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my name is angela funovits and I'm a professional Mentalist I grew up as a small-town girl I had this huge interest in magic my other dream was to become a doctor and I was able to become both the nurses that I work with joke that the Angela that's onstage is just my evil twin I get to do things that are daring that her dangerous and I get to lie on purpose and get away with it medicine can have some similarities with magic patients come in and they are very much afraid of the unknown one of the most powerful things that I can do is to build and establish a certain trust with a patient it's the same thing that I have to do on stage people have to trust you before they're gonna let you fool them this med school graduate specializes in dermatology but can she get underneath Penn & Teller's skin with this next trick please welcome Angela fun of it thank you very much throughout the ages there have been countless demonstrations of subliminal and subconscious influence that have proven to be nothing but a hoax however dozens of studies have shown that human behavior can be primed in various ways with that idea in mind we're going to play a game I'm going to use this here paper ball to select one random audience member to act as a test subject of sorts please catch user you'll make a perfect test subject what is your name sir Jason Jason yeah I'm going to be showing you a series of several images each with a word association so starting off love danger fire chance poison having seen those I'd like you now to take a look at this blank slate and form in your mind any word in the English language you have one in mind yes go ahead and say that word for us out loud please gold gold gol D yes gold and sir before we go any further I must say some people might wonder is it possible for me to have influenced his decision and to say that I somehow made you choose the word gold with anything I've just done is completely ridiculous but you haven't seen what's inside that box you still have that paper ball in hand please bring it on up here and join me give him a big round of applause so like I said we need to get to what's inside of this box we'll leave that there what I brought for you as you can see is an American English dictionary and come right on over here okay you and I are gonna stand right here and we're gonna look up your word gold it's your responsibility right now go ahead I'll do my best all right so let's see right gafe geometry cutting they're gossipy oh wait a second what do we have here we have page 210 on the Left page 213 on the right hmm you've almost found your word correct go ahead and show that there is that one page ripped out of the center right about where your word gold should have been yeah and the question is where's the page you'll remember when I came out here I started off with a little paper ball mm I tossed that paper ball out to randomly select you please hold this open just like this because this right here and play the entire time is that your word that's good so med school and magician and magician yes and you sort of always even as a child had both in mind yes I actually did when I was 10 years old I actually wrote an autobiography was a class assignment and one of the topics was what do you want to be when you grow up and I wrote on that page I want to either be a doctor or a magician turns out I ended up becoming both look a couple of years ago and it was really a beautiful thing that's so great and do you ever get confused and do one when you're supposed to be doing the other hopefully not at the very dangerous situation oak straight well if you could make a mole disappear that'd be pretty good fantastic all right well let's check in with Penn & Teller Penn Teller oh my goodness Oh Angela good to see you again we know her you've seen her before good to see her you know this kind of trick I want to talk about how you didn't do it a trick like this is usually done with what's called pre-show work and pre-show work means you do something with someone in the audience that is a real trick for them but that the rest of the audience doesn't say and then you call them that person and have them are you thinking of a word and what you mean is you think of the word that we had you picked before none of the rest of the audience knows that that's called pre-show work and it's one of the absolute rules we have on fool us that you're not allowed to do pre-show work so you've done a trick that would be amazing with pre-show work and is much more amazing without pre-show work which you did not do so the trick you had to do right here one of the amazing parts of it is that everything that had to be done was done right here on stage right on stage crystal-clear and we just didn't see it what I want to talk about is women in magic who are it's a very very rare rare thing and I'm so glad it starting to happen more but you're really suffering for your art you're wearing those high heels and I worn heels in a magic trick that are very very high and I know how much those hurt and you're getting to suffer for your art and I appreciate that and there's also someone else who you work closely with who's also willing to suffer for his or her art is that correct absolutely you're talking about I know exactly what I'm talking about I don't know we're talking about her great trick okay so wait so you know what he should have gone to med school alright so you're confident they know how you did the trick absolutely then I won't be able to sleep tonight ladies and gentlemen Angela
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