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okay so a little while back I received this interesting email supposedly from a gentleman oh sorry a great citizen named Jose Peterson [Applause] where was I oh yes Jose Peterson who on his deathbed wants me to take charge of his fortune blah blah charity obvious advance fee scam set up let's go scam baiting again [Music] before we start let's just cover one point of admin if you liked this video and subscribe please understand this isn't the only type of content I make for this channel in fact most of my content is on other topics I'm just saying this because I do get a few confused comments about why people receive my other stuff in their feed feel free to skip anything you don't like or you know don't subscribe if the right ear noise you anyway on with the scam baiting objectives for this little venture will be waste the scammers time confound and annoy him and also will try to get the scammer to reveal his bank details then we'll report him so away we go I often find it useful to make my first response one of almost refusal I feel like it really gets the scammer on the hook if you play so innocent that you wouldn't dream of just taking the fortune supposedly offer so he replied to Peterson telling him I wasn't sure why he'd contacted me and that my financial situation was too difficult to enable me to donate to his charity this might have been too much of a brush-off as he didn't reply so I just fired off a quick in email to say what do you want me to do next Peterson replied thanking me for accepting to help him with his dying plight reiterating his story about dying of coronary artery disease and also Wittering on to the effect that this was some sort of death bed repentance thing where he now realized he hadn't cared now for people but had now seen the error of his ways and since his own family had refused to help him make amends he was calling upon me random internet guy to help there was a bit of religious boilerplate in there and some attached documents which I was supposed to use when contacting his lawyer to prove that I was indeed the proper custodian of the funds which by the way is half a million dollars u.s. now I've had bigger his closing paragraph said something about hoping his trust wouldn't be washed down a canal that sounds like an idiom lost in translation I guess we could probably use that to narrow down the country of origin of this scammer anybody got any ideas so my next response I played dumb my favorite game repeating my earlier protests that I could not donate to any charities but also reassuring him there were no canals nearby sand not to worry about that no response so I asked him if he was still alive Peterson never responded again after that but now I had an email from the lawyer character Silva Morrison Carlos or maybe Carlos since silver or something else one thing I know about scammers is they're never very sure about first and last names Carlos provided the usual email template asking for personal details of the sort you really shouldn't share with strangers on the Internet he promised that the inheritance would be paid to me either as a check or as a prepaid ATM card that's right a prepaid ATM card for half a million dollars I totally believe those exist he said that the scan of my ID was optional that was fortunate as I really didn't want to go to all the trouble of creating a fake passport like I did for Manuel rather than providing my fake ID info and decided to divert the conversation into an inquiry about Peterson was he okay Carlos responded mostly to ask the details he'd already requested but also mentioning that Judah Peterson's health issue he is often restricted that should have cleared up the matter but somehow it didn't I wrote about my concern as to why Carlos should restrict Peterson and please would he stop restricting him while there's still time cars tried to explain my misunderstanding bless and again asked for the details had requested before so here are my fake victim details my name is Baron Montague Julius Fiona Tuttle my address is a completely fictitious but plausibly real address in a location not very near me but near enough that I can describe the locality later if I need to age 56 nationality British occupation Baron of the handle and Solent lands and the southern pastures I also gave him the phone number of my throw away prepaid SIM card as well as a vague excuse as to why it would be switched off if he ever tried to call me without prior arrangement I wasn't ever to hear from Peterson again but I did write him a sympathetic note I'm fairly sure there were two scammers at work here one hooking victims the other reeling them in I had hoped to play them off against each other but sadly not this time nothing from Carlos the lawyer so I sent a slightly impatient reminder then I got a very very standard and probably templated email from Carlos saying that all paperwork's will be taken care of there's no hidden charges or fee then also saying that a payment of $300 would be necessary to activate Peterson's account because you know that's what banks obviously do if you just leave money in an account they won't let you take it out until he put some more in that totally makes sense right there was lots more pointless woful unpadded about how the prepaid ATM card would supposedly work and about the option to withdraw the fund as a cashier's check so how can we derail this conversation how about nitpicking the contradiction between there being no fee and there being a fee so that's what I did I wrote as if it was probably just a typo in his part and asked him to correct it I also in quite about Peterson you can tell when a scam are starting to get a bit shirty they dropped the greetings and the signature off the email just right lines of response that's what Carlos did trying to explain badly what he'd meant and telling me that I needed to activate the account so I said look just to make it simple just take the $300 out of the fund I don't know why you need