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he is very Oh mr. magic Jonathan Ross welcome to what I promise will be but for both the audience here and everyone watching I'm a truly magical night you know I've always loved magic when I was a little kid who's been Charlie by my granddad he would ask me for a coin like Tempe or something and he would just make it vanish into thin air he was a wonderful magician also unfortunately a thief because never got it back we have assembled the queen of the conjuring community of this country and I'm amazed I go through that senators I get it we're going to show you more magic than a Hogwarts Assembly and think of me if you will as an immaculately sooty two ravishing you handsome Dumbledore okay all the masters of their art and they're here the triumph for the men who have been headlining Las Vegas for the last ten years Penn & Teller in fact the only thing bigger than them in Vegas is the city's electricity bill now a huge fan of them I hope you guys well before they come up on stage look at this hey welcome to Vegas my name is Penn Jillette this is my partner tower we're Penn & Teller and we have been working together doing magic for entire adult lives we are over in Britain hoping that somebody or many people will be able to fool us we'll be able to do tricks that we don't know how they're done we have to figure out how they did the trick seeing it once and seeing it once from just the angle we have in the audience we're not watching monitors we don't have sneaky camera shots we don't have any information in advance it's just us sitting there you come on and you fool us and if you can't go home if you can come to Vegas if someone fools us they will get all their expenses paid everything fly over to Las Vegas with us we'll put them up and we'll give them our stage to be able to do their tricks everybody who comes on the show tonight is going to be very very brave aah it's really tough to do a trick for someone who might actually tell you what they think afterwards the show is just about getting back that first feeling that we got we were 5 years old and first saw someone vanish something in their hand like that that's a beautiful wonderful feeling and we want it again so fool us they've been performing together for 35 years it's incredible it's longer than most marriages but like all successful marriages the reason it works I think is that one doesn't now the other one to speak here they are CH the two the only Penn & Teller sorry I know I'm excited I know you're excited as well because genuinely you would like to actually be fooled well yes it's not a competition you know we just wanna the reason you get into magic is there's no better feeling to being fooled that the longer you work in magic the harder it is to be fooled so you're gonna watch it just the ones here's what's you know camera trickery no editing nothing like that what you see at home is exactly what Penn & Teller see what everyone here in the audience sees and you're gonna try and work out if you know how they and we'll do our best to try to uh figure it out you're not gonna tell us exactly how it's done though I guess you'll use the language of the trade you'll you'll give us enough information to make sure we know they know you know they know and we will they know you know what they have done there's nothing we'll do it over the hill we want ya before we get on with the show some people may not have had the experience of seeing Penn & Teller perform live before so now to show you they're very much at the very top of the tree Penn & Teller exhibit going we ask you one small favor please take out your cell phones your mobile phones and turn them on and turn the ringers up for we want you all wowed and connected hold it up just like this because we're gonna pick one person from the audience to bring their cell phone onstage and video this first trick from an angle that will show that person how it's done so you have a mobile phone and you know how to use it just hold it up just like this we're gonna find someone that has that and we want to give you a promise we all have personal information on our cell phones we want to promise you we won't monkey with any of that all we will do is let you video this trick from an angle that'll show you how it's done and I think tellers found someone who knows how to use her cell phone what's your name please ma'am Stephanie right over here please Stephanie gonna move you over on this side of me if I may and Stephanie this is your cell phone right here and you have something with you Stephanie that knows your cell phone number and who's that Stephanie that's my friend Emily your friend Emily and I'm Emily if you'd if you'd call Stephanie please I'm gonna hold the phone up so we'll all hear the ringtone and I'll answer this for you this is Emily is this right hello Emily what are you wearing this is the number go by twice more during this bit so be ready for that okay Emily would you turn this into video mode and start the video rolling this is it rolling now is there rolling now okay let's give you a little thing to remember gravy you might miss been July so far to tell her we are Penn & Teller and fool us is proud to present Stephanie give it up for ah would never have you onstage not giving you video of you with a very famous person you can pose here without actually it's over here in England so it's not just Elton John it is Sir Elton John over here Stephanie right in here I just stand back there's the there's the there's the sir there's the Elton John there's Stephanie and there's our wonderful audience right there there's a top underneath your chair there did you get that to me please yeah this we put this under before this is a it's Lou you open it up yourself Stephanie that's an empty coffee cup it's clean and dry they're a much you know back these we're gonna put your phone inside it when you're watching this back Stephanie at this point you'll still hear all the audio but it's gonna go all white of course cuz on the inside of the cup that it's gonna go dark so I'm putting this on there's a one little sip hole I'll put this right on here Stephanie and make sure your phone is safely it's all sorry Steph just and I'm and I'm a juggler - that's the weird part back up I'm gonna put this right down just focus right on that step but he focused on your phone that you saw him there focus on it think about it and you know Stephanie when I can't find my cell phone what I usually do is I have my wife call it and then everybody listens in for the ringtone if we all listen an Allpoint where the sounds coming from we can usually then find the cell phone the places found my cell phone very very unusual now Emily if you would please call Stephanie's phone again and let's all listen if you hear where it's coming from please point to it if you hear it point to it sounds like it's coming from right down there that very well lit it's an empty seat right next to you there what is on that seat box that says do not top boxes do not touch has that box been there since you came into the theater yeah okay take the box pick it up would you please the box is sealed shot is there right yeah would you hand that box forward now keep handing your front to this corner and this woman right here in the corner when the box comes to you we just stand up and walk across the gap to Stephanie here now Stephanie come over here in the center of the stage here now look at that box carefully it's sealed shut is that right would you open that box please pull the tape off and then lift the top off the box yeah it shouldn't be edges pressure on this side it is pulling lift the top off and tell us what's inside the box ebony fish yes and Stephanie what kind of fish is that smelly smelly yes it's also sloppier which is originally an african fish but now aqua farmed all over and I want you to use your nose Stephanie and make sure you've already said this to make sure that is indeed a real fish tell her go hold it up for you give that a whiff is that a real fish okay so we hold this microphone right here would you please hold it right to the fish's gills they're gonna hear a few things here your fish's head being calm Emily called the phone again you're the fish's head being cut off calling Emily it's gonna hear the guts spilling out then from deep inside the bowels of the fish you will hear right from in there from inside the fish Stephanie is after Sam out there is that in beautiful Stephanie Stephanie shows you how the trick is done can you give us one promise don't watch that video till our show's over tonight we do that and you can clean your hands off it's a little bit of fish guts on there thank you thank you so much Stephanie that's 70 right there that's Emily so after the place where we chose the first of a magician into the lion's den with Penn & Teller to see if they can be fooled we'll be right back and welcome back to fool us now before the break Penn & Teller fooled everyone by producing Stephanie's phone from inside a fish the trick got a great reception here although the same now can't be said for Stephanie's phone Thank You Stephanie that took guts unfortunately lots of fish guts back the great illusionist themselves be fooled that's what we're here to find out this evening it's also worth waiting at this point that unlike any other TV magic show there will be absolutely no camera tricks tonight everyone in the audience here and if one at home will see exactly what happens with no trick edits okay
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Published: Sat Jan 08 2011
Reddit Comments

