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hello hello hello yes would you like to technically support me no thank you for calling Windows come out of you yes I'm here I'm asking for help with my computer what sort of trouble you having with your computer may know I had this message on the screen a few minutes ago I don't really know why something about a virus or a pop-up or something okay can you please go ahead and read out the exact method that appears on your screen at the moment you want me to read to you what's on my screen yes I'm sorry say can you repeat that get up come to think of it I don't even think I have a computer no I saw it in a dream one time okay I'm very lonely really you think I have electricity in my house yeah that might be a problem I don't have internet either okay so we didn't you calling us I have no idea you know that you're scammers so that's fun okay hello yeah I'm sorry what was that we're talking that it's for you middle finger is for you that's intelligent thanks for calling suppose my name is yeah I got this weird message on my screen your computer has been blocked okay sir may I ask you sir what you were trying to do on this computer when you got this message here I was going to check something in my Facebook account okay and so before it was working fine yeah I mean it's an older computer so it's a little slow but for the most part it was all right sir might be possible you may have some issues because of that this kind of notification you are getting from Windows so I will say let me check the problem first then I will let you know about it and I will make sure that your computer will be working fine in the future also okay okay so before proceeding further may I have a name please your first name and last name yeah my name is Michael Smith you have your phone number in case this call we disconnected got it sir and so is it your personal computer or is it your work computer no it's my personal computer all right sir I want to inform it that for providing you a better help and support I need to connect your computer with our Windows servers so that I can check what is happening there okay sir so please look at your keyboard left hand Sidebottom there is a Windows key do you see that sir so I would like to inform you that we have successfully connected your computer with our Windows server right now I can see your computer screen do you see my cursor is moving on a computer screen yeah so you're connected my computer yes so you are right yes so it should be happen so that we can help you in a better way okay and also how old this computer is yeah like I said it's on the older side I'm not exactly sure how old but it works pretty well for the most part I mean I've never had a reason to upgrade there was an error starting this application what does that mean influencer you are using a virtual machine in the Sun beater but I don't think so sorry true a machine you told me that you were getting a message on a computer screen that you can be to God block but I can't see that method now yeah I closed that out it was in the way it kept flashing in front of me it was keeping me from moving the mouse around it was slowing down my computer a lot all right I mean maybe I shouldn't have closed it I'm not sure I'm I'm not very good with computers I mean I check my email every once in a while like one Facebook I watched movies and that's about the extent of what I do you know I always feel like someone's gonna hack me though so I'm very paranoid about that and may know so which browser you are using when you got this message on the screen Google Chrome all right fulfill working on it there okay all right am I gonna have to buy new computer though that's what I'm kind of worried about because I know this computer is old so is it gonna be able to be fixed or do I just have to trash it no sorry it's a good machine for yes it's a good machine sir it's good to go for a long time I know yeah I dunno it's on the older side though you should not be having any problems in it sir I just got that message and it kind of scared me it said someone was stealing my information so I made sure to call you right away but do you know about the virtual machine what's a virtual machine seems to me that you are using a virtual machine here I mean it's an Acer computer I don't think it's a virtual computer why is it logging off that point that need not to worry about it what is all this what is happening sir the system is building in safe mode what is safe mode safe mode in that mode for you are no infection can harm a computer why would it be in safe mode though I don't understand is that bad it seems to me so you may have some issues there so I'm checking for it sir please ignore my silence okay all right I'm here sir you are trying to do something I didn't do anything you kind of made a big mistake though no no why would happen what happened I don't know you tell me what happened how's your computer why don't you try opening like paint or notepad or something on your computer not on my computer on your computer just tell me what happens scammer hello I bet you figured out what's going on here didn't you thank you for calling and supporting my name is Helene how can I help you yeah Alain how are you today let me talk to the guy whose computer probably isn't working very well can you tell me can you tell me his name so that I can transfer the call I don't remember his name he's probably all wondering why his computer was completely blue screening right now no if you don't know in standeth how could i transfer the call i well i was using a virtual machine obviously and i called you guys because i know your scammers I guess there's really no issue here only issue with you guys if you do not have any kind of problem then why did you call out number because you're scammers and I'm wasting your time and one of your computers is dead over there it's a shame you're not all connected otherwise it would have been much worse for you how can you say that so if you don't have any time or any problem with your computer then you call our number right in order to get fixed the problem is that what you want isn't it let's see this moron took my bank information for one which was his biggest mistake okay I mean he's trying to ciske me now well what do I expect really can you just tell me what exactly the issue is so that I can go ahead help you with that well I guess you forgot that I know that you're scammers but he just try to ciske me as well you can't tell me what makes you feel that we're in scammer well your numbers on a fake pop-up guy was very unprofessional on the phone he was laughing at me when I told him I didn't know much about computers I'm very nice so let me tell you we are really just making abandoned so free support company who provides services security and software assistance really I think that's if you think this way then why did you call our number you want your computer to be safe isn't it my computer's fine actually he's saying this thing is gonna call the police on me that's interesting sorry can you please repeat it once again apparently he's gonna call the police on me let me tell you one thing this is a legitimate company ok we'll just call it regardless really yes do I really care where did this a professional call that you're talking to well scamming isn't really a profession I'm sorry can you tell me what makes you feel as weird scammer well your numbers on a fake pop-up for one a pop-up that means nothing says there's something wrong with your computer even though there's not you know for one let me tell you we value your decision however feel free to ask if you have any doubt or Corey we're just stopping you well your numbers on a fake pop-up and I'd like to know why so where did you go to a number from a fake pop-up that I got on purpose in your case your computer recover now due to the fake our number is on internet and pops up automatically in computer if saucer is infected but don't you worry your operating system has directed to the secure support place you want to stop reading off the script for like one goddamn second I mean I know you're a scammer that script means nothing now I'm sorry for that sir and that kid I couldn't help to help you you're still reading so at the moment okay well I guess I don't have a nightmare I guess I'm gonna call you back thanks for calling suppose which is rather troubling I'll help you today Alex you don't sound very happy with your life are you doing all right yeah I'm doing everything fine sir me not gonna help you I'd like to know why you're scamming people but you just sound very upset so we are not scamming anybody really you're not a fake papa no we are not it says there's a problem with my computer but there's nothing wrong with it but is telling you that there is something on the computer then there is something wrong no there's not you are the loser ever d200 x2 how does that make any sense I'm sorry whatever code is that but it was five identical oh really but it seems like if I just close out the browser but it's open and it'll go away you can just close the browser it's up to you but the problems will remain there on your network oh my no but it's a virtual machine yes yes well if you talk about the virtual machine the virtual machine is also connected to an internet connection right so it is not under computer but it is on the network no it's isolated but you share your internet it's a virtual land adapter it's isolated you're bullshitting me right now I got the pop-up on purpose it's your whistle yeah there's nothing wrong yeah but I'd like to know why you're standing people I mean I just want you to answer that question that's what I'm trying to tell you it's your misconception and I don't think important to answer the silly questions silly question right thank you thank you for calling support here speaking to Jennifer how can I help you sir why you worried even me when did I amuse you I'm sorry you're abusing me you're saying rascal how can I help you first of all I never said that second of all I was not abused sir how can I help you tell me can you say that I'm the scammer abusing me [Music] you
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