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yo guys what is up scammer vaults here Bri today I'm bringing you guys another crazy video so yeah this video it's a little bit long it's around 20 minutes which I originally had to edit down from 59 minutes so a lot of the first part of the video which was it was really just me talking to him getting connected and then looking through his files downloading stuff deleting some stuff but I edited it down to the big you know the big grand finale part so yeah I hope you guys enjoy this video and please watch the whole thing because it really shows the tactics these guys use to try to get tech illiterate people to give access to their accounts like fully just watch this video the tactic teacher I was using to basically fully make it so my bank account is now his unless I go to the actual bank but by that time he could have done so many things to it uh yeah but also please check out my Twitter super close to 10k and we're super close to 7k in the discourse with both those links will be in the description also text here misty night calm you can share his camera numbers websites and more and check out my twitch for its camp 8 live streams but other than that I will see you guys in the next video I hope you enjoy this alright peace I'm sorry what you do one thing so you just go ahead and log in once you're logged in do let me know oh you want me to log back log into the email uh-huh okay let me let me go back to my notebook I've installing this guy look at all these files if there's so much stuff oh my gosh look how long it's taken to delete this is literally his personal computer and I've down look it over on this side this is all the stuff I've downloaded I've downloaded so much stuff hello yeah hello yeah hello hey let me see here I don't I think I might have to reset my password alright go ahead and do that let me see here okay here let me reset it on my phone okay is okay if I put you on speaker yes closeup okay I'm gonna put you on speaker and I'ma reset it because it turns out I did not write it down in my notepad which is kind of dumb you can just like use your computer to do that so you don't need to worry oh but I'm already logged in on my phone that's why all right good all right so I just go to the Gmail settings mm-hmm Gmail and then I go to account settings you try it here so like it would be very nice you can also help here and he's an Android developer it's deleting all of his Android you can just check your email from your phone or Lisa did you receive any emails from the windows care cancelation yeah okay let me go let me go out of settings here okay Gmail just check your inbox yeah primary I do not see it at my primary now let me check that it's alright so like I have received a notification as you were searching for your email I look and you are entitled to receive a refund of 499 dollars so like $399 was the amount you paid to us and $100 extra is given to you as a compensation from Better Business Bureau sir okay funded 500 or what yeah five dollars would be spent amount you need to write you need to put into your line let me see here my bank statements yeah your bank statements oh that's alright so no we need to worry about that it might happen you need to need to check that but first you need to fill in like you need to fill in the form and your repo here because this is this is their actual computer like their personal computer like they had like illegal versions of battlefield and stuff downloaded uh one second there's there's someone knocking on my door I'll be I'll be right back okay we're at ninety four thousand files deleted and this does not go to the recycle bin I'm I'm gonna wait and we're gonna act like there's sort of a door I thought I might come back and I'm gonna just blabber about oh there was some random person at my door oh I like like I come back what are you damned 50% look at this and we've deleted all his backups - oh goodness goodness gracious this is this is any desk is literally like anti scammer deterrent it's like a bare fucking it's like bear spray for scammers like get away from me hello yeah hello hi can you hear me yeah I can hear ya sorry about that some dude came to my door door trying to sell me food and stuff oh yeah definitely not doing that you know - boom I just had another question about you said that there was something in my bake statement you said once you fill up the recent form yeah you would be getting in each bank account sir so it will be credited into your account within two or three minutes what's an e-check it's an electronic check sir do it do I have to like go to the bank with that or how does that work no no it would be directly onto your account sir like from the server so it would be tend to use that can you see first you need to fill up the form and once you are done you will be receiving it an e-check into your online bank yeah but what - well sir I've never used anything like that before okay check me the money would be done and you would be getting a check there with a photo of it normally is concept yeah no no keep going sorry so I would think do you say you would receive the check on to your bank statement where you need to accept it so it's gonna go like what like it's basically going to be like if I took into your statement like it would be directly going on into your account you can use that with your card whenever you want to so think it would be adding up into your balance okay so it's basically going to be like if I went to an ATM with huh like it's like that only but the thing is you would be receiving that directly onto your account and the money is usable as soon as you go ahead and swipe your card wherever you need to spend that money you can spend it with the help of your culture so it's like immediately what is it once it goes once once you guys sent it and it gets to my account it's immediately like yeah basically yeah it would be directly posted into your account you don't need to worry it would not be pending for a day sir the money would be going into your account with immediate effect okay so so basically it's