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Laure London hi I'm Nora London I'm a magician and this is my city I've been doing magic professionally for about eight ten years but really I've been doing it forever never wanted to be the one in the books I wanted to be the one that was touring the woman in her so I thought I'd try my hand at it and as it turned out I was pretty good okay I think being a female magician I try and do other boys do other than that I might get the odd gig or two extra because of it I think Penn and Teller are extremely rock and roll they're not quite the norm and that's definitely what I love about you Josh germán her name is nora she's from London please welcome the magician with possibly the least imaginative stage name ever the fabulously talented lower London unlike all women living in a big city I - I'm looking for that someone special at someone with a little something extra looking for a man with a 20-pound note don't worry I'm far too kind in a recession trust this lovely audience I took the decision to ask Jonathan Ross so ladies and gentlemen Jonathan outfit thank you that because I was going to wear the same thing so I'm glad you find out did you did you bring a 20 pound note I did because I don't normally carry money I'm like the Queen I just I just washed around and rely on the kindness of strangers but I did I've got an actual real-life 20 pound moat right there well thanks for trusting a magician how fabulous should anything happen to the note you know such as this and you can always match the numbers put it back together and you'll be fine you can take it you look a little worried and it's no more I'll tell you what you take that as a receipt and let's get on with a trick okay are you ready I'm ready you're burning the most interesting half we want to make sure it's all gone of course Jonathan ah don't worry of course like all good magicians I will certainly try my very best to get your money back but before we do that we will need a delivery of some sort this delivery will be from my glamorous assistant Frank as you can see Jonathan we had some fresh lemons delivered of course okay ah now in a moment I'm going to each pick any one of these lemons at random but remember that the one you do pick will be of course where we will conclude this trick with so when you are ready please make your choice I'm gonna make it so man I'm not even gonna look what I do there this one is okay absolutely fine here we go you don't wanna change your mind you're happy with the mind you got I'm happy with her all right then we will begin if I just cut around here like so do you know what we're going to find inside this lemon Jonathan uh hopefully some gin um no actually I'm the egg answer there do me a favor just give it a bit of a shake can you can you hear anything inside there no no I think it's like an egg move like a yogi yogi stuff problem it's probably what is it oh yes but of course it's not just that it is of course Oh sad there's a walnut Oh walnuts yeah I'll tell you what I'd love to be that chicky when you like Jonathan if you don't mind what you take but will not be oh all right I've got the egg you want do you know what we're going to find inside there well by now I'm thinking probably not a walnut well let's find out have you got something I can crack you're not with my mind that crackers at home I can call it for you if you want as it turns out I different something I bought my own Nutcracker if you don't mind place the walnuts on there I don't want to touch them very carefully I want you to just not from that height oh very good Wow can you see anything inside the wall natural yes I can lure you please take it out okay I would like you to confirm that they are indeed matching please read out the last three digits Oh both of the house here's the piece you left three minutes the piece you ripped off and gave me earlier and this is what was inside that Warner finally open it up okay it's the other it looks like the other heart yes it matches on this one it's eight-30 on this one it's eight-30 it is I'm gonna let panatela confer to see if I can work out how you did the whole thing I love the outfit as well just doing it in the weather help resolve the visa if the egg does fit on you you just wipe it clean I guess that's something is that you know if all else fails all dad's all you with shy yeah yeah we are mon sexy but and it's good to see a lady magician oh thank we haven't has many oh and I just want to show you I'm not in on it I didn't know I hadn't even seen laws that girly I wasn't allowed to be here which one so I chose that lemon completely at random so I had no idea do you think they'll they'll they'll bumble you it's a very very old trick it's been around for a very long time so I think no 100% have seen the trick before but I have got my own take on it I mean I use a lot of lemons mostly people just use one or two so you know I don't you say you think just the sheer quantity of lemons might be enough to fool others are you ready to let us in or whether you know what's going on I tell you you know the great thing is to see a woman in magic and making things harder by the outfit you're wearing you can't do the steal to the bottom of the coat like everyone else is doing you can't fling things up your sleeves or pull them out of your sleeves it makes everything much more difficult you are hurt a little tiny bit by the fact that teller and I have performed that very trick back when we were street performers so we know the details but you know what the classic is we know what the classic is you added some nice turns like the the fact that Jonathan could have picked any lemon how that that absolute free choice of the lemon is a really nice touch and one that we never did we need you in Vegas we need more women magicians uh we need female magicians all over we applaud you it's great but for that particular trick because we've done it you didn't force
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