David Masters on Penn & Teller Fool Us (Unseen - never aired & unedited)

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we know trick you as I said we've got some great performers let's get white on a meet tonight's first one of you fool up hi my name is David masters and I'm illusionist from Kent after watching the first show really inspired me to go away and think of something original that I could bring to the stage I went right away back to the drawing board watched every illusionist I could just to try and find that original angle and original effect that I could create that nobody had seen before I've been working on this illusion over the five or six months many sleepless nights I can t remember what sleep is I just have this worth it on the night I would say there is an element of danger to the illusions chains spikes even flames fire if just one of those things goes wrong I could be in trouble do I think I could fool Penn & Teller I wouldn't be here if I didn't think I got full [Applause] next clip is extremely dangerous and could go badly wrong causing serious injuries so can I just say to anyone watching please don't forget to press recalled now because you all want to watch this again please really welcome David masters [Applause] that's there with me how's things there very good thank you I've got a slight inner thigh strain but apart from that that's cute which I'm not taking part we're not but am I invoke cuz I they wouldn't let me see this and sometimes I see the ex before they wouldn't let me see what you're doing it to that interest in my monkey but before we actually get started can I invite Penn & Teller up here on stage as well please [Applause] right Jonathan come over here don't be frightened now can I just confirm having a sneaky peek he's a little bit just confirm this is the first time you guys have met me Jonathan you included first time you've seen any of these items any of these props that's correct it's correct yeah that's all right brilliant now what's going to happen in just a moment is I will get inside this metal box the box will be lifted up into the air whilst I'm shackled inside I'll be shackled from my wrists those shackles will have chains going from my wrists through the sides of the box to be controlled by by a few pen and you tella at all times okay David yes because the trick is how the box weighs is they can see the chains I knew I should have painted them black right okay yeah so um I think we're pretty much ready can I just get telic not actually to come this side please you're gonna be in charge of this change on think I just move you over here a little bit so I just tend to steer my choreography hella pen I just move you back a little bit for Bob perfect what if I can't see you in there now Jonathan yes it is now ready for me to take my position so can I ask you to please take a seat enjoy the show okay thank you very good luck and wish me luck thank you doing good luck David David we're all rooting for you happy fool [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] damn [Music] ha then jets on 10 want a suntan did Sophie love to [Music] [Music] me [Music] Oh sir Oh [Music] ah [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] David masters lemon what a spectacular loser look we do fellows you could snap here if you want to nose around are gonna sit down first and have a little chat we could done we were dull to stay here we'll go back and sit out of your life you'd like us to submit you want them sit down okay she's easy for me to see them both okay keep an eye on them David that was great I will take you like the bit that you're up there in the box or this that's what I imagined and then they come out and they set the spikes which have been off on fire yeah yeah but you think if you get hit you're gonna land on it'd be bad enough you're sitting on a spike and it's burning well I was like it's pretty warm in there it's a it's a tricky routine I'm sure me it look spectacular we love to I loved all the dressing on it I loved the music there which I'm sure is a lovely piece of classical music although we all know it as the expertise in fact um presumably this this doesn't go wrong this is it is it safe a hundred percent safe for you it's it's not a hundred percent safe I was already that forget money it's not a hundred percent safe and things can go wrong we had a bit of a close call rehearsals but luckily I'm unscathed this time you're all in one piece just about do you think Penn & Teller would have seen this kind of I mean we've seen stuff where people disappear and reappear before so I'm sure there will be familiar with some kind of ideas but you think they've seen this particular illusion before will they nail it or do you think you're gonna fool them this particular lusion they won't have seen before this is something original that I've designed okay that's brand new is the only one that exists and they may have seen this the the type of illusion but I'm hoping that it's the first time they've seen this one fingers crossed out one final thing have you been to Vegas have you ever performed in Maine I've always always wanted to go to Vegas that would be a dream it would be an absolute drink okay well maybe I mean they have been fooled sometimes and it's a good sign ladies I want the teller he's scribbling away because normally if they know it they chat a little bit I get to later if Teller gets his notebook out normally it means they're guessing okay that's what it always is let's find out why why are you guessing or do you know we're guessing a little bit but I want to say first of all because I kind of liked the humility I mean other the music of the presentation because you didn't even point out that those are absolutely 100% of real spikes and that was real fire and only because faking fire is so difficult um but real spikes real fire uh we live in Las Vegas Nevada so you know that's a really bad sign for you because you know that we know that when someone puts a mask on or has someone with a mask on stage or a motorcycle helmet or a full-sized chicken suit or other sideburns that at some point there's gonna be a switch so we were ready for you to do it so we could watch you do it um teller will also whisper a little something to you about the way you've got out of there to get offstage and I think I think we probably have I think we'll probably have a pretty good idea but I want you to confer well I go over here and talk to you what to Jonathan we'll have a little chat over here we've missed your wreck from Kelly I'm sorry didn't we won't be out of we tell his lips while we're exactly the exact Lee won't be all the realistic I want to show you but you are you confident the tellers got it I don't know we'll have to say tutela get it or did you get it I actually actually I think we you know we're from Vegas you guys this is the kind of act that's done well actually over the strip in Vegas it was done very unsuccessfully by a magician a little bit so yeah this is being done better here and don't worry it's not being done much better Oh David David would be he beat he's good enough to play but of course there's no doubt about whether he'll get there on his own steam or value we'll find out now okay so David tell us which is number one is is his voices deeper man his people say it is it was it was very low deep with nice legal in Pennsylvania vibrates in you it was yes good uh and so did he nail it have they get it or did you fool them they have got me on this one they've got you good a great job [Applause] [Applause] laughs and Emma you see he just goes to show they're not as stupid as pen looks okay it's time for
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