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my name is Greg Dahl I'm from Las Vegas Nevada and I'm a magician that performs at corporate events trade shows and private parties I love close-up magic the best I love seeing the look on people's faces when the magic happens right in front of them the thing about doing magic at corporate events is it's all very safe magic for people in suits and ties you have to make sure you don't offend anyone but sometimes the real me needs to come out so I put on a mask not to hide my identity but to unleash it that's when I become the shucker magician performing right after his secret identity was revealed to all of us please welcome my hero the shock shutter and that's what it looks like when spider-man has alone time I am the world's best and only pro wrestling magician which means I'm the guy who's gonna pretend to kick your ass as I pretend to do Harry Potter stuff and this this is a good-looking audience tonight you guys are I'm gonna take the mask off just so I can see you guys better so tonight I am going to attempt to read the minds of some of the members of the audience here now normally when I do this I have a tag-team partner someone who knows my every thought before I think my every moves before I make it unfortunately he could not be here tonight so instead I brought his mask along with me now this mask was made from the tiger that bit Roy you hate that you're gonna hate my new rug toss this mask out into the audience to a gentleman he's gonna place it upon his head that will allow me to have a mental connection with this guy I'm gonna go completely random here place the mask on you will get the giantess round of applause you've ever received now here's what's gonna happen I'm gonna ask you a question you're gonna send me the answer using the power of your mind I'm gonna write it down we're gonna see how it went Jonathan if you would document our progress my pleasure perfect sir if you would I want you to think of the name of a woman that is important in your life but I don't want it to be your mom or your sister because I wanted to be one I don't know shocker Javon 8 yes send it to me using the power of your mind that's pretty name alright I'm gonna lock that down into envelope number one that's like that you guys can see it going in let's peel this safety seal off that is locked in for the first time for our record keeper Jonathan what is the name of the woman you are thinking of Donna Donna Donny's write down Donna Donna take the mask toss it behind you to a young lady there we are this young lady right here read your mind I want you to think of your favorite thing to do with a man send it to me interesting I am going to write down what you have sent me lock it in to envelope number two now what do you like to do with a man wrestle wrestle not what he was hoping you were going to say by the way toss some ass back up here give it a little conga line on its way up there we go it's gonna toss it's gonna come over the head perfect now since this is a magic competition my Vegas law I have to do something with a deck of cards so I'm gonna write down what I think is going to happen with the cards here perfect I have locked that in to envelope number three all the way in sealed up in there I'm gonna come out to Penn & Teller if you would please tell her select a card perfect for the first time so Jonathan can write it down tell her out loud what car did you pick let me try that again can for the first time out loud for Jonathan what car did he pick oh wow what was it again the three of club three clubs the end might suck let's take a look though let's go first we went to this guy right here asked him the name of a woman important in his life locked it into envelope number one you said the name What did he say Jonathan he said Donna Donna and I wrote down the name Donna we went to this young lady right here asked her her favorite thing to do with the man locked in an envelope number two she said she likes to wrestle she likes to wrestle and I wrote down that she likes to wrestle we weren't dependent our you take the three of clubs locked my prediction in envelope number three I wrote down the eight of diamonds now this is where it gets a little weird I'm not sure how you messed that one up because every card I gave you was a damn heated diamonds so how about instead of you picking the wrong card I fixed the prediction to match the card you picked three clubs the shock on his denim own great start as well early what we saw you in your Greg persona the corpo magician now we're meet with the Shocker the two personalities they ever get mixed up the liver clash onstage well Greg had this girlfriend once are you ready to give us your verdict the shocker boy I just love love acts ago your right to the edge there I will tell you with changing from the eight of diamonds to the three of clubs you were one ahead of us there but I also will just say you probably don't want us to handle that prediction at the end is there right well I'm gonna say this you're on the right track and you can finish that thought or you can have the best damn opening act you've ever had you're confident that they kind of know what they're talking about they're pretty sure these are smart guys here so they played out but what a great performance kit wasn't he awesome time for another time
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