Penn & Teller get Fooled by Brynolf & Ljung

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please welcome blue young you join us this is feeling it's time for the world's most difficult car trick and some of you might wonder what makes this trick the world's most difficult cartridge and a simple but yet brilliant answer is duct tape by taping Peters head and all by looking most of Heda senses we make it almost impossible for him to find the card that you mr. teller will select in a moment ladies ailment this is entertainment I brought to the courts and I would like you to select one preferably a red because we're gonna write on it I brought a pen as well please write your signature across the face of the card you know in Sweden I could probably trade that autograph for a farm put it back now the course of the signature this card is unique there's only one card in the world right now that looks exactly like this I need a number as well a number between 5 and 15 um 1111 that's a great number thank you okay Speer today's number is 11 okay are you ready here let's go now despite all the tape covering Peters head he will use his amazing sleight of hand abilities so look at your card shuffles around a bit and place it on 11th position counting from the top 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ladies aunt 1 the world's most difficult car trick now it's because it's its world's most difficult or tricks we your con succeed at once you have to like we build suspense this is basically how it there is a new number doing 5 and 15 a 6 6 that's that's a great number of period he's just slightly okay so 6 is the new number ok go ahead Peter 1 2 3 4 5 6 I don't have a good feeling about this what was difficult coffee we book suspense again and again you know now in Sweden if you would fail like this this would be totally appropriate okay yes we need a new number would be like boring let's improvise I mean this is this is how we do it all the time a staple gun okay so here's the plan I will spring the chords up in the air beautiful fly long staple that will hit your cart so it falls down center stage ladies anthem in the world's most difficult core trick are you ready Oh here comes the interesting part keep your eyes on here hey sis's the first thing we did the president the thing we did was the tape his head off that you select new record which you signed which means that there's only one chord in world that looks like that I think that Peter has something in his mouth neatly folded four times now if this is really your chord then it's a pretty good trick just Oh No is this telescope don't know sorry clean okay young is like we loved it it was sent went a tiny one there's the tenth part manufacturer this in a big mark across it to be ours you can try we had well enough you see this oh yeah this big chunk of hair on that this one you can't do this act for too long you're wired you could go yeah actually you lose it for the top layer let's see how the fun is doing pain teller fabulous actual time such a fabulous act I believe if we were younger better-looking and lived in Sweden this would be us Toller stuff ever been shown in sweden you've ever seen us work yes yes we move up with it that maybe I could explain this to you in ways that that you'll understand the fake reveal was something that we are very nice version of something we did a couple of times on the David Letterman Show and the final thing you did at the end we once did that same folded card and switching thing which I bet you didn't say but I said the important word which is a switch there I will just say maybe this will give you enough cuz I love this ass so much fun I really don't want to tip I was you should be doing this forever say yeah yeah you're kind of feeling quite comfortable now quite happy about your the work you've done so far on this and you're feeling reasonably happy about what's meself you think he's not happy did you do a card switch no no that's annoying mr. pen who was looking so happy and pleased with just 30 seconds ago did you see that they were sitting back in the debt we did that on this we did down just on that did you see this but they didn't did like no so let's hear what pen has to say now I'm even happier now that I was before because we love these guys we want him in Vegas and they fooled us yeah with the spring in their step I enjoyed that so much because I knew and you were going that I think he's gonna Saints which is gonna Saints which it is lettuce which
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Published: Fri Aug 16 2013
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