of reading people like Nietzsche is you begin to understand how deep the human desire is to for moral self exculpation moral self exculpation now you say and I didn't say this you said this I'm a beneficiary of illicit white privilege okay illicit why is it all white privilege or listen it's a desert in this I mean in this current system there is legality I mean it means immoral okay the moral white privilege okay so then if I were to say to you there are surely many deserving minorities who would like to come to Amherst but have the inherited disadvantage of American history therefore since you are an acknowledged beneficiary of illicit privilege would you be willing to step aside voluntarily putting your own moral mouth where your self-proclaimed virtue is and give your seat your seat not my seat I realize you may be super generous with other people's advantages and favor affirmative action so other white kids who apply that amarus are turned away to open spaces for minorities but I'm not talking about you acting out your virtue on them I'm talking about you acting out your virtue on you are you willing to give up your illicit seat that you don't deserve here at Amherst to make room for our disadvantaged minority yes or no okay well let me start here I don't know how you got on the topic of affirmative action by following the logic I don't know I never said specifically that I think that race-based affirmative action is the best way to rectify the systems by stepping out and then why don't you go to the registrar tomorrow and tell them you want to withdraw from Amherst I'm listening go ahead okay I mean look I'm the only continuing engaged because you continue to engage with me and I do want to hear other people's questions but in response to that again what you're trying to demonstrate is that everyone's hypocritical is someone once said that we're all we're all dirty up to our arms right we're not all perfect none of us is perfectly morally consistent now I've said absolutely nothing about affirmative action the fact is that I believe everyone in this room is hypocritical to some degree that doesn't mean that we shouldn't strive for a more just and equitable system entirely there have been points in my life in which I have given up some of the privileges with it with which I have been endowed simply because I realized that it wasn't the right thing to do at the same time I think everyone needs to survive and that we we understand that we exist in an imperfect system and that we have to conduct our business in such a way as to not only adhere to our moral standards but to the standards imposed upon us by the system in which we live and I think that we have to be generous to people in their efforts to not be hypocritical and then do their best but I don't think that we should totally throw away the idea that we shouldn't have those standards at all so that's my response to you but I would still like a response to my question regarding the inequity that I talked about with the US Department of Veterans Affairs that is wealth that is passed down and it's documental wealth the same way that the wealth created or the wealth stolen as a product of slavery was also documental wealth we have numbers that demonstrate precisely how much wealth was stolen and that's money that in some way could be given back now if we're saying that it's absolutely impossible to give that money back because it's too hard to trace we'd have to give money to the African tribes we'd have to give money to people who are no exist that's absolutely fine but we have to understand that we haven't really come to terms with that injustice that's been perpetrated and if we are admitting that no one that no one is perfectly entitled to absolutely everything that their ancestors were have stolen from them then we also have to accept that there are people today who benefit from the fact that their parents and grandparents profited from this immoral system and the way to deal with that is with the social safety net that enables everyone to thrive I'll leave you there yes well the the core of the American system this will actually answers your question directly is that how do what do we do about the conquest ethic of the past and here there are two options there are two options one option is we establish equal rights under the law that was the solution of the civil rights movement that we have had race-based discrimination we've had racial hierarchy let's stop let's treat people according to the color of this according the content of the character equal rights under the law equal rights under the law the other option which you're defending is you could essentially call it let's correct for history let's correct for history let's try to find out who are the people in possession of stolen goods and let's return it now the first thing I'm trying to say is this is a hugely controversial principle because it actually involves wrecking the freedom of a free society you basically have to put it frankly if we were to carry that out go into people's homes and take their stuff take their furniture take their cars you don't seem to have even the guts to do that you don't have the morals self-confidence to do it yourself it may be if I am advocating a rule of social justice and I'm advocating it for the whole society before I persuade everybody else let's say I'm a I'm a I'm a Christian I believe everybody should give 10% of their wealth to help the poor and I go you know what there the Bible says this the Bible says that everybody should give 10% of their wealth to help the poor and somebody says Dinesh are you giving 10% of your wealth and I'm like actually no but I did do some tutoring and you go wait a minute aren't you advocating aren't you saying that there is a moral duty to do this why don't you do it before you convince us you do it and you're like I don't think I should do it because Society is extremely complex and nothing I should do it unless everybody else does it no either you believe in it and you do it once you've done it you might impress us and then you might convince the rest of us that our wealth is also ill-gotten but you can't do it and I'm not trying to indict everybody of hypocrisy only you because because you're the one you're the one who said I'm the beneficiary of illicit privilege so you're a really good starting point because I'm asking if you're in possession of stolen goods why aren't you willing to return them so that's why fundamentally I see your charity you're doing the Civil War there was a guy who goes I'm very happy to give so I've given three cousins to the ward I'm ready to sacrifice my wife's brother that's basically your ethics you're willing to have social justice with other people pay but you're not willing to pay so that's the problem and that's the problem with the progressivism that marches behind social justice while protecting its own privileges you know how you said we all have to survive really you have to be an a murse to survive you don't have to be an amorous to survive you have to be at amorous to benefit you have to be at amorous because you're getting opportunities at this college that many other people are not getting so if you say you believe in equal opportunity you're a hypocrite because you are taking advantage of opportunities unavailable to others but for you this hypocrisy is fully justified because you are militating on behalf of the poor but if it's if if you are against privilege this college is privileged so there's a glaring hypocrisy you will never turn your moral mirror on yourself to say what am i doing about it that's my point for you society should act before you do to enforce your moral code let's take a couple more questions
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