me to suggest this again an email but with no greeting or sign-off from Carlos saying that no transaction can be made on our dormant account I was not ready to let this matter go just yet so I suggested that he just use a deferment account from his organization and build me later for the fee and also how is Peterson Carlos wasn't going to budge on the fee I mean this is obvious because the fee that is the demand for me to send him $300 is the only thing he sincerely wants being an advance fee scammer so I suggested we just use one of my own accounts which was already active I think this confused him as he just responded okay sir what do you suggest so I gave him the details of my fictitious but plausible bank account he responded to say I don't know if you understand me sir the account is dormant so no transaction can be made until it's reactivated I just said I think it's you who doesn't understand me use a different account problem solved I thought maybe I pushed too hard so I backed up a bit so we could star a new but equally unproductive sidetrack and I offered to send the $300 Carlos seems so excited by this the caps lock button got stuck on and he strutted me to send the money via MoneyGram to his supposed bank account officer he gave you enough information about this person that I was able to track down her actual address and her Facebook page so I responded hoping to shake the scammer up a bit stating that by amazing coincidence my daughter was a personal acquaintance of the bank officer I provided an address part that wasn't part of the information he'd given me he just shrugged it off oh well it was worth a try a new tactic was required so I visited a website I think it's called scam beta stool box I'll put a link in the video description and I downloaded a fake MoneyGram security questionnaire which is by the way a lot of fun as amongst other things he asks the respondent to color in their fingertips with ballpoint pen in order to provide finger prints for the form I sent this to Carlos stating that Natasha would have to fill it in before I could transfer the fee Carlos just said I would have to find a different way to send the fee I just used this as an opportunity to express doubt about the scammers and suggested maybe the bank could assign a more competent person no response from Carlos for 24 hours so I sent a quick chaser another 24 hours and still no response so chased again in truth all they want here is a more satisfying conclusion than the scam are simply withdrawing I can't end this video like that Carlos replied with a brand new contact and asking me to pay by bank transfer to BB&T Bank so the first thing I did was report this account to BB&T along with the rest of the email discussion thread the second thing I did was act confused and ask Carlos wait change horses he didn't reply so I ramped up the annoyance and I expressed my disappointment at his failure I also made an excuse about how it could not make offshore transfers for reasons I've been instructed not to discuss with strangers and I offered to pay by two alternative methods spawn duel and money purple Carlos eventually responded to complain about my inability to pay the $300 and in seeming desperation offered another payment method gift cards I replied to point out that a gift card would not be appropriate as this was not a gift it was a fee pretending I had no idea how that would work I also voiced my concern about the constant changing a payment method and asked Carlos if he knew he's doing this made Carlos a bit cross and he told me not to doubt his competence and again asking for payment by gift card or Western Union I have a rule respond to aggression not with compliance but with righteous indignation so I told Cass that his competence was in question argued that it was him not me that was being awkward and told him once again to get the money Graham form filled in and returned Carlos made some really lame excuses and Natasha could not fill in the form because she was unavoidably indisposed I decided to pour on a bit more indignation and just complained about the vague explanation the ridiculous unprofessionalism of asking for a payment with gift card and finishing off by suggesting that we might need to delay the transaction until Natasha's availability or until Carlos could find a competent assistant Carr surprised me by now offering a new contact and a bank account for making the payment someone called Kevin I promised Carlos I would transfer the - Kevin's account then I went straight to the bank's website and using their chat function I reported Kevin's account for fraud the next day I told Carlos I transferred the money and asked for confirmation when Kevin received it of course this confirmation would never happen as I didn't transfer any money Carlos asked for confirmation of the payment this is pretty standard but I couldn't be bothered to fake any documents at this stage so I made an excuse I told Carlos there was no transaction slit but I could see the transfer in my banking app but I could not provide any document Carlos insisted on getting confirmation of payment and suggested I should make a screen shoot from my online banking app [Music] clearly he was pretty eager to get his hands on my money I told him I didn't know how to do that but I would visit the bank and ask for help Carlos chased me for an update the next day but I just made another excuse saying the banking app disables screenshots actually that is true of most banking apps and I could not provide documentation so he should just get Kevin to confirm receipt Carlos insisted that I provide documentation now arguing that I should check my emails for evidence of the transfer and forward that or take a photo of my banking app using a different device I told him to stop making such a drama out of this and get Kevin to confirm receipt I thought this might be a good chance to inject a bit of suspicion and ask where the Carlos really trusted kevin carlos insisted that this is all standard and he was only doing