When the phone is thrown offstage it is placed in a more or less sound proof container with a microphone to send the sound to the seat with the container (speaker probably under the seat)

Teller then goes offstage to get the metal table (retrieving the phone already plastic wrapped)

at 9:55 you can see the fish is already cut open underneath, he at some point slides the cellphone into the fish, cuts the head mostly off and folds it down to obscure the existing hole .

👍︎︎ 2 👤︎︎ u/[deleted] 📅︎︎ Apr 14 2012 🗫︎ replies
👍︎︎ 2 👤︎︎ u/MountainDewer 📅︎︎ Apr 14 2012 🗫︎ replies

Skip to 4:35.

👍︎︎ 1 👤︎︎ u/PureLife 📅︎︎ Apr 14 2012 🗫︎ replies
  1. He picks out someone with an iPhone as its a very common phone.
  2. Does a switch of the real phone with an identical iPhone behind the elton john cutout.
  3. The cutout is brought backstage where the phone will be placed in the fish
  4. The fake phone is thrown into the bucket to further misdirected the audience
  5. The phone rings backstage into a mic, the sound goes to the seat with the box. The box has been there at the start is the show as stated by the audience
  6. She opens the box and there is an identical fake fish.
  7. A table is wheeled onto the stage. The fishes are switched by teller (not sure how, but listen to how loud the "foam" box sounds when he puts it under the table - the fake fish must be stuck on the inside, he tips out the ice which is loose and puts the box face down) the real fish may possible have been concealed in a pouch behind the apron teller puts on.

That's my best guess, two switches

👍︎︎ 1 👤︎︎ u/[deleted] 📅︎︎ Apr 14 2012 🗫︎ replies
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