like it's like if if I transferred like if we had the same Bank and I transferred a $1 out to you it's like what it's like a jelly paper like if it gets hit instantaneously you heard of the jelly right I've heard of it I've seen it in like advertisements but I've never used it alright no razor what can you do you need to put I'm not that into you know all that stuff I guess you could kind of I can't understand yeah so can you just go ahead and have a look so in front of your computer Queen can you give a third bank name yes I can see that you need to go ahead and put your bank's name there the name of the bank you have your debit card with okay so I just type just the regular name does it have to be the same or now you know like you need to put the regular bank name that's it okay well mines well mines Wells Fargo yeah you need to tell that and like put that in there yep okay sensitive or something you know no no it's alright it's alright yeah so after that you need to hit and you need to put BMO or 900 at 95,000 files deleted okay way sorry you cut out a little bit what do I need to do now on the right hand side can you see it was a refund amount put the refund amount at $4.99 for $99 do I need to put you know it's all right then yes subjects from like you can do one thing sir once it is done just hold on okay it is submitted now once you see a new tab oh my gosh alright now what you need to do say you need to be very is gonna try and get me to log into my bank sure about one thing that you need to log out your account from your cell phone first log out of your well log out on my no not your email no sir like listen to me properly okay you said that you back out of my account on my cell phone so I can't reclaim my accounts they change the password you're like you have a mobile banking app with Wells Fargo right yes so what you need to do sir till the time being we are transferring you the funds you need to log out your account from your cell phone cause we don't want these that's an error like if you have your account logged in in more than one device so it might happen that can cause trouble all right so what you need to do you need to go ahead app on my phone yeah you need to do Wow what a scumbag do let me know okay yeah let me pull it up here so just log out of the app on my phone the Wells Fargo app yeah yeah you need to love us tell me about Pablo app and then you need to go ahead and log in onto your computer Peter why you need to log into your account here logged in on my phone I can't go in and just immediately check back what scumbags alright let's upload I'm logging out right now let me find the screen let's upload that that file to us - as a desktop skipper upload there it is have a circuit files that I've been exposed okay so I just logged out on my phone now mm-hmm so what do you need me do now I logged out from your cell phone yes I am okay no you need to go ahead and type the Wells Fargo on the Google page like on the top page well every for you and scroll down scroll down let me I'm saying to you scroll down a little the page scroll down the page and there would be a blue line which says Wells Fargo Bank and credit loans mortage evade what's your coffees over I guess shit - the coffee's Wells Fargo Bank your mortgage oh this one okay alright it would go to your bank page I believe right yes alright so what you need to do so you need to login like first of all you need to put in your username and sir yeah yeah I had a question yeah okay can you look at your desktop no sir like the thing is we are not able to see your computer's desktop yeah sure yeah like what happened sir no I'm asking if you can look at your desktop I'm looking at my desktop so what happened what do you see I see my computer sir no your home screen with all the icons this home screen with all the icons what do you like where wallpaper is and stuff the home screen yep can you see it yeah I can feed up what happens that does it say it doesn't say anything what do you mean not my home screen your home screen doesn't what do you want your desktop that's what I'm asking do you get what I mean yeah you know yeah do you can you can you go and click on the file that says scammer text yeah did you open it yep what does it say you know when fuck you Matt haha I just deleted a hundred and thirty-eight thousand of your files you scammer scum bhenchod you yeah yes scammer CEO you disconnected why'd you just connect offline now you add you unplug the computer no no what'd you do why did you disconnect ventured hi I just hated all your stuff Terry market you and you know what else I did I downloaded it all too so I have all your stuff I have all your stuff you sad sad scammer I just got all your father you're the scammer you're the disgrace who would like you you're nobody likes people like you you're just you know you're a thing tell me what you want tell me what all your files are gone cuz that's a damn fact huh I know there's no no one copy us under my so I'm more than one laptop so you can know I deleted all the files on your other hard drive where you made the little backup of your desktop I deleted all that to your battlefield all you know if I deleted all of it your Android video files it's all deleted it's so funny with a try going oh I had a backup and that you like explain to them how you can tell they clearly don't and then they just say shut up or something oh my gosh that was hilarious to 258,000 files oh man and and I delete this Android studio so the signatures and everything for any apps he was making oh man wow that is crazy holy crap i i've never deleted that many with any test that's actually insane the amount of time i had to sit here install this guy cuz how long it was taking oh man well i'm gonna end this video here i hope you guys enjoyed especially this scammer rate she got so pissed he was so uh you could tell when he read the file he was like yeah and then he what did he say because we out or something oh man well yeah other than that i hope you guys enjoy this video i will see you guys next time peace
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