his job an hour or two later Carlos chased me in for an update and asked for the transaction ID again I responded to a regression with righteous indignation and so complained that he was being pushy and he was being difficult when he could just ask Kevin for the evidence I also pointed out there wouldn't be any email receive the transfer because my bank doesn't just email me every time a transaction is made Carlos wanted that money though so he asked for the transaction amount and ID so I just made one up unsurprisingly Carlos said there was no such transaction the receiving account and asked once again for some kind of evidence time to throw him a little bone so using my highly expert graphic design skills and professional tools I mocked up a plausible image of a banking app showing the transfer details I dropped this image on my phone opened it with a photo viewer and then took a picture of the screen using a different camera now that I was able to send this fake evidence I was also able to pile on a bit more ridicule and indignation asking if Carlos was playing games and suggesting that he'd lost my money cuz just thanked me and promised to get back to me the next day he emailed me to say that the payment had not yet been credited at the receiving end and telling me to contact the bank and get them to sort the issue I asserted that I'd been to the bank who had confirmed the transfer was complete and the funds should be showing in the receiving account I also said that in order to kick off a proper investigation I would need a copy of the statement of account from Kevin's bank account Carlos fell back to an argument I hadn't proven payment suggesting that I might have made a typo well I asked for his statement first and I really didn't have the energy to mock up an entire Bank steam so I replied with an accusation that maybe Kevin could not be trusted and stating that I think someone is scamming someone else here I also added a little scare to say that I'd heard something about internet scams and maybe that was what was happening here Carlos assured me that Kevin could be trusted and asked for the confirmation of the bank account assault code I paid the funds to I just said I hadn't made any mistakes and asked him if he was sure the details he'd given me were correct he was sure that he hadn't made a mistake but now he also began calling the payment contact Kelvin I promised I would go back to the bank and get printed evidence I had no intention of providing any documents though too much hard work I voiced my doubt that the document would help and said I was suspicious that someone was being dishonest Carlos went a bit soft and apologized but also asked for the payment slip I just let him stew for a day and he chased me again for the payment slip I replied to say that the bank was unable to provide printed evidence it's just not something they do I waited on a bit just asking what we should do next and asking if he thought it would help if I explained to my bank that this was about Peterson's inheritance that is if I naively explained to my bank that this was a scam setup no reply from Carlos for two days so I chased I also asked for Kevin's direct contact number or email address the next email call me slightly by surprise Carlos attached a video showing Kevin navigating his banking app in which no surprise to me the transfer was not present interestingly though there was enough information on the other transactions visible in the video for me to conclusively identify Kevin as currently residing in the UK and find him on Facebook and find his address I wasn't really sure where to take this next I guess I could have reported Kevin to the police but there just isn't a mechanism for scam beta's like me to hand evidence over the official stance of the authorities is just don't respond in the first place I guess they don't want to be seen to be encouraging the jail ante activity anyway I said I would show the video to my bank and meanwhile how about if I pay the fee via Western Union only a few hours later Carlos chased me for an update time to commence the endgame I told Carlos that I checked and it turns out I didn't actually make the transfer at all way back on the 27th of April Carlos demanded that I explain the screenshot I'd previously sent expressing his disappointment that I had spent almost two weeks messing him around and demanding to know in shouting if I was willing to follow through with the transaction I just explained that the screenshot was the transfer that never took place Carlos was getting pretty angry now and wanted to know why it insisted that I paid the fee when I happened and he said that this had caused him to distrust and delt Kevin whose name he couldn't remember properly call him Kelvin and repeating the shout he caps question I replied Trust is an important thing here but I thought his name is Kevin not Kelvin please clarify fury level now rising Carlos clarified that it was Kevin and saying that I didn't seem to be a reliable person and also repeated his shout he caps question in this case adding the phrase for the last time one thing with threats of finality that I like to do when scam baiting is make sure they're not final so just said there's an important detail he's ignoring and did he know what I was talking about of course he wanted to know the answer so I replied four one nine do you understand what I'm saying he replied I forgive your ignorance I replied I don't forgive your criminal behavior that might have been the end but the next day I thought I'd drop him a quick note to ask any news he replied how may I be of help to you so I thought that's rather an open-ended question and in my final email to him I said so and I said what I guess I really wish for is that he would find an honest job and so that's the end of that little scam biting session I hope you found that fun or interesting or something thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you again soon [Music]
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